The Main Characters That Only I Know - C.239:


Rocks fell from the sky and shook the ground.

The chunks of stone that rained down like hail shattered into pieces when they hit the surface, scattering fragments like sharp thorns in all directions.

The massive impact that shook the space itself and the swarm of debris that followed were so dangerous that they could cause serious injuries if one was even slightly careless.

In the midst of this natural disaster, Yu-hyun and Don Quixote were there.

“Sancho! Look! Those cowardly giants are still tormenting us!”

“Can you please be quiet for a moment? I know that already!”

“Oh, Rocinante. Hurry up and run. My righteous spear will pierce through the throats of those wicked giants!”

The two were charging towards the giants who were throwing rocks from the cliff. It wasn’t supposed to be like this from the beginning. The rocks that were on the cliff were just ordinary rocks at first.

But then, Don Quixote saw the rocks and shouted, “The evil wizard Preston has sent giant assassins to kill me!” And then, the rocks turned into giants and attacked them.

The attack of throwing countless rocks from above to below was so threatening that it made one’s bones tremble.

“No, I’m saying, let’s go around a bit.”

Yu-hyun tried to stop Don Quixote as soon as he saw the giants, saying that it was dangerous and they should watch the situation first.

But Don Quixote reacted with indignation to Yu-hyun’s words and yelled like this.

“How can a true knight turn his back on the enemy in front of him!”

“I’m not saying to turn your back, but to retreat one step for two steps forward…”

“Moreover, they are the creations of an evil wizard and giants that emit a rotten smell! As a righteous wind knight, I cannot stand by and watch them. I will pierce them with my spear right now!”

And then, he immediately drove Rocinante and launched a reckless charge.

Yu-hyun couldn’t leave him alone, so he hastily followed him.

And that’s how the situation came to this point.

Yu-hyun dodged the falling rocks lightly and asked sarcastically.

“So what are you going to do now? Sir knight?”


Don Quixote smashed a flying rock with his spear and let out a groan of doubt.

He was fine until he ran with a good momentum, but the problem was how to climb up that cliff after that.

‘If Hye-rim was here, we could fly up with Icarus’s wings.’

Yu-hyun had a ranged attack of harpoon throwing, but after he took down one giant with it, they became cautious and started to focus on him.

If they hadn’t noticed him, he could have used Baekryeon to climb up the cliff like a hook.

It was all because of Don Quixote who stupidly ran straight ahead.

“That’s why I told you over and over again. Sometimes, taking a long way around can be the right way.”

“Come to think of it, you’re right.”

“What do you mean by saying that now?”

“I’m sorry.”


Yu-hyun felt frustrated, but it was too late to argue about it now.

They had to somehow get up to that cliff that was over 30m high in order to stop or fight the giants.

‘This is why I need more ranged attacks.’

Yu-hyun decided that if he ever got a fourth collector, he would definitely pick someone with a ranged support trait. He dodged another rock that came flying at him.

“What now?”

“Hmm. Aha! I have an idea!”

[The Divine Spirits listen to Don Quixote’s words.]

[The Divine Spirits are curious about the method that Don Quixote mentioned.]

“What is that?”

Don Quixote quickly got off his saddle from Rocinante and stood in front of Yu-hyun.

“Sancho. I just saw your strength when you threw the spear, and it seemed quite impressive. You also have accuracy.”

“Yes, well. It’s thanks to my hard work to become a knight. But why do you ask?”

“There is only one way. Sancho. Throw me.”


[The Divine Spirits are bewildered by Don Quixote’s words.]


A feast of countless hooks filling the message window.

Yu-hyun also wanted to question what kind of idea this was for a moment, but after thinking about it carefully, it wasn’t bad.

It was just that the image of a person throwing another person was strange, but they both had already stepped into the realm of superhumans, so there was no reason they couldn’t do it.

“…Okay. Then let’s go.”

Yu-hyun first raised a dust cloud around them to get out of the giants’ sight.

It wouldn’t last long, but it was important to buy that short time.

“I’m ready! Just signal me and throw me in style!”

Don Quixote’s voice, who was standing upright on Yu-hyun’s hands with his head raised and facing forward, had a hint of anticipation.

Don Quixote was full of thoughts of flying gracefully in the sky and landing gracefully on top of those giants, swinging his sword gracefully and knocking down those giants gracefully.

No, he was already convinced of the future where he had succeeded in doing that.


“Let’s do this!”

Yu-hyun threw Don Quixote over the cliff as he said that.

The giants who were throwing rocks from the top of the cliff were momentarily watching the situation quietly as they missed the moment when they hid their figures in the dust cloud.

Then, out of nowhere, an old man with a beard flying in their direction broke through the dust cloud, and even the giants with big guts were startled.

“Huh? What is that?”

“Something is flying over here?”

“It’s a knight. Kill the knight!”

Don Quixote soon began to fall in a parabola toward where the giants were.

He had a spear and a shield in his hands and was ready to land in style.

At that moment.

Don Quixote and Yu-hyun, who threw him, realized something.

‘Uh, we’re a bit short on distance?’

As he said that, Don Quixote fell just slightly short of reaching the edge of the cliff.


Don Quixote hastily stabbed his spear into the wall of the cliff.

Thanks to that, he avoided falling miserably and was able to hang on to the cliff.

However, the problem was.

“Knight. He is here.”

“Knight. He is stupid.”

“Stupid knight. We hit him with rocks.”

The shadows of the giants loomed over him, and they were about to throw rocks at Don Quixote, who was defenseless.

“Sancho! Help me!”

“…Rocinante. Let me borrow your back for a moment.”


Rosinante did not refuse Yu-hyun. This clever white horse also sensed his master’s crisis and had the same idea as Yu-hyun.


Rosinante, with Yu-hyun on his back, made a turn and ran towards the cliff. It seemed like a foolish act of crashing into the cliff, but there was a reason for it.


[Got it!]

Baekryeon, which sprang from Yu-hyun’s right hand, turned into a hook with a rope. Yu-hyun immediately threw the hook over the cliff.

Baekryeon, sharpened into a hook, landed on the cliff and stuck firmly into the ground, and the other end of the rope was driven into the ground like a peg.

A rope that was taut with tension connected the bottom and top of the cliff.

Rosinante ran on it.

[The Divine Spirits can’t believe their eyes.]

The sight of a horse carrying a person on its back running at full speed on a rope was nothing short of astonishing.

It was hard enough for a person to ride on a rope, let alone a four-legged beast.

But Rosinante did it. He was showing it in real time.

The skill that Rosinante showed now was not inferior to any mythical or legendary horse, but rather surpassed them in some sense.

The giants who were about to throw rocks also noticed that and shifted their attention to Rosinante and Yu-hyun.

They seemed more dangerous than the skinny knight who was hanging on the cliff with a spear stuck in it.

“A horse is climbing up the cliff.”

“There’s a human on the horse too.”

“Kill them.”

The moment they tried to throw rocks at Yu-hyun and Rosinante, Don Quixote, who was hanging on the cliff with a spear, stepped on the spear shaft and jumped up to the top of the cliff.

“How dare you take your eyes off me!”

He drew his sword from his waist and cut off the head of the nearest giant.

While the giants were confused, Rosinante and Yu-hyun safely arrived at the top of the cliff.

When they were at the bottom of the cliff, they had no choice but to be beaten because of their position, but now that they were standing on the same ground, things changed.

In front of two superhumans and one horse, no matter how big they were, the giants could not use their strength properly.

“It’s over.”

“Hmm. We have achieved another glorious victory today!”

Heehee. 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝔴𝖊𝖇𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝖈𝖔𝖒

Rosinante made a small sound as if he was used to it.

Yu-hyun, who muttered as if he was tired, and Don Quixote, who celebrated his glorious victory.

This strange trio had achieved another splendid victory against new enemies today.

Of course, the process of fighting was hardly cool even if they washed their eyes, and something seemed to be missing.

“But we won in the end, didn’t we?”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

Night came before they knew it.

Yu-hyun and Don Quixote decided to spend the night at the top of the rugged mountain cliff.

Although it was at the top of the cliff, it was wide enough for ten giants to stand at once, so it was more than enough for two people to use.

“It feels like the road is getting harder and harder, and there are more enemies.”

Yu-hyun said that as he threw some firewood into the bonfire.

They had fought dangerous bandits, beasts enchanted by magic, and giants with clubs before they faced the giants on top of the cliff.

Yu-hyun thought that this Mental Realm was quite difficult for a single person to enter.

Fortunately, Don Quixote himself was strong enough to deal with most enemies.

‘But I can’t clear this world by just agreeing with him and playing along.’

The enemies they encountered were getting stronger.

And the evil wizard that Don Quixote mentioned had not shown his face yet.

The condition for clearing this Mental Realm was to wake Don Quixote from his dream.

To do that, he must not die.

He didn’t seem like someone who would die easily, but considering how strong their enemies were getting, anything could happen.

“Sancho. It’s natural that you feel that the enemies are strong. This world is vast and how many monsters are lurking in it? But remember this. We knights errant never give up fighting.”

“It must be nice to be a knight errant.”

“If you want to be a knight errant too, you should know how to be comfortable in this situation.”

He said it sarcastically, but Don Quixote answered seriously.

Yu-hyun had suffered many times today because of Don Quixote’s whimsical actions.

If he had used his head a little bit, acted rationally, and behaved calmly, Don Quixote would have only charged, charged, and charged again.

And after winning the fight with gritted teeth, he always shouted like this.

“I, Don Quixote, have won fair and square again!”

At this point, he was too tired to get angry, so Yu-hyun just let it go.

‘No, maybe I’m enjoying it too.’

He stirred the ashes of the bonfire with a stick.

He outwardly expressed astonishment and annoyance at Don Quixote’s exploits, but deep down, he felt a joy in following this knight-errant and experiencing his adventures.

If he really hated it and was fed up, he would have left him long ago.

When did he decide to trust and follow someone?

At the end of the world, he chased after him not out of reverence, but out of desperation to survive.

After that, he gathered people with his own strength and carved his way through the mental realm.

If he looked at it closely, this adventure with Don Quixote was the first time in his life that Yu-hyun had ever done something like this.

It was hard, but it was nothing compared to back then.

It was nothing compared to when he had to shoulder everything alone and lead the way, even when he was mentally exhausted.

This old knight was both clever and foolish, both pitiful and reliable.

At this moment, Yu-hyun felt like he had truly become his squire, Sancho Panza, instead of being Kang Yu-hyun.

“Well, I think the adventure itself wasn’t so bad.”

Yu-hyun voiced his honest feelings.

He always had to show a strong face in front of someone and hide his true feelings.

But now, he felt like he could be honest.

“It’s a fun adventure.”

“Of course, Sancho. How could this great adventure of Don Quixote be anything but? But this adventure will also end someday.”

This Mental Realm would also be cleared eventually, and everything would become a fleeting story that passed by.

The conversations they shared under the night sky around the bonfire.

The memories of being together.


“Do you feel sad?”

“A little.”

The adventure with Don Quixote was more enjoyable than he had thought.

Suddenly, Yu-hyun didn’t want this adventure to end.

‘It’s greedy.’

This was a wish that he shouldn’t have.

He shouldn’t have it.

He wasn’t a person of this world, and outside, there was a life given to him.

“Well, I think I would also feel sorry if this adventure ended now.”

Surprisingly, Don Quixote easily agreed with Yu-hyun’s words.

Who would have thought that this man would say something like that?

Yu-hyun looked at Don Quixote with a surprised expression.

“There are countless adventures in the world, but where can you find one as important as this moment? And who wouldn’t feel empty and worried about the fact that it will someday come to an end? But just as every story has an end, so does our life, our adventure. It’s inevitable.”

“I guess so.”

“Sancho. That’s why we should enjoy this moment more, make our adventure more splendid and fun until it ends. Even if that story ends someday, when we look back and reminisce about it later, we can say that we had fun, that we didn’t regret it.”

Don Quixote smiled slyly.

“Isn’t that enough?”