Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! - C.270: Hedwig = Goddess Order

Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!

C.270: Hedwig = Goddess Order

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Although there were a large number of worshippers of Hedwig in the wolf pack, they were not enough to be her successors.

While they firmly supported Hedwig's policies, they had never truly understood her aspirations and merely regarded her as their faith.

If Eternal Night was handed over to them, it was only a matter of time before the country collapsed.

Furthermore, although the wolves were greedy and violent…

Humans were not innocent and pitiful victims either.

These living beings that were reputed to be spiritual beings possessed the bloodiest and cruelest natures in the mortal world. They would actively create all conflicts and hurt everyone who was different from them. Thereafter, they would use their actions to tell the world why the gods born from their emotions were all evil gods of chaos.

Once the order of Eternal Night was broken, would the wolf pack be the first to eat up their human friends who were once as close as brothers or would the human friends use the magical technology developed by the wolf pack to help them develop and slaughter the werewolves…


It was hard to say.

This was originally the simplest logic in the world that did not need to be questioned. However, as the ruler, Hedwig had to challenge this truth and dream about obtaining eternal benefits for her race.

The helplessness in Hedwig's heart made her yearn for the ideal world in her heart…

It was one where all individuals in a civilization possessed noble and selfless souls. They offered everything and enjoyed eternal order and prosperity… That should be the endpoint of a civilization, a most perfect one that could break free from the toxicity and head for the stars...


Why were these strange thoughts appearing in her mind again?

Hedwig shook her head gently and focused.

If this country was destined to not reach perfection but had to rely on a rational authority to continue albeit with imperfection… f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

In that case…

Wasn't there any powerful authority that could exist forever to rule over Eternal Night?

The answer was…


Even though this primitive world was ugly to the extremities of imagination, fortunately, there was magic power and the existence of the gods, preventing ugly mortals who had yet to evolve completely from experiencing a tragic and laughable endless cycle of internal strife.

A petite and slender girl's figure appeared in Hedwig's mind.

The Aurora Queen.

If Hedwig was destined to leave Eternal Night…

In that case, before leaving, she wanted to have a chat with that last True Ancestor of the vampires.

Just as Hedwig made a silent decision…

Suddenly, she was jolted awake!

The sound of the wind came from the sky.

Hedwig's ears caught the strange sound above Eternal Night.

It was the sound of the air burning and meteors bombarding the ground.

Hedwig came to the window.

The next moment, she was stunned.

A blazing meteor separated itself from the body of the Sun Goddess in the skies. It wore the armor of the goddess and together with a brilliant sun, bombarded Eternal Night!

The flames drew a beautiful track in the air that did not dissipate for a long time.

The torrential divine might was shocking!

Instantly, Hedwig cleared all the messy thoughts in her mind and grabbed the long saber on the wall rapidly. She was on guard with a sharp gaze.

An enemy was here!

Five modules.

In order to destroy a mere doll body, Mechagod Prosperity had already sent five modules to the city beneath her.

However, now that the modules were all destroyed and assimilated by the out-of-control terminal, the strength of the out-of-control terminal was increasing continuously thanks to the wrong decisions of Mechagod Prosperity.


She even had helpers.

The accomplice of the out-of-control terminal attacked the three modules together with the out-of-control terminal. However, at the same time…

What about Mechagod Prosperity's accomplice?

What was she doing now?

She turned a blind eye to the conflict that happened right under her nose and watched indifferently.

The modules of Mechagod Prosperity were all snatched away.

Yet, that collaborator of hers was completely idle.

This was not normal.

She wanted to denounce this behavior.

Due to a certain indecent out-of-control terminal secretly admiring the images of its exclusive users exercising in private, the third module received intense data resonance non-stop.

As such, Mechagod Prosperity's plans had to be postponed by a day as she... convulsed involuntarily.

However, there were no longer any problems now.

After integrating the remaining four modules and combining them with a sun with a ratio of 0.0001%, Mechagod Prosperity concocted a pseudogod that was considered top-notch and could kill all the high-end combatants of Eternal Night.

This time round, Mechagod Prosperity did not design a new intelligent personality for the module.

She wanted to control this pseudogod remotely.

She wanted to destroy the out-of-control terminal personally.

As well as that... traitor who caused the first round of her plan to fail.

After turning into a meteor to bombard down from the horizon, Pseudogod Prosperity strode into the palace of Eternal Night.

Everywhere she went, before the werewolf guards in the palace could even attack, they were suddenly paralyzed and fell to the ground, trembling in pain.

Just like that, she arrived at the top floor of the palace openly and pushed open the door to the queen's bedroom.

She stood before Hedwig.

The goddess with black hair was expressionless and wore armor. She carried a thin sun halo on her back and emitted a shocking temperature such that the air seemed like it was about to boil.

Pseudogod Prosperity glared at Hedwig coldly.

Pseudogod Prosperity announced in an emotionless voice, "Queen of the wolf pack, Hedwig, it's time for you to pay the price for your betrayal."

At that moment, Hedwig was already prepared to fight.

After she chased away the Wolf Throat, she was the only one in the top floor of the palace.

She did not say a word and waited solemnly.


She was in admission towards Pseudogod Prosperity's accusations.

Pseudogod Prosperity was expressionless. "There's rich semen residue in your stomach, mouth and p*ssy."

Pseudogod Prosperity stated coldly, "You didn't kill Rayne Haines not to protect your country, but because you have a personal relationship with him and you're protecting him."

After condemning the collaborator…

Pseudogod Prosperity was about to begin her execution.

Pseudogod Prosperity did not move at all. However, as the combat module was activated, a powerful force spread out and enveloped the entire room.

Hedwig: "!!!"

Instantly, Hedwig felt an unprecedented pressure pressing down on her shoulders.

It was not divine might.

It was not an aura.

Instead, it was something more corporeal and painful…

She could not sit still and wait for death—Hedwig made a move!

The queen of the wolf pack turned into a pitch-black lightning bolt and attacked!

However, at the same time, another blue halo spread out around Prosperity.

Hedwig's black blade charged into the area within the halo but was stopped in midair.

The moment she entered the halo, Hedwig could no longer move her saber.

The saber was frozen in midair, as though it had cut into some invisible tough colloid and could not advance an inch.

Hedwig was shocked. "?!"

What was going on?

Hedwig tried her best but could not muster any strength…

It was only then that Hedwig realized…

Ever since Pseudogod Prosperity entered the bedroom, her hands had become limp and powerless. They were so weak that she could not even hold her saber steadily…

Hedwig's intuition could not be wrong.

She was weakening rapidly at an extremely fast speed.

Hedwig looked at her hands in disbelief.

She could understand magic that made it impossible for one to slash normally.

However, what existence could turn the powerful wrist strength of the Eternal Night Queen to the level of a mortal?

What exactly... did she do?

"Spiritual blocker."

Prosperity stated the ability of a module she possessed indifferently.

This module could silence all reaction equations that used the spirituality of the planet as fuel. According to the words of this era, the most appropriate way of naming it would be...

Anti-Magic Domain.

Hedwig was a physical damage-type character with a strong body.

However, her strong physique was still filled with immense magic power.

Under the pressure of that force...

No matter how massive the spiritual convergence was, it would be reduced to ashes.

The magic power in Hedwig's body was stripped away wildly, causing her to become incomparably weak. In just a few breaths, she knelt on the ground in pain and panted desperately.

As for Pseudogod Prosperity, she had already raised her spear of light.

She aimed at Hedwig's neck.

The power of the light spear came from the halo. The Light Particle Module was only a strengthening device. Although the damage was amplified with it around, the light spear was still usable even without it.

"Pathetic native."

Prosperity's voice was calm but filled with explicit disdain.

"To send yourself to your death for the sake of your sexual desires is undoubtedly a foolish act that only barbaric and primitive beings from low-level civilizations like you can do. If it was in the Utmost World of Logic… Eh?"


Prosperity was stunned.

The complicated intelligent algorithm paused for a moment.

The exaggerated scene that appeared before Prosperity shocked the artificial intelligence so much that it almost stopped functioning.

An incredible power was corroding Hedwig.

Hedwig's body burned with raging flames—it was a phenomenon where the magic power in her body was forced out and burned naturally in the atmosphere.

The light of the magic power was colorful and dreamy. In the seven-colored flames, the pained expression of Hedwig was reflected.

However, that was not the main point…

The key was the changes of the person in the flames.

Hedwig was burning. At the same time, her fluffy wolf tail became indistinct and the pitch-black wolf mane that was exerted on her by the wishes of the wolf pack gradually faded…

Her black hair turned into a brilliant golden glow.

It was a long golden hair that was hand-picked from hundreds of millions of colors and was most suitable for the title of a goddess.

Even the queen's face was contorting and changing.

It turned into an even more exquisite and insufferable face.

Under the pressure of the force, Hedwig's outer shell that was formed using the planet's spirituality was stripped off.

Gradually, the original appearance that was unaffected by the influence of magic power and faith was revealed.

It was something that Prosperity was extremely familiar with...