The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.130


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When the Khan of Wu Yun Country arrived in the capital of Jing Country with his two princes, the Minister of Rites of Jing Country was taken aback by their swift journey.

As the news reached the palace, Xiao Yunzhou was in the middle of a delicate task - changing his darling daughter Chu Chu's diaper.


Xiao Yunzhou frowned, "Didn't I ask him to wait? The people of Wu Yun Country are really impatient."

Xiao Yunzhou was overwhelmed, "Later, I'll see him. You all entertain him first, can't you see I'm busy?"

Changing Chu Chu's diaper was the latest task Xiao Yunzhou wanted to do.

But Concubine Liu wouldn't allow it, "Emperor, you've never done this before, it's better not to bother. Attending to state affairs is more important."

Xiao Yunzhou was annoyed.

His daughter, the reincarnation of a fairy, once said that to enhance intelligence, one cannot just use their brain, they must also expand their practical skills.

He wasn't interested in any other hands-on tasks, but when it came to serving his fairy-reincarnated daughter, he found everything enjoyable.

He had already learned how to feed Chu Chu water, so why couldn't he change a diaper now?

But Concubine Liu simply wouldn't agree, fearing his clumsiness and rough handling.

Xiao Yunzhou took a deep breath, and with great annoyance, turned around to attend to the government documents.

The officials from the Ministry of Rites were stunned.

Is this what the emperor is like behind closed doors?

No, the imperial study room door wasn't even closed!

"What are you looking at!" Xiao Yunzhou looked up to see the official still lingering, "Haven't you seen a father doting on his daughter? Go on! Attend to your duties!"

Xiao Yunzhou, who had failed to spend his rest time with Chu Chu, was a bit irritable.

The official from the Ministry of Rites promptly excused himself, startled.

【Oh, the Khan of Wu Yun Country has arrived in Jing Country.】

Chu Chu was still pondering.

【Ah, I remember in the novel, after the Khan of Wu Yun Country fell out with Jing Country, he established diplomatic relations with Chu State.】

【The King of Chu discovered the Khan of Wu Yun Country's secret, and took advantage of the situation to gain his favor.】

Hmm? A secret?

Xiao Yunzhou immediately perked up his ears.

Chu Chu's thoughts quickly shifted to the content of the novel.

【The Khan of Wu Yun Country must sleep in absolute silence and darkness at night.】

【Anyone in the same room must be asleep before he can fall asleep.】

Xiao Yunzhou widened his eyes.

So the Khan had this quirk?

It's a good thing he's the Khan. Otherwise, if he were born in a civilian family, with several brothers in one room, who would put up with him?

【If the Khan of Wu Yun Country can't sleep, he'll be grumpy the next day.】

【But if he sleeps soundly until dawn, his mood the next day will be splendid, making him easy to win over.】

【The King of Chu took advantage of this, and later became a close ally of the Khan.】 f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com


Xiao Yunzhou couldn't help but laugh and cry at the same time. This Khan was too easy to deceive.

Immediately, Xiao Yunzhou got up from his seat, walked out of the imperial study room, and called out to the official from the Ministry of Rites who was halfway out the door.

"You must treat Sanda Khan well."

"Yes, they must be exhausted from their long journey here and need a good rest."

"For the next few days, ensure that the guesthouse is quiet, with less movement at night, so Sanda Khan and his children can rest well."


"The Khan of Wu Yun Country took his princes to Jing Country?"

The King of Chu was astonished when he heard the news.

"Yes, according to the spies, Xiao Yunzhou sent him a letter saying there's a way to eradicate smallpox."

"Huh?" The King of Chu burst into laughter upon hearing this, "What a boast! Jing Country is too naive. Of all things to brag about, they chose this!"

"Exactly, Xiao Yunzhou probably won't be able to pull this off. Our spies reported that Xiao Yunzhou hasn't even met Sanda Khan, and has left Sanda in the guest house for three days."

"Hahaha, Xiao Yunzhou will soon know what kind of rage awaits him!"

Unable to contain his laughter, the King of Chu added, "Sanda has had trouble sleeping in recent years. After his tiring journey to Jing Country, his anger will surely reach the sky if things don't go as planned."

"By then, it will be impossible for them not to sever ties with Jing Country!"

The excited King of Chu leaned forward, "Keep a close eye on our spies there, and report back immediately at any news."

The royal palace of Chu State was already looking forward to the early celebration.

Meanwhile, Sanda, the Khan of Wu Yun Country who was staying at the guest house, finally received an invitation from Xiao Yunzhou to visit the palace after three days.

The Ministry of Rites sent a special envoy to escort them to the palace, offering the highest level of treatment for neighboring nations.

In order to avoid any trouble from the masses, guards were stationed on the streets, temporarily prohibiting pedestrian traffic.

Yet even with the guards, there were spectators who came to see the spectacle, filling the area.

"So these are the nomads we trade with?"

"Eh, their clothes are really strange."

"They're so tall."

"What are they here for? It looks like they are here to make amends. They won't start a fight, right?"

"Of course not, they are our guests. Surely, our nations have a good relationship!"

The people of Jing Country were joyfully watching from behind the guards.

"Hmph, not necessarily!" Amidst the cheerful crowd of Jing Country, a plain-looking man dressed in grey suddenly threw a wet blanket on the mood.

His accent was heavy, not like those from Jing City. His speech could easily give him away.

However, seeing that he was dressed as a peddler, no one doubted him, "How is it not certain?"

"Our Jing Country is becoming more and more hopeful, other neighbouring countries are visiting us. Isn't that a sign of good relations?" An old man nearby couldn't help but retort at this grey-clothed outsider.

This grey-clothed man was none other than a spy from Chu State.

"Old man, we left the guests at the guest house for four days before receiving them, can the relationship be good?" The grey-clothed man smirked.

The spy from Chu State, this grey-clothed man, was more than happy to stir up fear among the people of Jing Country.

He blended in with the crowd, not afraid of causing trouble, and huffed, "Whether the relationship is good or not, you have to see the expression of the Khan of Wu Yun Country."

After all, the news Chu State's intelligence network had received these days was all unfavorable to Jing Country.

"Which eye of yours saw Khan of Wu Yun Country being happy?" The Chu State spy had already planned how to write today's report back to Chu State!

"The Khan of Wu Yun Country feels that he has been slighted and is furious!"

The spy from Chu State couldn't help but laugh as he spoke.

But as soon as he finished speaking, he was spat on by the old man next to him!

"Pah—Nonsense, the Khan is clearly smiling like a blooming flower! I've lived so long, and I've never seen an emperor smile like this! What's this about fury? Are you blind?"

"???" The spy from Chu State was stunned, what?


Sanda, the Khan of Wu Yun Country, had been sleeping poorly for several days, and had been snubbed by Xiao Yunzhou at the guest house. He must be furious.

But when the spy from the Chu State looked up at the procession from the Wu Yun Country, he was stunned.

There, Sanda Khan, who before had heavy dark circles under his eyes and appeared somewhat irritable from apparent lack of sleep during the journey, now looked radiant and lively, as if he had slept soundly for three days and three nights!

How could that be possible?

Was this the same Sanda Khan who had trouble sleeping?

"Let's go. I can't wait to see your country's successful method for treating smallpox," Sanda Khan said, as if a spring breeze had brushed his face.

"If it's true, then the emperor of your country would be considered my elder brother!"


The spy from the Chu State, hearing this sentence as the procession passed by, was thrown into chaos by the wind.

How was this completely different from the information they had received in the Chu State?

How was he going to write a letter to the King of Chu about this?

Not only had the Wu Yun Country not broken off relations with the Jing Country, but they were about to start calling the Jing Country their 'brother'?!