Reborn with Steve Stand - C.571: Revenge has come!

Reborn with Steve Stand

C.571: Revenge has come!

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Hearing Fang Mo's shocking words, the three people present almost simultaneously showed confused expressions.

Of course, Puri-Puri Prisoner did so because he understood.

As for Stinger and Lightning Max... they weren't usually exposed to these things, so they were still quite innocent and simply did not understand the phrase.

"Explosion… zero?"

Lightning Max's face was full of confusion. To be honest, he could understand these two words separately, but when put together, he was completely baffled, so he couldn't help but ask, "May I ask what this means?"

"Oh, it refers to the nine-turn large intestine not being cleaned thoroughly..."

Fang Mo didn't care, and was about to enlighten the other party with some trivia.

Unfortunately, just at that moment, Puri-Puri Prisoner suddenly raised his hand to stop Fang Mo, preventing his outrageous statement.

"Um, excuse me."

Puri-Puri Prisoner looked at Lightning Max and said gently, "This is not something a good boy should understand... It's better if you don't ask, young Lightning Max."


Since he had been unconscious for a while, Lightning Max was indeed puzzled, but after hearing Puri-Puri Prisoner's words, he suddenly felt a chill, as if his instincts were reminding him, so he instinctively chose to remain silent: "Alright then, I'm fine."

"Anyway, this guy has finally been dealt with."

Seeing that Lightning Max was no longer curious, Puri-Puri Prisoner seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, then quickly looked towards the distance: "Now, let's take care of the remaining remnants."


Lightning Max asked subconsciously.

"The other sea creatures," Puri-Puri Prisoner pointed at the body of the Deep Sea King not far away: "He claimed to be the leader of the sea creatures during the battle, wanting to lead his people to occupy the land, although this guy has already been dealt with by Brother Priest... the other sea creatures are probably still rampaging in the city, I need to deal with them."

"I'll go with you then."

Hearing this, Stinger also slowly stood up, holding his stomach: "Thanks to Mr. Priest, my wounds seem to have healed quite well, and dealing with a few more sticky sea monster people might make me even more popular... Hm? Where's my Spear?"

"Oh, it's over here."

Upon hearing this, Fang Mo pointed towards a large pit not far away.

Stinger glanced into the pit and immediately saw a bamboo shoot broken in two, his face turning pale as if he had lost something very important.

"My... my bamboo shoot!"

Stinger exclaimed with a sad face.

"It looks like you can't go."

Lightning Max smiled slightly and then patted the other's shoulder comfortingly: "No worries, I'll take care of them for you."


Stinger was so upset that he couldn't even speak, kneeling and mourning his beloved Spear, as if it were his own severed half.

"Although I'd like to comfort young Stinger, now is not really the time."

Puri-Puri Prisoner, seeming a bit sympathetic, soon sighed and said: "I just received an evacuation notice, the citizens should have all hidden in the shelters by now, if the sea creatures invade the shelters, those lovely boys might be sacrificed in vain..."

"We should act quickly then."

Lightning Max tied his shoelaces: "My gunpowder reserves are still sufficient, if the enemy isn't as strong as the monster just now, I should be able to help."

"What about Brother Priest?"

Puri-Puri Prisoner turned his head to look at Fang Mo: "Are you coming with us to deal with these sea creatures?"

"Oh, I'll pass."

Fang Mo waved his hand, he had just thought of a new job, and decided to first try it out before saying: "I'll leave this matter to you guys for now, I used up quite a bit of energy killing the Deep Sea King, I need to rest first."

"Alright then."

Puri-Puri Prisoner didn't insist: "Then you take a good rest, Brother Priest, and after this crisis is resolved I'll come to have a good talk with you about ketosis..."

"Are you seeking death?!"

"Ah, Brother Priest really has a temper."

Puri-Puri Prisoner laughed, then stopped discussing the matter, and made a starting gesture: "Angel… Charge!"

With a loud shout, Puri-Puri Prisoner suddenly turned into a missile and dashed out, running naked on the street as a perverted muscular magic man, creating a quite eye-straining scene, Fang Mo turned away after only one glance, not wanting to see anymore.

Lightning Max didn't say anything, quickly following suit.

Soon, the two had disappeared without a trace.

"Freaking insane..."

As soon as the two left, Fang Mo also couldn't help but rub his forehead, then turned his attention to the body of the Deep Sea King nearby.


Seeing Fang Mo first lowered his head in thought, then began typing on Steve's public screen using telekinesis.

[mofang: Xiao Yao, are you free?]

Not long after the message was sent, a reply soon came.

[xiaoyao: I'm currently automating a carbon plate array, planning to stack a molecular machine with wind power, what's up?]

Fang Mo only understood the words "what's up?" but this didn't prevent him from asking for help.

[mofang: I urgently need a Cthulhu statue, can you whip one up for me?]

[xiaoyao: Wait a sec.]

After saying this,

His partner immediately went silent.

Fang Mo knew that crafting this forced statue was quite difficult, requiring the correct ritual, and his partner wasn't really interested in non-technological mods.

Considering it might take a while.

Fang Mo's gaze turned sinisterly towards Stinger.


As if sensing something, Stinger also looked a bit wary at Fang Mo not far away.


Seeing this, Fang Mo immediately showed a polite yet elegant smile: "Hey, Stinger, I can help you repair your weapon."

"…So, what's the price?"

Stinger immediately became alert.

Yes, because Fang Mo almost split him in half under the pretense of healing him before, and even tricked him into expanding his friendship with Puri-Puri Prisoner, he was still a bit scared of Fang Mo, even though he appeared to be a hero, he seemed somewhat mischievously inclined.

Stinger had a vague impression that when Fang Mo was newly ranked as an S-class hero, he was known as the source of all evil.

It was said that during the hero test in Z City, he even drove a bunch of examiners mad.

Of course, later it was said that his apprentice, the Sorcerer Supreme, cured these people and even compensated each with several million, turning them into millionaires who led luxurious lives and no longer had to work for anyone else.

Exchanging a few days of madness for a lifetime of luxury and wealth, if it were anyone else, they might even kneel down to thank him... but this was not what Stinger really wanted.

More than money, he cared about his reputation as a hero.

If he accidentally went mad and did something strange... wouldn't his reputation be ruined?

"Hey, what are you afraid of?"

Fang Mo certainly noticed the wariness in Stinger's eyes, and conveniently put away his Manyullyn Cleaver: "We're all heroes of the Hero Association, so we're colleagues, isn't it okay if I just help you out? Of course, it's okay..."

While saying this.

Fang Mo also waved his hand, attracting the broken long spear with telekinesis.

Stinger looked visibly nervous.

"My… my Spear…"

Fang Mo just smiled without speaking, instead pulling out a Geochest from behind him.

He casually opened the chest, and the space in front of him immediately twisted, forcibly replaced with a mysterious weapon workshop.

Since this Spear had previously poked some places it shouldn't have, Fang Mo found it a bit dirty, so he simply rinsed it with water, then put on gloves to start working.

To be honest, he had repaired weapons for others more than once or twice, like Thor's hammer, Orihime Inoue's shield Shunshun Rikka, and so on, so now he was quite experienced. The first step was to extract the essence... the juice of a Brilliant Berry.

Once the juice of the Essence Berry was ready.

Fang Mo casually picked some moss and applied an experience repair to the weapon.

The rest was simple, just applying the juice layer by layer, like coating a West Lake vinegar fish, and soon the Spear was automatically restored.

After that, Fang Mo casually took a bamboo shoot from Steve's body and started strengthening the Spear on a craftsman's workbench... yes, it was a bamboo MOD linked with Tinkers' Construct, enhancing the bamboo shoot, which consumes durability to produce bamboo.

Once the enhancement was complete.

Fang Mo picked up the Spear and tested it a bit.

He stomped the ground with the butt of the Spear, and at the same time with a slight thought, the ground nearby suddenly arched up, and a bamboo shoot shot up from below, growing several meters tall in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this scene.

Fang Mo was also a bit impressed.

It seems this bamboo module really is amazing, not only various magatamas, but the bamboo shoot enhancement is also quite powerful, this combined with an indestructible effect could forcibly bring about a Bamboo Descends scenario.

Or perhaps it should be called… Bamboo Flight?

"Alright, here's your thing back."

After testing, Fang Mo was quite cheerful as he returned the weapon to Stinger.

"…What did you do to my Spear?" Stinger was a bit confused, subconsciously asking as he took the Spear.

"Very pretty, the Happy Bamboo Rat Spear."

Fang Mo said, patting Stinger's shoulder: "Alright, your weapon is fixed, now hurry up and deal with those remnants of the Deep Sea creatures, look how bright the sun is today, if you wait any longer they might suffer heatstroke."

"This…" fr𝐞𝐞𝚠e𝗯𝗻ovel.c𝐨m

Stinger was a bit perplexed, wondering if the other party really didn't trick him this time: "So… I'm really going?"

"Go on, go on."

Fang Mo waved his hand: "And remember to have a meal with Puri-Puri Prisoner for me."

"Who said I was going to eat with him?!"

Hearing this, Stinger thought here it comes, and couldn't help but shout: "You're scared to go yourself so you send me? My sexual orientation is very normal, okay?"

"Oh, is it?"

Fang Mo smiled ambiguously: "Are you really sure?"

"I… I'm definitely sure!"

Seeing Fang Mo's mysterious smile, and recalling the moment Puri-Puri Prisoner blocked a lethal attack for him, Stinger seemed a bit hesitant, but soon he firmed up his resolve: "My sexual orientation is absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely very normal!"

To prove his determination.

He even emphasized the word "absolutely" three times in one sentence.

"It seems you really are determined."

Hearing Stinger's words, Fang Mo didn't say much, just smiled and posed a question: "Then let me ask you a question… You say pigs eat pig food, right?"

"Yes… yes?"

Stinger hesitated, not understanding what Fang Mo meant.

"Then uh… cough, cough, cough." Fang Mo continued to ask: "Then the food chickens eat should also be called chicken food, right?"

"Of course."

Stinger felt a bit confused: "What exactly are you trying to say?"

"Here comes the question."

A mischievous smile appeared on Fang Mo's face as he clapped his hands and questioned: "Since the food chickens eat is chicken food, and the food pigs eat is pig food… then why is the food you eat called snacks?"


Stinger was suddenly stunned.

But soon, he reacted: "No, you're clearly changing the concept, I… I still have to fight those monsters, I don't have time to chat about these things with you!"

After saying that.

Stinger almost ran away like he was escaping.

"Ha ha." Fang Mo watched him leave with a happy smile, shouting towards his retreating figure: "You could run a bit slower!"

Not long after Stinger had run away.

Fang Mo's mind soon received a teleportation request.

With a slight thought, Fang Mo pulled his partner from the MC world, but his partner seemed really busy, and before he could say a few cheeky words, his partner just jumped on the spot, shoved the statue into Fang Mo's arms, and left.

"Here you go, I have to go back, the high-temperature stack might explode if I don't watch it for a while."

After hurriedly saying this, the little demon turned around and teleported back, not even giving Fang Mo a chance to speak.

"Ah this…"

Fang Mo held the statue in his hands, seemingly stunned for a moment.

But soon he just chuckled and shook his head. To be honest, his partner had been like this for years, and Fang Mo had pretty much gotten used to it over time.

"Never mind, I won't think about it too much."

Fang Mo weighed the Cthulhu statue in his hand, then looked at the body of the Deep Sea King not far away, a dangerous idea slowly forming in his mind: "It seems the time for revenge has come…"

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