I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2264: Undercurrent Surges, Conspiracy Appears

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2264: Undercurrent Surges, Conspiracy Appears

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This was because the records of Chu Yunfan and Jian Wuchen were somewhat similar. Jian Wuchen was an expert in the way of the sword, while Chu Yunfan did not seem to be a cultivator in the way of the sword. However, in the records of the early years, there were records of Chu Yunfan’s astonishing cultivation in the way of the sword.

From all the information, one could deduce the fact that Chu Yunfan had received the inheritance of the Violet Thunder Sword Sect.

In other words, Chu Yunfan should be a master of the sword, but his performance was not very obvious.

In addition, Jian Wuchen’s lightning divine power was similar to Chu


Not to mention the fact that the time when the two appeared was related. After Jian Wuchen appeared, he killed many experts of the Destiny Sect, but no one in the Destiny Sect knew who Jian Wuchen was.

With such strength, it was impossible for no one to know about him. However, such a person that their Destiny Sect knew nothing about had appeared.

Even the ancient legacies that had been passed down since the end of the Antiquity Age didn’t know where Jian Wuchen came from, let alone the Destiny Sect.

This in itself was very strange. How could there be someone who appeared out of thin air? Even if their origin was unknown, it was unlikely that they had not entered the Prodigy Battlefield.

Even after the Destiny Sect’s inescapable search, they still couldn’t find Jian Wuchen’s whereabouts. But at that moment, Chu Yunfan appeared.

Although the martial arts displayed by the two sides were different, the aura they gave off was very similar. They were both powerful and invincible. In the eyes of the Destiny Sect, this was very suspicious.

Although they couldn’t say it out loud, even if it was just a little suspicious, it was already a reason for the Destiny Sect to kill Chu Yunfan.

It was better to kill the wrong person than to let them off!

Moreover, it wasn’t that there wasn’t any grudge between Chu Yunfan and the Destiny Sect. On the contrary, the grudge between them was extremely great!

Everyone knew that Jun Tianci had ambushed and killed Chu Yunfan. No one believed that Chu Yunfan would act as if nothing had happened.

Moreover, Chu Yunfan’s current strength was too amazing. Yesterday, he had single-handedly saved the Flying Celestials from defeat and shocked the entire Destiny Sect.

The night was silent, but the undercurrents behind it never stopped.

The strength of the Flying Celestials caused many of the plans of the Destiny Sect to fail. Although many people felt that the enmity between the current and ancient inheritances was inevitable, and it was inevitable for them to fight each other, to the Destiny Sect, as long as they protected their foundation, no matter who won or lost, they would eventually fall into the rules of Grand Xia.

As long as it was within the rules, then even an ancient legacy would become a legacy of the current era.

As long as they chose to integrate into the world, the outcome would be the same.

However, the Flying Celestials managed to hold on, but it messed up some of the Destiny Sect’s plans.

Their plans were in vain.

And the most important person was Chu Yunfan!

Any of these factors was enough to make the Destiny Sect want to eliminate Chu Yunfan.

“Regardless of whether it’s him or not, we must not let this Chu Yunfan off. Otherwise, he will become a great enemy of our sect in the future. On the contrary, Huangfu Longhao and the others are nothing. They’re just ordinary Supreme Youths!” Gongsun Hong said with an ugly expression.

In his eyes, Huangfu Longhao was nothing. He had fought with Huangfu Longhao many times. Although he was powerful, he was only an ordinary Supreme Youth, not much different from him.

However, Chu Yunfan was different. In the battle yesterday, Chu Yunfan had single-handedly destroyed seven Supreme Youths who were of similar strength to Gongsun Hong. This was what he had heard.

At that time, he felt that this was inconceivable. After all, they were seven Supreme Youths and not ordinary prodigies.

However, after seeing it today, he truly understood that the rumors yesterday were not false.

Chu Yunfan had the ability to slaughter Supreme Youths, although Gongsun Hong did not know how he cultivated to such an inhuman level.

However, it was clearly not an opponent that he could defeat.

At this moment, Gongsun Hong was somewhat glad that he did not rashly step forward. Instead, he used methods to make the others become cannon fodder.

Otherwise, King of Fire wouldn’t be the one being crushed by Chu Yunfan.

“He’s extremely dangerous right now. Once he breaks through to the Domain Stage, it’ll be difficult to find anyone in the world who can deal with him!” Gongsun Hong said coldly.

The Domain Stage was the pinnacle of cultivation in the world. Even the sect leaders of the ten great sects were only at this level.

Of course, those who had just entered the Domain Stage could not be compared to those old monsters who had cultivated for many years. However, they had already stepped into the ranks of the top in the world. If he wanted to target them again, it would be extremely difficult.

It was at least a hundred times more difficult than now!

After all, although the Divine Treasure Stage was strong, it was still manageable. However, the Domain Stage was extremely difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, it was the Domain Stage that a Supreme Youth had cultivated to. That was even more difficult.

“However, with the strength that Chu Yunfan has shown, I’m afraid that no one can fight him!” a prodigy from the Destiny Sect said in fear.

The strength that Chu Yunfan displayed frightened him. That was an existence that human strength could not compare to.

Unknowingly, even the prodigies, who were the best among the many living beings in the world, were frightened by Chu Yunfan.

Gongsun Hong glanced at this prodigy and understood what he was thinking. Killing people was not scary, even if the person he killed was a Supreme


If Chu Yunfan had killed King of Fire and Matchless Night after a great battle, then even if it was shocking, it would not have come to this.

However, Chu Yunfan had easily killed two Supreme Youths. Not to mention these prodigies, even a Supreme Youth like him was scared out of his wits.

“Divine Treasures aren’t considered strong. Once we break through to the Domain Stage, killing him will be as easy as flipping our hands!” Gongsun Hong said through gritted teeth.

He didn’t have the guts to go after Chu Yunfan now. However, once he stepped into the Domain Stage, everything would be different. Chu Yunfan!s current advantage would disappear.

“Let’s wait a little longer. We must break through to the Domain Stage before he does. Before that, we can’t let him break through to the Domain Stage. We must think of a way to disrupt his cultivation!” Gongsun Hong thought of something, and he smiled coldly..

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