Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! - C.269: I’m Rayne’s… Dog

Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!

C.269: I’m Rayne’s… Dog

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She admitted it.

In that case…

Who was that human?

The Wolf Throat really wanted to know the answer to that question, but he did not know if he had the right to continue asking.

Although, he had quite a rough guess at that moment...

Hedwig's domestication was only in the early stages and would not be discovered by others. However, as time passed, this matter would definitely be exposed.

The difference between wolves and dogs was not small at all.

This was a serious matter.

As a close vassal of the Wolf Queen, the Wolf Throat felt that he had an obligation to share the burden of his leader.

The Wolf Throat asked in a low voice, "Leader… can you tell me… who that person is?"

At that moment, Hedwig was extremely shy.

She found this outcome extremely unbelievable as well. To think that… after just doing it with him a few times and accommodating him in bed slightly, she would become his pet…

Did she really admire him that much…

Hedwig blushed and gestured shyly.

As expected, it was that man…

The one on the run...

Rayne Haines.

Things became troublesome, but at the same time, it seemed to have become clear…

The Wolf Throat sighed with extremely conflicted emotions.

Unlike the queen of the wolf pack who possessed an unreasonably long lifespan...

The Wolf Throat was just an ordinary werewolf.

Similar to all the clansmen in the wolf pack, the Wolf Throat grew up in deep admiration of the Wolf Queen.

However, the Wolf Throat was more outstanding than the other clansmen. Therefore, he could advance all the way and approach the legendary Wolf Queen he admired.

He was promoted bit by bit from an ordinary soldier and spent a long time before finally reaching the point where his achievements would reach the ears of the Wolf Queen. Thereafter, he was promoted by the Wolf Queen and became a personal guard. He obtained the admiration of the previous Wolf Throat and was nurtured as one of his successors. Thereafter, he continued to fight, learn and compete…


Before he died of old age, he was lucky enough to obtain this honor that was the most worthy of pride in the wolf pack.

The candidates for the Wolf Throat had to risk their lives with the Wolf Queen and work hard to observe her expression at all times. They could sense the slightest emotions on the Wolf Queen's cold face.

That was the only way they could help the speechless Wolf Queen express her feelings fluently.

Among the wolves, the Wolf Throat was undoubtedly the existence that understood the Wolf Queen the most.

He could understand Hedwig.

Regarding the matter of Hedwig being domesticated by Rayne…

Although the Wolf Throat was surprised, it was not without a clue from the beginning.

Rayne Haines. f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

The Wolf Throat remembered deeply that day. When Prince Rayne bid farewell to their leader, Hedwig looked back at his back with such a sincere expression…

The Wolf Throat knew that his leader was not a heartless saint. She had her emotions and desires as well.

When Eternal Night developed well, she would be happy.

After winning a battle, she would feel relaxed.

When she executed criminals who violated the rules, she was sadder than anyone else.

At the same time…

She was always troubled, anxious and angry silently.

She had an unrealistic and strong pursuit of Eternal Night's future.

She wanted to make Eternal Night perfect, a perfection that the Wolf Throat could not imagine.

She was like an angel who had fallen from the God Realm to the mortal world. She could not accept any slight injustice and evil deeds, as though these had never existed in the world she once lived in.

As a ruler, Hedwig was way too idealistic and sensitive.

Even if she could be like the vampires and live forever…

In terms of spirit, she was much weaker than those completely self-centered monsters.

The Wolf Throat had always known.

Her Majesty Hedwig was very lonely.

Her dreams were far into the future, but there was no one around her who could share her worries and understand them.

She had always yearned for someone to care for and love her.

However, this person was not among the wolves.

To think that the wolf pack would not be able to produce a single hero who could win Hedwig's heart even after 300 years.

As for the one who eventually conquered the Wolf Queen…

It was the future Emperor of Haines.

The Wolf Throat fell silent.

A moment later, he said slowly, "Leader, this is a good thing. You finally have someone you truly like. You've been too lonely all along… However, Leader, what's your next step?"

The unruly Wolf Queen was conquered by Rayne Haines. It was unknown what method this future Emperor of Haines used to make the Wolf Queen who had ruled Eternal Night for 300 years love him so much that she wanted to be his bitch.

And now, the aura emitted by the domesticated Hedwig was changing…

It was clear that Hedwig could no longer be the Wolf Queen.

The wolves could accept Hedwig's unknown origins, her mixed bloodline and her strange longevity.

That was nothing.

In a wolf pack where strength reigned supreme, the effects of these innate disadvantages and abnormalities could be erased by powerful strength and wise rule.

However, being domesticated meant that the wolf's soul was destroyed and defeated.

She was a lowly, cowardly, fawning and despicable trash who would let her former prey trample and humiliate her.

A dog defeated by humans.

How could she lead the wolf pack?

The only way was if Hedwig killed Rayne with her own hands now and severed her servility towards him from the bottom of her heart…

But was that even possible?

Would Hedwig be willing to kill a man she fell deeply in love with within half a month?

However, what else could be done if she did not remove the domestication?

At that moment, Hedwig gave her loyal Wolf Throat another shocking piece of news.

Hedwig gestured again with a red face.

"Is this… for real?"

The Wolf Throat was dumbfounded. "You mean… Prince Rayne has already proposed to you? He's going to take you in as his consort?! He wants you to return to Haines with him?!"

Hedwig nodded shyly…

The Wolf Throat probed again, "In that case, you mean…"

Hedwig nodded gently again with an incomparably shy expression. Furthermore, her thighs were squeezing together again…

She was willing…

Or at the very least, she really hoped for that.

However, Hedwig was also imagining what would happen if she returned to Haines with Rayne…

Would he cherish this convenient woman that he took only half a month to get his hands on?

This former queen of the wolf pack, a divinity being that posed the greatest threat to Haines, had actually become a consort of the Prince of Haines.

… What sort of humiliation was that?

His Highness Rayne would definitely be famous in history for domesticating the Eternal Night Queen.

As for Hedwig, her dowry would be the sacrifice of her lifetime of legendary achievements.

This was truly…

If that was all the price she had to pay to be with Rayne, Hedwig was willing to abandon everything she had accumulated and start a brand new stage of her life.

Even with that heavy risk, Hedwig… wanted to pursue this love as well.

She liked Rayne Haines…

The joy Rayne brought her was addictive and infatuating.

That man had too many secrets. He was definitely not an ordinary human prince.

As the prince of the strongest Empire in the mortal world, Rayne could receive a good education such that he was proficient in both culture and martial arts at the age of 19. However, why… did he know Hedwig so well?

It was as Rayne had said—he knew every detail of Hedwig's body.

He knew every single habit of her muscles.

His grasp of the flexibility of Hedwig's body had already reached the millimeter level…

The short period of time she experienced with Rayne replayed in Hedwig's mind.

She was extremely certain that this prince whom she had never met before had extremely deep feelings for her.

Yes, it might not be purely... the emotion they call love.

But even so…

Rayne's personality, his intelligence, wisdom, ambition, gentleness, determination, his eyes and kindness to her... Coupled with the fact that she had endured 300 years of suffering, all of those various factors combined reduced Hedwig's defense to its lowest point in one go...

Everything resulted in the outcome that this proud Eternal Night Queen...

In just half a month, she decided that she had fallen in love with that man.

If the price of accepting Rayne was merely to leave behind an eternal infamy in Eternal Night, turning the name of Hedwig into a despicable joke and enduring the otherworldly feelings hidden in Rayne's eyes…

In that case, Hedwig would agree to Rayne's proposal without hesitation.

However, if she wanted to leave with Rayne…

Was it really going to be that...


If Hedwig really left, what would happen to Eternal Night?

It was impossible for this country to do without Hedwig.

There was no order in Eternal Night. Her order and prosperity were just temporary facades on the surface.

It was merely a relatively rational authority that was forcefully maintaining the balance of the city and races.

Once the ruler with this powerful authority fell...

The entire country would collapse with it.

However, Hedwig's domestication was already an established fact...

Hedwig smiled bitterly.

There had to be a solution to the current predicament.

Otherwise, the moment Hedwig left Eternal Night, the rules that she customized for the werewolves would be trampled underfoot and destroyed wantonly.