MTL - Final Priesthood

MTL - Final Priesthood


The starry sky mecha is as powerful as a dragon, and the gods and demons in the abyss are whispering and roaring.In this era of collision between new techniques and old techniques, technology and divine power, Lu Yuan stumbled into the world with an attribute panel that allowed unlimited job changes."Occupation [Martial Arts Grandmaster] + material [Heart of the Nine-Headed Dragon of the Abyss], can be advanced and transferred to [Darkfall Dragon Sect]."Lu Yuan looked at his hands that were gradually covered with black scales, and the black hair behind his back was dancing wildly in the wind. His scarlet eyes stared at the humanoid mechanical body flying across the night sky like meteors, and whispered to himself with a smile: " NowI should be able to tear apart mechas with my hands" - Description from novelbuddy

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