MTL - Lord of the World: I Became a Zombie

MTL - Lord of the World: I Became a Zombie


10 billion people in the world traveled through the apocalypse to survive, but the protagonist directly turned into a zombie after crossingAnd with the passage of time, the body is gradually decaying.For zombies: Rotten clean = dead.So, Jiang Si's time is running outIn order to survive, he opened the novice gift bag.Got the trash skill: ?Xingchang?br>"?Xing Changhe? After eating alien creatures, you can get additional experience points. If the ingredients are fresh enough, there is a chance to get this biological skill."Um.Really useless.Alien creatures are full of poison, and the taste is extremely unpalatable!Eat alien creatures to gain skills?That is courting death!Such rubbish skills, after allEtc., etc? !right? !I'm a zombie. Since I can eat people, isn't it the same to eat xenogeneic creatures? !With a move in his heart, Jiang thought to a possibility.Then, the journey to eat the world began:"Ding, you ate the Poison Horned Rabbit and gained 400 experience points, and your skills are fast.""Ding, you ate the Lion of Ice and Fire, gained 5800 experience points, and the skill Flame Body.""Ding, you ate the Wetland Poison Dragon and gained 180,000 experience points and skill dragon scale skin.""Ding, you ate the true ancestor of vampires" - Description from novelbuddy

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