MTL - Extreme Pampering After Marriage

MTL - Extreme Pampering After Marriage


The daughter Xu Youyou, whom the Xu family sent to the countryside to recuperate many years ago, has returned to fulfill her engagement with the Lin family.On the eve of the wedding, the groom escaped from marriage and went abroad to find his Bai Yueguang, everyone: wow [eat melon expression]Xu Youyou: Oh huh.In the next second, the white and soft little hand grabbed the man's sleeve, and said in a sweet and glutinous tone, "Mr. Mo, can you marry me?"Mo Shenbai is a pure-hearted, mysterious and low-key business tycoon. He has been in the elusive shopping mall for ten years. No newspapers and magazines dare to publish a photo of him, and there is not a single strange person who can let him take a look.Everyone said that Mo Shenbai's marriage to Xu Youyou must be an agreed marriage, and they will definitely divorce after one year.Xu Youyou ate her melon with gusto, but just when she was eating, she realized that something was wrong.No need to pay for shopping, no need to order food, no matter where you go, everyone greets her warmly: Mrs. Mo is good.Later, the dark and white Bai Yueguang came back, and the ex-fianc expressed affectionately: "Yoyo, only I really love you, come back to me, I don't despise you."Before Xu Youyou could answer the man's domineering embrace, her low voice was sexy and sultry: "Baby, you didn't tell him, here is the crystallization of our love." Her warm big palm pressed against her flat belly.Xu Youyou blushed, and the scumbag blushed[Brainless Mary Sue loves text after marriage | Focus on male abuse two] - Description from novelbuddy

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