MTL - Black Dragon Kingdom

MTL - Black Dragon Kingdom


The war between justice and evil has lasted for thousands of years.The evil alliance headed by the five-color dragon is retreating steadily in the war against humans.The old continent has been lost, and the five-colored dragons have retreated to the new continent to survive. The human side has won a great victory. At the point of the long sword, the evil race is defeated and defeated.Plains, mountains, seas, ice fields, underground, deserts, plateaus, forests, all the places in the world that can stand, there are human beings everywhere.Even swamps, a world where human beings cannot live at all, are decreasing day by day under the persistent policy of human beings to fill in swamps and reclaim land.In this moment of despair.In the dark swamp, three dragon eggs left behind by a certain female black dragon in order to escape slowly hatched.Ace wakes up from the darkness and learns that he is about to face a dire situation for the entire human world.Rack your brains to survive.Rainforest grafting, swamp planting, absolute militarization, exhausting all methods to farm desperately to improve combat effectiveness.In the face of the enemy, you can't be soft, your genes are deteriorating, your will is weakened, and you can eat away at every step.Hundreds of years later, the black wings covering the sky enveloped the world, and tens of millions of dark legions rushed towards the human world like a tide.With a population of tens of millions and three million soldiers, the empire is left with only a dying force, which is overwhelmed by the tide-like army of monsters.The millennium-old empire collapsed, the sculptures of heroes turned into dust, and the magnificent temple was burned.Among the ruins, the world crowned Ace.Readership (anyone can apply)828633016 - Description from novelbuddy

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