The Main Characters That Only I Know - C.240:



Yu-hyun could not give any answer.

What the hell did that guy just say?

The process being satisfying does not mean that the end is not empty. It is a world where people who are not satisfied and move on are the norm.

Don Quixote’s words are absurd idealism.

They are nothing but hollow shells that can never convince anyone.

But strangely enough, when he listened to the words of this old knight who was lost in his dreams and ideals.

“That’s really cool.”

That was the only answer he could give.

“Of course! Sancho. I knew you would answer like that.”

“Do other people not do this?”

“Those who lack always see only the reality in front of them and the anxiety that will come. They only feel the pain of the present, and do not know how much happiness and joy they have missed. Those people always see only misery. But Sancho, you are not one of those people, as I have seen.”

Don Quixote said, taking a sip of the soup in the iron bowl.

“Your eyes are always looking forward. Your feet are on the ground, but your head is in the sky, and your eyes are looking at something much farther and higher. Infinite aspiration. It is a virtue that a knight-errant should have by all means.”

Infinite aspiration.

Yu-hyun thought there was no word that suited his heart better than this.

And, how wonderful it was.

“Sancho. Remember, I recited to you the Romance last night. Do you remember what the last verse was?”

“Of course I do, sir knight.”

Having faith and reaching for the stars.

The light that was stuck in the sky was a very meaningful verse in a world where light had a will.

He uttered it with all his heart, and Don Quixote nodded his head with satisfaction.

“To strive endlessly is the virtue of a knight. Even if chivalry has fallen to the ground in this world, and fine armor and swords, shields have disappeared and guns and gunpowder have taken their place, that will does not disappear and continues.”

To inherit the will.

Don Quixote carried the wishes of all the great knights of his previous generation.

Even if others pointed fingers at him for being delusional and hallucinating, Don Quixote never bowed or compromised or hid his wishes.

The last knight of this age.

He always showed it proudly.

“Reaching for the stars. That’s a very cool word. The stars in the sky never lose their light, and they are always there. They are eternal. Just like the hot hearts of all the great knights who ever lived. They do not disappear and do not change.”

“Do you think sir knight that human will and heart are eternal?”

“Of course, if I think they are eternal, that would be an exaggeration. Someday, someone’s will will disappear. It will erode and fade away in the sand of time, until even its traces cannot be found.”

In the history of this countless universe, human beings are so small.

Their wills were also like fleeting fireworks.

“But Sancho, human hearts are connected to each other. The will of a knight-errant that I have now is also inherited from all the great knights of my previous generation. Do human hearts disappear? Then just pass them on. Their wishes, my will. If it doesn’t work in my generation, then next time. If it’s not enough next time, then again next time.”

The moment he heard those words, Yu-hyun felt like he knew why this thin and ridiculous knight had such a strong power.

“Human will goes on forever.”

Don Quixote is the last knight of this age.

His original story was enough to end all the previous knight novels and open a new modern curtain.

But was Don Quixote really a novel to criticize and mock the knights?

Was it really a story to ridicule and point fingers at those who had ideals?

“Sancho. Remember. I am the one who carries the wishes of all knights.”

This man, this knight who everyone ignored and watched as a clown.

“And you, my descendant, will someday become a great knight who will follow me.”

The last knight.

Don Quixote was truly the only real knight left in this age.


It had been three days since Yu-hyun entered the Mental Realm.

That day, there were especially dark clouds in the sky.

As if this world itself was announcing its end, thunder sounded from beyond the clouds in the distant sky as if echoing.

Yu-hyun and Don Quixote stood at the entrance of a rugged mountain range.

It was a barren rock mountain where no grass roots could be seen.

The sharp peaks were like porcupines with their spikes raised, and the wind was dry and parched.

“Sancho. We have finally arrived.”

“It seems so.”

The end of this adventure and the end of the story of the Mental Realm.

Don Quixote, who would have been excited as usual, was tense and calm at this moment, watching the top of the mountain.

At the top of the rock mountain, there was a spire, and above it, a shadow was looking down at them.

Just by being still, it exuded a sinister aura.

It was the evil wizard that Don Quixote had talked about endlessly.

“Preston! I, Don Quixote, have come to judge you personally! Come out and kneel before me and release my lady Dulcinea del Toboso!”

Preston said nothing.

He reached out his withered hand from under his robe and pointed at me.

At the same time, huge shadows sprang up from all over the mountain.

Giants with scars, disgusting and stinking of decay.

Among them, there was one especially huge creature with four arms, the leader of the giants.

It was the giant ‘Caraculianbro’.

[The Divine Spirits ask you if you are okay as they see the enemy’s forces.]

[The Divine Spirits say that there are more enemies than they expected.]

I didn’t need them to tell me.

I could feel it. The number of enemies gathered there was more than all the ones I had fought before, and there were some particularly strong ones among them.

The evil archmage Preston.

The king of the giants, Caraculianbro with four arms.

His army of giants and corrupted soldiers.

“Sir knight. Are you alright? They seem to have a lot of enemies this time.”

“I feel it too. But look, Sancho. There, on the tower, my lovely lady Dulcinea is trapped. I’m standing here, seeing my destination, but do you think I can run away?”

“Of course not.”

I vaguely expected such an answer.

I would have been disappointed if Don Quixote had been scared by the enemies.

This was the last battle.

So I had to fight with all I had and do my best.

“I’ll support you from behind. Sir knight.”

“Leave it to me. Sancho.”

With that, Don Quixote tapped Rosinante’s waist lightly. Rosinante snorted and looked at the enemies with steady eyes.

This noble steed that carried the great knight did not show any fear even in front of countless giants, mages, and soldiers.

Preston pointed his finger at me.


He didn’t say it, but it must have been his intention.

At the same time, the giants who had not moved since they appeared roared. Hundreds of giants screamed at once, shaking the entire mountain range.

And then, the last knight moved.

“Let’s go! Rosinante!”


A gust of wind wrapped around Don Quixote and Rosinante’s bodies.

It reduced the resistance of the air and blocked the arrows flying at them.

It was a blessing from the Divine Spirits of nature, the wind’s path.

He raised his lance in front of him and pierced through with the horse’s momentum.

Man-horse unity.

The moment they saw his super-fast charge, the corrupted soldiers in front raised their shields.

Like reptile scales wriggling and interlocking, black square shields piled up in an instant, forming a huge wall.

Spears protruded from the gaps in the shields like thorns.

A terrible dust cloud that threatened to pierce anyone who approached it with countless spears.

If you went near it recklessly, your whole body would be pierced like a worm.

“No way!”

But for the final knight, even a shield stronger than steel was nothing but a paper wall.

My fierce will is a sturdy armor, and my unwavering faith is a piercing spear.

I will make every place I pass by a road, and it will never stop.

The wind that wrapped around Don Quixote’s body exploded violently.

It shattered the window that was the first to touch the gust, and his lance pierced through the shield.

The front line collapsed in an instant, and the soldiers panicked.

It was just one person who broke through their defense.

Rosinante’s rough hooves trampled and tore through the confused soldiers.

The soldiers grabbed their spears and tried to surround and stab Don Quixote.


The wind that protected the knight and his steed swept like a blade and blew away the armored soldiers like paper dolls.

Even so, the number of soldiers did not decrease easily.

Yu-hyun, who had been watching the scene from behind, flew into the gap that opened up.



The soldiers who were trying to surround Don Quixote were ambushed by Yu-hyun who broke into their rear.

Yu-hyun, who moved with black energy wrapped around his body, was too blurry to see under the dark clouds that blocked the light.

And the greatsword that he swung, which was over 5m long, was even harder to see.

The moment the white blade flashed with its own light, a 10m diameter clearing appeared around Yu-hyun.

Yu-hyun ran towards the other soldiers who were clustered together and swung his sword.

The exploding ground and the soldiers rising into the air.

Those soldiers flew like fragments and collided with other soldiers around them, scattering the formation.

The Divine Spirits in the sky, who were watching the unbelievable feat of just two people, could not hide their excitement.

[The Divine Spirits respond joyfully to your prowess.]

[You have gained 6,300TP.]

Countless soldiers were swept away like fallen leaves in autumn.

If it weren’t for the giants who were watching quietly from above, that is.

From the top of the mountain, the giants pushed boulders as big as their bodies down.


The boulders crushed everything that blocked their way, creating a landslide.

There was no concern for the safety of the soldiers fighting below, as if they never existed.

The boulders that were as big as houses did not distinguish between friend and foe.

Crack! Crunch!

The soldiers scattered in confusion, and those who could not escape were crushed by the rocks.

The rocks did not stop and aimed for Don Quixote.

“How foolish!”

Don Quixote, who became a flash of light, dodged the rolling rocks with incredible agility and climbed up the mountain path.

Then, the giants who rolled the rocks panicked.

Their action, which involved sacrificing their own men, ended up benefiting their enemy.

At the same time, Yu-hyun also moved. He took out a harpoon from his inventory window and threw it at the giants.

He didn’t need to use monster hunting.

His innate strength was enough to bring down the giants.

With one throw of his harpoon, he pierced through two or three heads of giants at once and killed them.

After throwing his harpoon, he pulled the rope to retrieve it and threw it again.

There was no way to block or dodge it. The giants who rolled the rocks had no choice but to back away.

That’s when a four-armed giant, Caraculiambro, stepped forward.

“That’s enough!”

The king of giants, who was several times bigger than other giants who were almost 10m tall.

When he spread his four arms as wide as possible, he was much bigger than his 50m body.


Caraculiambro’s mouth emitted a sulfur smell that boiled from the depths of hell.

He swung his four arms to crush Don Quixote and Rosinante.

“Darn it!”

Even if he was Don Quixote, he couldn’t break through this giant who seemed to crush him like a mountain with his strength.

He quickly pulled the reins and stopped Rocinante’s movement, but Caraculiambro’s hand didn’t stop.

“Get out of my way, you stupid giant! Don’t block my path to Princess Dulcinea!”

“Human! You shall never pass through here!”

It was useless no matter how much Don Quixote shouted.

He had to knock down this giant first. But would the evil wizard on top of that spire stay still all this time?

If he had to choose the most dangerous enemy among them, it was obviously Preston who ranked first.

As he was wondering what to do, Don Quixote smiled at the sensation he felt behind his back.

At the same time, a white flash flew over Don Quixote’s head and headed toward Caraculiambro.

“With just this kind of toy…!”

Caraculiambro sneered at the white whale bone that Yu-hyun threw, but he couldn’t help but widen his eyes at what happened next.

The harpoon that was smaller than Caraculiambro’s finger swelled up like a balloon and soon turned into a huge beast.

A whale that was big enough to swallow the world.

Moby Dick, which was over 200m in size, bared its teeth at Caraculiambro.

“How dare you, you beast!”

But Caraculiambro was not easy to deal with either.

He roared and grabbed both sides of Moby Dick’s mouth with his four arms and resisted with his strength.

The giant and the monster collided and started a tug-of-war.

“This is crazy.”

Yu-hyun, who had fired [Kill The Whale], unknowingly uttered those words as he watched the scene.

Kill The Whale was more powerful the bigger the enemy was. If the size was about 10m, it would produce a 50m Moby Dick, and if the size was about 30m, it would produce a 150m Moby Dick.

The Moby Dick that appeared to tear apart Caraculiambro this time was the same size as the one that Yu-hyun had defeated in his worldview, 230m.

It was practically the maximum limit.

He faced it with his strength.


He couldn’t completely block it, as Caraculiambro’s two legs dug deep trenches on the ground as they were pushed back. But there was nothing that could be called a wound.

Soon after, Moby Dick disappeared as its power ran out.

Caraculiambro, who spat out a rough breath, looked at Yu-hyun.

“Human. You have a dangerous power.”

Yu-hyun bit his lip and shouted at Don Quixote.

“I’ll take care of this guy. You go ahead!”

“I understand. May fortune be with you, Sancho!” 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

Don Quixote left Yu-hyun behind and rushed toward the spire.

There were some giants blocking his way, but they all had to die with huge holes in their bodies under Don Quixote’s spear.

Soon after, he arrived right under the spire where the great wizard Preston stood in a robe with his face hidden by a dark shadow.

He couldn’t see his face, but he could feel his gaze.

“We don’t need to talk to each other. Come at me. Preston.”

Along with Don Quixote’s roar, a magic circle spread over Preston’s outstretched hands.