MTL - The World I’m Wearing is Wrong

MTL - The World I’m Wearing is Wrong


After accidentally entering the game for six years, Bu Tian returned to the real world.The doorbell rang and he opened the door.A handsome young man with luggage stood outside the door.The handsome young man opened his mouth: "Okay, I will only sleep with you for a month, and we will return to the bridge road in a month. It doesn't matter anymore."Step Single Dog Tian: ""After living for twenty-six years, how could I not know that I like sleeping with men? !One sentence introduction: Phoenix Gu is given to you, love to marry or not.CP: Bu Tian X Lantern Festival, Gao Leng abstinence drug brother attack X power is infinite moving bricks.Precautions:1. Mainly attacking text, in the upper years, attacking is six years older than Shou, 1V1, HE!2. Duo has no system, no skills, no backpack, but has pets, gu and martial arts.3. Please do not tell the author if you abandon the article. The author will read the QAQ of the message and reply to the message.4. The daily update will be updated at 20:00 in the evening. If there is a delay, the author forgot to set the time!Content tags: Strong and powerful familySearch keywords: Protagonist: Bu Tian Supporting role: Lantern Festival Others: Bu Ming, Bu Yang, Jian San, Du Ge, Main Attack - Description from novelbuddy

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