I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2263: Destiny Sect’s Suspicion

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2263: Destiny Sect’s Suspicion

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The Flying Celestials’ hope was on Chu Yunfan. If it was in another era, any one of them could bear the hope of the Flying Celestials rising to power and even become the sect master of the Flying Celestials.

It might even be possible for any one of them to become a king in the future,

However, in this Golden Era, top-notch geniuses were everywhere. In an era where ordinary geniuses were inferior to dogs, only Supreme Youths could stand out.

And Chu Yunfan was clearly one of the best among the Supreme Youths.

“However, your strength has probably attracted their attention. If I’m not wrong, they will think of ways to target yoruyou in the ancient battlefield. You have to be careful, Junior Chu!” Huangfu Longhao said.

“What are you afraid of? Those people aren’t strong enough for Senior Chu. He can crush them with one hand!” Chu Hongcai said.

At this moment, his face was still filled with excitement. He was even happier than he had won.

Tang Siyu, who was standing at the side, also had a smile on her face. It was obvious that she did not take Huangfu Longhao’s words to heart.

She had known Chu Yunfan for far too long, so she knew what kind of person he was. He was extremely daring, and there was nothing he didn’t dare to do. All the powerful enemies he had killed were once famous and were considered far more powerful than Chu Yunfan.

However, in the end, they lost to Chu Yunfan and became a member of the white bone road under his feet.

“It’s fine. Do you think 1 don’t know what they’re thinking? They definitely won’t dare to act rashly now. All they can think of is to wait until they break through to the Domain Stage before finding trouble with me!” Chu Yunfan grinned.

These Supreme Youths had not said a word when Chu Yunfan had interrogated them, but that did not mean that they had submitted to him. Chu Yunfan could see what they were thinking. They simply felt that Chu Yunfan must have had some fortuitous encounter to be so powerful in the Divine Treasure Stage.

Chu Yunfan was the strongest in the Divine Treasure Stage. However, once they broke through the Divine Treasure Stage and entered the Domain Stage, Chu Yunfan would be nothing.

The difference in strength between the two sides, which was originally like the difference between Heaven and Earth, would quickly be narrowed.

In the Divine Treasure Stage, it could be said that there was no one in history who could condense 1,000 laws.

However, 1,000 laws was only the lowest level in the Domain Stage. That was the basic operation.

At that time, Chu Yunfan would no longer be mysterious. With their talent, even if they were ordinary top geniuses, once they crossed the threshold of the Domain Stage, it would not be as simple as just 1,000 laws.

It was even normal to condense 2,000 or 3,000 laws in one breath, not to mention a Supreme Youth. Once they broke through, they would probably start with 3,000 laws.

At that time, Chu Yunfan, who only had 1,000 laws, would not be in their eyes.

They could then find an opportunity to kill Chu Yunfan.

The first to laugh might not have the last. The person who laughed last was the one who laughed the best.

However, since Chu Yunfan knew what they were thinking, how could he let them have their way? He wasn’t like what those people had guessed, that he had something else to be so powerful in the Divine Treasure Stage.

He was invincible in every level. Not to mention the Divine Treasure Stage, he could easily defeat a group of Supreme Youths of other levels.

It was just that Chu Yunfan’s strength was too unbelievable, so even they did not dare to think about it.

“You are indeed impressive to be able to condense 1,000 laws in the Divine

Treasure Stage, Junior Chu. However, it’s nothing in front of a Domainian!” Huangfu Longhao said, “When the time comes, you have to be careful of their siege!’

“Don’t worry, Senior Huangfu. Since I know what they’re thinking, how could I let them have their way?” Chu Yunfan nodded. “Besides, it’s uncertain who will reach the Domain Stage first. If they want to kill me, they’ll have to see if they have the ability to do so!”

Thinking about breaking through to the Domain Stage, even Chu Yunfan felt a little excited. This was because Domainians had a completely different status in the current world.

Once he broke through, with his deep foundation, Chu Yunfan would definitely become one of the best Domainians.

At that time, he would be equivalent to one of the best in the world.

Other than a few emperors who didn’t even know if they existed, he was already a top figure in the world. He could do whatever he wanted.

It could be said that at that time, even if he were to become enemies with the world, he would not be afraid.

At the same time, in the distance, in the Destiny Sect camp, the blue-robed young man’s expression was extremely ugly. It was not only because he had

been humiliated by Chu Yunfan, but also because he had seen Chu Yunfan’s current strength.

Chu Yunfan was clearly the best in the Divine Treasure Stage!

At this moment, he was even a little glad that he did not act on impulse. Instead, he let Matchless Night and King of Fire act as his chess pieces to test

Chu Yunfan’s strength.

Otherwise, he would have died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.

He believed that his strength was above King of Fire and Matchless Night, but it was only a thin line. How could there be such a huge difference?

This meant that the gap between him and Chu Yunfan was about the same.

At this moment, a top prodigy from the Destiny Sect said with an ugly expression, “Senior Gongsun, we previously speculated that Chu Yunfan and Jian Wuchen were very likely to be the same person. Now, it seems that the possibility is even greater!”

Gongsun Hongs expression turned even more unsightly. During this time, the Destiny Sect had never given up on searching for Jian Wuchen. After all, he had killed two Supreme Youths of the Destiny Sect and even more top-notch prodigies. This had caused the entire Destiny Sect to feel a deep pain in their hearts. How could they let this matter rest?

If it were any other sect, such a loss would be enough to cause a great loss to the strength of a top ten sect-level force.

Even with Destiny Sect’s strength, they found it difficult to bear such a price.

But who knew that even if they invited a mysterious senior from an archaic prediction sect to deduce the secrets, they could not find Jian Wuchen’s whereabouts. It was as if such a person had never existed.

The world had been deceived!

In fact, the person who had stunned the Mysteries Pavilion might even be stronger than the big shots of their organization.

Without the divination of the Mysteries Pavilion, it would be much more difficult for them to find someone. Even with their strength, it was impossible for the Destiny Sect to cover the sky with one hand.

At this moment, the information about Chu Yunfan was sent over to the Destiny Sect, and it made them realize that something was wrong..

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