The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.129


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Cining Palace.

"Exactly! As a female official, Concubine Liu is a model of trust from the Empress Dowager and the Empress in the imperial harem. How can she not advise the Emperor?"

Seeing the Empress displeased, Consort Li was overjoyed and frantically tried to trip up Concubine Liu.

In truth, Consort Li didn't care who the Emperor favored.

But why could Concubine Liu be a female official, and she couldn't?

Concubine Liu could eat bird's nest and abalone, while she had to fill out profit and loss statements to eat?

Now when Consort Li looked at Concubine Liu, it was pure jealousy!

Not because of the Emperor's favor, but because of the treatment and importance Concubine Liu received in the imperial harem!

Concubine Liu invented down jackets and spinning wheels, and Consort Li thought it was all because Concubine Liu had a clever elder brother.

These must all be Liu Runnian's ideas, given to Concubine Liu for credit.

Consort Li was jealous and resentful.

Now, she finally found a chance to question Concubine Liu's ability to handle matters.

"It's only been thirty days. Even if this inoculation method is truly effective, there hasn't been enough time to prove it. To perform it on the prince of a neighboring country, if nothing happens, it's fine, but if something goes wrong, you can't escape the blame!"

Consort Li was aggressive, but she felt she had a point.

Even the Empress nodded, this time also siding with Consort Li, severely reprimanding Concubine Liu in front of the Empress Dowager.

"If you are so unaware, so ignorant of the gravity of the matter, I can request a decree to promote you, and I can also request a decree to demote your rank!"

"If something happens to the Wu Yun Country's prince, you'll be a criminal in both countries. Even if you're banished to the cold palace, Concubine Liu, it's what you deserve!"

[Oh, the Empress is so fierce.]

Xiao Chuchu, held by Xiao Yunzhou at the entrance of Cining Palace, couldn't help but think.

[But this has nothing to do with my mother.]

[Each profession has its own expertise. Which official is responsible for everything under heaven?]

Xiao Yunzhou had been listening outside the door, his chest heaving. Looking down at his daughter, he saw her small mouth pouting, obviously frightened by the loud scolding of the Empress and Consort Li, and his anger flared even more.

"Concubine Liu, go now and remonstrate with the Emperor!" Empress Tong coldly ordered Liu Chaniang.

[Whimper, why doesn't the Empress go herself? Is she using my mother as a scapegoat?]

Xiao Chuchu frowned unhappily.

Since coming to this world, she had received genuine care and love from Liu Chaniang, and gradually opened her heart, viewing Liu Chaniang as her true mother in this world.

When faced with disputes, Xiao Chuchu couldn't help but be protective, feeling sorry that her mother was scolded.

[When there's no problem, the Empress is the esteemed mistress of the harem, but when there's trouble, everything becomes my mother's responsibility? What kind of logic is this?]

[Empress, you're so good at speaking, why don't you find the Emperor Father yourself, why don't you go and remonstrate yourself?]

[Apart from the Empress Dowager, the Empress gets the most monthly allowance in the harem!]

Xiao Yunzhou's expression changed.

Xiao Chuchu unhappily puffed up her pink, tender cheeks in her swaddling clothes.

Inside Cining Palace, the Empress was still directing Concubine Liu, "The Emperor might get angry after hearing your remonstrance. But you must understand, even if he gets angry with you, it's still better than future war between the two countries."

[Oh my, Empress, you haven't even spoken to the Emperor Father yet, how do you know he'll get angry?]

Xiao Chuchu couldn't help but criticize in her heart.

She used to hate this kind of colleague in her previous workplace.

[He'll definitely get angry, so you let my mother go and persuade him?]

[In your heart, is the Emperor Father a tyrant who won't listen to advice?]

Xiao Yunzhou instantly frowned, looking towards the Empress inside the hall.

So, this was how the Empress saw him?

"If you encounter difficulties, can't get through to the Emperor, there's still the Empress Dowager." The Empress was still persuading Liu Chaniang.

What does that mean?

Using the Empress Dowager to pressure him?

Xiao Yunzhou's heart burned with anger, he could no longer hold back, and strode into the hall.

"Empress, this matter has nothing to do with Concubine Liu. If you have something to say to me, speak directly to me! Don't use Concubine Liu one moment, and the Empress Dowager the next!"

Xiao Yunzhou looked angrily at the Empress beside the Empress Dowager, seeing her still in her usual dignified manner.

But he didn't know that the Empress had such little trust in him.

In the Empress's eyes, he, the Emperor, was wrong, wouldn't listen to advice, and would fly into a rage.

Xiao Yunzhou's chest heaved, "For future morning courts, should I also invite you, Empress, to attend behind a curtain? Otherwise, I might also become a criminal to both countries, isn't that right?"

How did the Emperor come?

The Empress was shocked.

Even Consort Li fearfully put down her teacup with a clatter.

The Empress Dowager frowned, "Emperor, don't be hasty. About the smallpox matter, is it really as Consort Li said? We can just try this inoculation method in our own Jing Country, why do we need to manage Wu Yun Country?"

Xiao Yunzhou, suppressing his urge to lash out at the Empress, paid his respects to the Empress Dowager.

"Mother, that statement is incorrect."

If anyone else had said this, he would have definitely given them a severe lesson!

But this was the mother who willingly saved him, sacrificing her own life. So, Xiao Yunzhou held back.

"Throughout dynasties, rise and fall are nothing more than four words: internal troubles and external threats."

Xiao Yunzhou explained, while glaring at the Empress and Consort Li, "If we only look at the present, Jing Country might not last long."

Even the Empress Dowager was stunned by Xiao Yunzhou's words.

[Awoo, the Emperor Father's level of thinking is so high now.]

Xiao Chuchu always took a 'praise when done well, criticize when not' internal commentary and spectator attitude towards her old man.

[He's starting to look a bit like the wise rulers in history books.]

Xiao Yunzhou suppressed a smile. Of course!

After all, he had received the fairy's enlightenment, so his perspective was bound to be higher than ordinary people!

"For the smallpox matter, speaking of internal troubles and external threats, we should take a two-pronged approach."

"If it succeeds, our relationship with Wu Yun Country will remain good and stable for the next fifty, even a hundred years."

Xiao Yunzhou's words left the Empress Dowager with no rebuttal.

"Mother, if back then, the Khan of Wu Yun Country had researched smallpox and saved my elder brother, wouldn't you and Father have felt grateful towards Wu Yun Country?"

The Empress Dowager's gaze wavered. Of course.

She and the late Emperor loved their eldest son the most, but unfortunately...

"If my elder brother hadn't died, perhaps today he would be the one ascending the throne," Xiao Yunzhou sighed, "If he knew his life was preserved because of Wu Yun Country, wouldn't he remember their kindness after taking personal control of the government?"


The Empress Dowager nodded, "Your elder brother had a loyal and honest nature. If he were still here, he would definitely remember others' kindness."

Xiao Yunzhou nodded, "The reverse is also true. Perhaps in the generations after the next, they might gradually forget each other's kindness, but for at least thirty to fifty years, the current Khan of Wu Yun Country, until the next prince ascends the throne, they will definitely maintain trade with our Jing Country and won't easily go to war with us."

"Internal strife and external threats, I have resolved a part of it," Emperor Xiao Yunzhou said.

The Empress Dowager couldn't help but acknowledge this, and immediately cast a reproachful glance at the Empress and Consort Li, who had been impatient earlier.

"Rest assured, Your Majesty. This old one is certainly not a person with such short-sightedness."

The Empress and Consort Li thought, "???"

Was the Empress Dowager implying something about them?

But the Empress Dowager quickly changed her tone and couldn't help but look worriedly at Xiao Yunzhou, "Yet, this old one has heard that Your Majesty has only given the Imperial Medical Academy thirty days to administer the first batch of cowpox vaccinations to the princes of Wu Yun Country. If something goes wrong..."

Xiao Yunzhou stood up, "The princes of Wu Yun Country won't be the first batch."

"The first batch will be my princes!"

Everyone in the Cining Palace, except for Concubine Liu and Xiao Chuchu, was shocked.

"Your Majesty!" The Empress was anxious, "How can we let our princes try it?"

Xiao Yunzhou turned around, "Naturally, what the Empress said just now makes sense. If it affects the relations between the two countries, I would be the sinner."


Even the Empress Dowager was eager to object, "Your Majesty, please reconsider this matter—"

【In the face of disease, princes and commoners are no different.】

Xiao Chuchu had read history books.

【Even the Qing Dynasty princes had to be vaccinated. Though worried, there was no other way.】

【Moreover, to promote cowpox vaccination and encourage the people to try it bravely, the best way is to first promote it in the royal family.】

Xiao Yunzhou raised an eyebrow. Qing Dynasty?

Could it be a dynasty from the immortal realm?

Though puzzled, his daughter's thoughts were nothing but the greatest support for him.

"Mother, there's no need to persuade further. I am no different from the fathers of ordinary families, and the princes are the same as the children of common people."

Xiao Yunzhou stood up. At this moment, he felt a burning sensation in his heart.

He felt that he had elevated himself again.

Not in intelligence, but in his state of mind!

Could this be his further step towards the path of immortality?

"My princes will be the first batch of cowpox vaccine recipients. I will write a letter to the Khan of Wu Yun Country, asking him to await the results of the vaccination before bringing his children to Jing Country for inoculation." 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝔠𝔬𝖒


In the royal tent of Wu Yun Country.

The Khan was tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Two days ago, smallpox had broken out among the children on the nearby grasslands. These past few days, the shamans had been busy non-stop, and he was very worried.

"Report—Khan, another envoy has come from Jing Country!"

The Khan of Wu Yun Country sat up in one swift motion, irritation written all over his face. "Don't see him!"

That jinx from Jing Country!

Last time they talked about smallpox, and it really broke out near him!

Now he gets annoyed just hearing about Jing Country!

"But Khan, they said," the guard outside hesitated but still reported, "they seem to have found a method to prevent and treat smallpox."

The Khan of Wu Yun Country stood up angrily, "No matter what they say, I won't see..."



"What? What did you say? They found what?"