MTL - The Rest, Only Noise

MTL - The Rest, Only Noise


Bird and Magic represent an era when professional basketball became popular in the country of basketball, they made basketball so beautiful for the Flying Man, OK Dominance, James, Durant, Curry and more Foundation. Let all of them become billionaires with their own business empires and high social status. But if you go back 40 years, this is simply unimaginable.The league is not popular, and the first man today is a crazy racist;Bob Cousy's perfect heir suffers from teammates' jealousy and alcohol;Has the most elegant pick basket in history, but also has the most incomprehensible personality in history;There is a chance to be Michael Jordan, but his chaotic private life keeps him out of all possibilities;The great white hope fell after the knee exploded;Hongdo and Dr.J are unique idols, but one of them won too much and talked too little, and the other won too little and talked too much.The slump of the 1970s continued. Violent conflicts, drug abuse, too many black people, excessive player salaries, and countless problems pushed this future worth tens of billions of dollars into a precarious situation.Crisis is like a synonym for opportunity. The more sinister the situation, the more outstanding people will rise.Let's see how that guy from the future becomes the most special member in this era of shining stars.He knew very well that when he won everything, everything was over.The rest, only noise.PS: If you are a fan of opening your mouth to save the NBA, this book may surprise you - Description from novelbuddy

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