MTL - Naruto’s Strongest Gentleman Training System

MTL - Naruto’s Strongest Gentleman Training System


Qin Wuyue, a pseudo-house on Earth, traveled to the world of Hokage and awakened the legendary Goldfinger. The system is very violent and works flawlessly. As long as you complete the optional tasks, you can directly obtain super-powerful items of cultivation, abilities, ninjutsu and other planes. But Wuyue couldn't be happy at all, and even had the idea of wanting to die with this damn scumbag."You pervert wearing my camisole again" a certain elder sister roared loudly. "Take it, this is the fat time I just changed in the morning." A certain senior said expressionlessly."Jun Wuyue, it's time to collect material again, take off your pants." A certain wife next door lit up. "If you bastard dare to steal again, I will break your third leg." A certain beautiful master shook his fist with a cold expression. "I'm really not a pervert, I'm being forced, you believe me" Wuyue burst into tears, looking up at the sky at a forty-five degree angle - Description from novelbuddy

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