I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2236 - : The Might of Supreme Youths

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2236 - : The Might of Supreme Youths

Chapter 2236: The Might of Supreme Youths

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Only now did everyone truly realize how terrifying an ancient Supreme Youth was.

If it was said that prodigies only shone for a moment in a certain era, then the top prodigies were existences that dominated the top in this era without Supreme Youths around.

However, once a Supreme Youth appeared, they would be a terrifying figure who could suppress several eras.

Regardless of whether they were born earlier or later than them, under the divine might of the Supreme Youth, everyone had to submit.

A Supreme Youth was born blessed and different from others. To them, cultivation was as simple as eating and drinking. The same tempering allowed them to gain ten times more comprehension than ordinary top-notch geniuses.

As long as they didn’t die prematurely, they could at least be conferred the title of king. They could even peek into the Heavenly Dao and become emperors, becoming rulers for a long time.

It was just that there were too few Supreme Youths appearing, so few that many people simply did not understand how terrifying these Supreme Youths were.

Even many disciples of the Flying Celestials did not understand why the entire Flying Celestials placed all their hopes on Huangfu Longhao. It was because he was indeed qualified and capable.

“So strong. Is this a Supreme Youth? Compared to the Supreme Youth, what are ordinary people like us?” an expert said dejectedly. He was already an old monster and could be considered very famous in the current world. However, let alone Huangfu Longhao, even ordinary prodigies were not something he could compare to.

For ordinary prodigies, the Divine Treasure Stage was not their final destination. It was just the beginning of their cultivation. However, for him, he had already cultivated to the extreme and could not advance any further.

It took several years to condense a single law. Originally, he was very satisfied with such a position. Other than the top masters such as the Human King and the Elder Princess, and some old monsters among the Grand Elders of the top ten sects, he was already at the top.

He was usually awe-inspiring and was the ancestor of a sect.

However, after the Prodigy Battlefield appeared, everything changed. Rarely seen emperor physique possesser suddenly appeared beside them like wild grass.

When he saw the Supreme Youth make a move, he truly had a feeling. Previously, he felt good about himself, but in reality, it was just that there was no tiger in the mountain, and the monkey called itself king.

“Hold him back and wait for the lords to arrive!”

At this moment, the other nine people had already made their decisions. They could no longer fight on their own.

Originally, they belonged to different factions and each of them had their own ulterior motives. However, they now knew that they had no choice but to join forces under Huangfu Longhao’s deterrence.

“Join hands? Is it useful?” Huangfu Longhao smiled coldly. “What do you think a Supreme Youth is?”

The difference between king and emperor physiques was like the difference between heaven and earth.


Huangfu Longhao stomped with his foot. Instantly, everyone felt as if he had stomped on their hearts, causing their breathing and rhythm to become chaotic.

Just as they were stunned, Huangfu Longhao attacked. His figure was like lightning as a sword appeared in his hand.

In the next moment, he appeared in front of a top-notch prodigy and slashed down with his sword.

This top-notch prodigy did not even have time to react. The protective energy shield around him was easily cut apart like a hot knife cutting through butter.


This top-notch prodigy’s entire body was split into two halves and he died immediately. The laws in him erupted, causing a huge explosion.

It was in this short time that the other top geniuses reacted. The eight of them joined forces to form a large array. It was only a simple array, but in their hands, it erupted with a power that no one dared to underestimate. In an instant, it blocked Huangfu Longhao.

“Petty tricks! ”

Huangfu Longhao didn’t even look at it. He stabbed his sword into the array and instantly cut it apart.


These eight geniuses retreated one after another, and in an instant, they spat out blood. Their entire bodies screamed continuously. The grand array had been broken, and they naturally suffered a backlash.

Huangfu Longhao seized this opportunity and attacked continuously. After a few flashes, another four geniuses died at his hands and were split into two halves.

Huangfu Longhao’s attack did not have any technical content. It was not some shocking divine power martial art. It was just a simple attack, but it possessed great power.

This was to simplify the complex and comprehend martial arts to an extreme realm. It was nothing more than speed, accuracy, and ruthlessness.

The remaining four people’s attacks finally arrived. However, when their attacks landed on Huangfu Longhao’s body, a golden ancient bell flickered on Huangfu Longhao’s body, protecting him within.

When those attacks touched the ancient bell, they all turned into nothingness and dissipated into smoke, scattering in all directions like a rain of light.

Seeing this, the few of them finally understood how big the gap between them and a Supreme Youth was. There was simply no way to make up for it.

However, how could Huangfu Longhao let them go? Since he had the killing intent, there was no possibility of him stopping.

Huangfu Longhao transformed into a streak of light and chased after them. In just a moment, he had killed the remaining four people.

Blood flowed from the huge ring. In just a moment, it completely disappeared from the ring as if it had never existed.

Under the blazing sun, everyone was stunned. They looked at the scene in front of them in a daze. It was simply like a legend.

The ten top-notch prodigies who had beaten everyone to the brink of despair as if they were the revival of an archaic demonic god had been killed by Huangfu Longhao singlehandedly.

This was not a battle at all, but a one-sided massacre.

“They couldn’t even block it for a moment. Is this the legendary Supreme


“That’s right. This is the legendary Supreme Youth. He’s invincible and dominates his peers. Finally, he became an emperor!”

“A top genius has a top emperor physique. Facing a Supreme Youth is terrifying! ‘

“Just how many laws has Huangfu Longhao condensed? It’s too frightening!’

Many people were discussing animatedly. They had all been killed by Huangfu Longhao alone. Only now did some people understand why people had always said that the key to this battle was the Supreme Youths.

If he wasn’t even a Supreme Youth, then he was simply insignificant in this battle.

The disciples of the Flying Celestials revealed excited expressions. At this moment, Huangfu Longhao was like an invincible god in their eyes.


Suddenly, at this moment, the sound of footsteps came from the sky..

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