Reborn with Steve Stand - C.570: He ate a mouthful of shit!

Reborn with Steve Stand

C.570: He ate a mouthful of shit!


The Deep Sea King, having just risen from the ground, witnessed the scene and his face instantly revealed a look of disbelief. He looked up towards the clear, cloudless sky and exclaimed, "This rain was actually stopped by a human..."

"Just a minor change in the weather, no big deal," came the reply.

Seeing the shock on the Deep Sea King's face, Fang Mo smiled and teased him, "It's really stopped raining, folks..."

"You bastard!"

Though the Deep Sea King could hardly understand what Fang Mo was saying, he recognized the mocking tone in his voice and immediately fixed his gaze on him, "Very well, since it was you who changed the weather, I will take you out first, and then use your blood for a shower."

But the Deep Sea King had barely finished speaking when the Puri-Puri Prisoner suddenly stepped in front of him, teeth clenched.

"You won't succeed!"

The Puri-Puri Prisoner, sounding somewhat weak, declared, "As long as I'm here, you absolutely won't be able to harm anyone..."

Unfortunately, before he could finish, the Deep Sea King had already made his move, striking the Puri-Puri Prisoner's stomach impatiently with a powerful punch, "Then you go die first!"

"Be careful!!!"

Stinger immediately shouted anxiously upon seeing this.


The Puri-Puri Prisoner's pupils shrank; truth be told, he had been fighting desperately from the start, and his body was now reaching its limits.

Being human, with naturally slower recovery abilities than the sea creatures who healed quickly just from some rain, he was now in such pain that his bones were wailing, and he could no longer withstand any attacks.

But he was a hero.

He had to stand here and stop the opponent no matter what.

With this thought, the Puri-Puri Prisoner mustered his strength and managed a sidestep, narrowly avoiding the opponent's heavy punch.


Having dodged the attack, the Puri-Puri Prisoner took a slight breath to prepare a counterattack, but just then, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck, "Uh!?"

Looking down in pain, he saw that the Deep Sea King had spat out a sea snake from his mouth.

The pain was due to the sea snake biting the side of his neck.

"Hehehe... An internal sea eel."

The Deep Sea King still held his punching pose, his mouth open wide with a cruel smile on his face, "Once it's bitten you, don't think about escaping. Just die obediently."

After saying that, he immediately twisted his body and delivered an elbow strike to the Puri-Puri Prisoner.

The Puri-Puri Prisoner hurriedly tried to defend, but in the next second, the opponent feinted and delivered a sudden uppercut that hit the Puri-Puri Prisoner's chin hard, sending him "boom" into unconsciousness, his teeth shattered, and his heavy body sent flying.

"Puri-Puri Prisoner!"

Stinger shouted in haste, then raised his long spear to attack the Deep Sea King, "Damn! Super Spiral Stinger..."

He couldn't finish his sentence.

The Deep Sea King had already thrust his hand shaped like a blade toward him.

By the time Stinger realized it, it was too late; he was no match for a Demon-level disaster, and his chest was pierced, leaving a gaping hole from front to back.

"I've been wanting to kill you for a long time, you despicable bug."

The Deep Sea King cruelly smiled, then flung his opponent away like trash.

After throwing Stinger violently, he didn't forget to stomp on Stinger's beloved weapon, breaking the long spear into two pieces.

Afterward, the Deep Sea King snorted coldly and subconsciously touched his bottom, then refocused his attention on Fang Mo.

"Now it's just you left."

The Deep Sea King stretched his body, and all his muscles made a "creaking" noise, while he coldly licked his lips, "Although you changed the weather, I managed to get enough water to take you down..."

"Who gave you the courage to challenge your fearsome old father?"

Fang Mo responded with a smile, activating his skill and speaking metaphorically, "My dear big son, Deep Sea King, I am your long-lost father, the Deep... Throat King."

"Shut up and die."

Facing Fang Mo, the despicable land-dweller, the Deep Sea King felt his blood pressure rising higher than the pressure in the deep sea, and with a flick of his head, he shot the sea eel at Fang Mo like lightning.

But facing this ferocious attack, Fang Mo just smiled and drew out a brownish giant sword.

The sword had just been drawn when the entire block was instantly permeated with an eerie smell.

It was as if a rural dry toilet on the hottest day of summer had two pounds of rotten herring thrown into it, then covered with a large piece of rubber for three days, and suddenly uncovered, releasing that particular odor.

The Deep Sea King had not yet realized the seriousness of the situation.

At this moment, his murderous intent decisive, he controlled the sea eel to bite straight towards Fang Mo's neck.

However, Fang Mo smiled, raised his hand, and directly blocked the sea eel with the giant brown sword in his hand. With a "squish" sound, the eel immediately bit off a clump of sticky substance from the sword.


The Deep Sea King seemed stunned for a moment.

But in the moment he was stunned, Fang Mo suddenly unleashed his own aura of dominance.

A terror as despairing as the abyss erupted at that moment. The air began to tremble, and the earth wailed, as if it was not a person standing there but some bizarre entity that interpreted logic and chaos.

It was a forbidden existence, a terror beyond time and reality.

But the pressure came and went quickly.

Right after Fang Mo yelled, "Get back," the immense pressure disappeared without a trace, so fast that even the Deep Sea King barely noticed anything.

Although the Deep Sea King didn't have time to feel it,

The sea eel inside him felt the terrifying pressure.

Thus, driven by the most primal instincts, the sea eel quickly retracted at a rapid speed, and before the Deep Sea King could react, it had already pulled back into his body with a mouthful of sticky substance.


Suddenly feeling a sticky bitterness in his mouth, the Deep Sea King also instinctively smacked his lips.

An unimaginably intense foul smell erupted in his mouth, and in an instant, the Deep Sea King couldn't bear it anymore, vomiting several times on the spot. His forehead immediately bulged with veins, his already critical blood pressure soared further, and he stared at Fang Mo with an almost resentful gaze.

"Ha ha, eat shit, Dumb ass!"

Unlike the Deep Sea King, Fang Mo was exceptionally happy at the moment.

Although he hadn't managed to bring down a meteorite of feces, just shoving the sword into someone else's mouth had already made him quite happy.

Yes, this was one of the new weapons Fang Mo had crafted after acquiring the meteorite module, made from the legendary shit module materials. Of course, to prevent himself from touching the feces, the handle was cast from hardened chocolate, which at least matched in color.

Though it was made of chocolate, due to the enhanced "indestructible" nature of the artisan soul, it wouldn't break easily even when Fang Mo wielded it with force.

And since the chocolate material also inherently had the characteristic of deliciousness,

Combined with the exotic deliciousness of the feces material,

This led to the sword being an edible weapon, unexpectedly so. Of course, which part one would like to eat... depends on personal taste.

"I... blehg..."

Clearly, the Deep Sea King didn't quite like this, and at this moment he was nearly driven mad, vomiting while ferociously charging at Fang Mo: "I'm going to... Blegh... kill you!"

"Holy shit, he's coming over with his mouth full of shit!"

Seeing this, Fang Mo was also taken aback, immediately retreating: "No, big brother, can't you swallow what's in your mouth before you talk?"

"Ah ah ah!!!"

However, after being humiliated by the bamboo shoot and forcefully fed shit by Fang Mo, the Deep Sea King had completely lost it, his attacks degenerating to mere instinctual lunges like a wild beast.

"I've already told you not to come over!"

Facing the spitting Deep Sea King, Fang Mo couldn't hold back any longer, and with a raise of his hand, he threw an air cannon with the Ring of Arcana: "Die!"

A pale white air ball was launched from Fang Mo's hand.

It hit the Deep Sea King squarely in the chest.

This attack from Fang Mo, unlike the Puri-Puri Prisoner, was at least at a Dragon-level start in power. Even with a tough body, the Deep Sea King couldn't withstand it, and his entire chest was blown open, revealing a terrifying blood hole.

"Uh... cough..."

Having suffered such a heavy blow, the Deep Sea King's crown fell directly to the ground.

He opened his mouth as if to say something, but only a dirty snow stain flowed from the corner of his mouth, and he took two steps back before collapsing to the ground with a thud.

Seeing the Deep Sea King fall dead,

Fang Mo couldn't help but look at the giant sword in his hand.

"This new weapon is quite powerful," Fang Mo mused as he gazed at the brown, door-sized blade in his hand, falling into a contemplative state. Although it attracted some flies, the sword's power had indeed shocked him. "Maybe next time I'll try using this weapon for the Thousand-Year Kill technique—pulling up the radish and bringing out the mud... It would definitely be very impressive."

He murmured softly to himself.

Fang Mo also carefully put away the sword.

There's no way around it; this thing is ultimately a double-edged sword, and it's not feasible to keep carrying it around all the time.

After stowing away the weapon, Fang Mo also naturally approached the injured, namely the previously fallen Puri-Puri Prisoner, Stinger, and earlier, Lightning Max, to assess their injuries.

The condition of the Puri-Puri Prisoner was relatively good.

After all, being an S-class hero, the wounds were not fatal.

However, as for Stinger and Lightning Max, their injuries were noticeably more severe.

Lightning Max was directly beaten until his entire skeleton fractured, while Stinger had his chest and abdomen pierced through. But since the battle was actually over quickly, the effects of a potion still lingered on Stinger, and now the wounds on his chest and abdomen had mostly healed.

Upon closer examination, it was clear that Lightning Max's injuries were more severe.

Fang Mo briefly checked, then drew the medical cleaver, Manyullyn Cleaver and swiftly applied it, unleashing a triple healing power, which quickly healed their wounds.

"My jaw is so sore…"

The Puri-Puri Prisoner was the first to awaken. He slowly got up from the ground: "How did I faint just now… Ugh, this smell is so familiar?"

And after him,

Stinger and Lightning Max also came to.

"Have we been rescued?"

Throughout, Lightning Max was unconscious and hadn't been toyed with by Fang Mo, showing only a relieved expression of having survived: "Thank goodness… I'm still alive."

"Am I… not dead?"

Just waking up, Stinger touched his stomach in shock and confusion, realizing it wasn't pierced, and said bewilderedly: "What's going on? Is this an illusion?"

But very quickly,

He noticed Fang Mo not far away.

"Priest?" Stinger realized who it was and showed a grateful expression: "Did you save us? Oh right, the Sea King he…"

"Here, he's dead."

Fang Mo pointed not far away.


Upon hearing this, everyone looked in the direction indicated and indeed found the Sea King lying on the ground, his body emitting a strange, rotten stench.

Like spoiled, decaying seafood.

Flies began to swarm around him.

"Is… is he really dead?"

Seeing this, everyone even felt a bit incredulous.

For Stinger and Lightning Max, it wasn't too surprising; they knew how powerful the Sea King was, but they were also aware that they were just A-class heroes. Perhaps in the eyes of S-class heroes, such a Demon-level monster was merely easy prey.

But for the Puri-Puri Prisoner, it was different.

He himself was an S-class hero who had fought the Sea King for a long time, so he was well aware of how incredible the physical strength of the Sea King was.

The enemy's muscles and bones were even tougher than alloy, not to mention a layer of smooth, hard scales. Just the recoil from hitting him with his fists was enough to cause pain, making it hard to imagine how such a big hole had been made in his body.

This newly advanced S-class hero, Priest…

Was he really that terrifying?

Thinking this, the Puri-Puri Prisoner couldn't help but turn to Fang Mo: "Um, Priest, how did you manage to kill this guy?"

"Oh, you mean this?"

Fang Mo glanced at the Sea King's corpse, then a sunny, cheerful smile appeared on his face: "Others might not understand, but you should get it, right?"

"… He ate an exploding zero."

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