I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2235 - : Just One Move


Chapter 2235: Just One Move

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The square-faced young man shouted in the direction of the Flying Celestials. His eyes immediately became solemn, and his expression was no longer as calm as before.

“How dare you act so impudently in my Flying Celestials! ”

Suddenly, at this moment, a figure appeared to be slow but was actually fast. In an instant, he had already arrived in the ring.

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that it was none other than Huangfu Longhao.

“Senior Huangfu is here!”

The morale of the Flying Celestial disciples was boosted. Everyone knew that Huangfu Longhao was probably the number one disciple of the Flying Celestials.

Although Chu Yunfan had a great reputation and was known as the number one disciple of the current era, in the eyes of many people, he was only the number one of the current era. He could not be counted as an ancient prodigy like Huangfu Longhao.

The situation just now had left many of the Flying Celestial disciples in despair.

However, they had no way to interfere. This concerned the life and death of the Flying Celestials, as well as their own lives. However, their lives were in the hands of others.

Now, a savior had finally arrived. Huangfu Longhao’s strength was naturally above Sima Longyun’s.

“It’s you!” The square-faced young man looked at Huangfu Longhao with a solemn expression, but he was not surprised.

Since they had come to challenge the Flying Celestials, they naturally had to be prepared. Everyone knew that if they wanted to defeat the Flying Celestials and seize their foundation. the first person they had to deal with was none other than Huangfu Longhao.

Huangfu Longhao was known as the number one disciple of the Flying Celestials. His cultivation base was unfathomable. Even many grand elders were not his match.

“That’s right, it’s me!”

Huangfu Longhao’s appearance immediately made the entire battlefield clear. The dozens of ancient prodigies of the Flying Celestials broke away from their opponents and came behind Huangfu Longhao.

Although they were in a sorry state, their lives were not in danger. This was because the ancient prodigies of the ancient powers had already decided on a strategy. They clearly wanted to kill Sima Longyun first, then free up their hands to kill all these ancient prodigies of the Flying Celestials.

However, they didn’t expect Huangfu Longhao to come so quickly and save Sima Longyun at the critical moment.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t able to stop them, sir!” Sima Longyun looked at Huangfu Longhao with guilt.

Although he was unyielding, he admired and acknowledged Huangfu Longhao from the bottom of his heart. He naturally regarded Huangfu Longhao as the only hope for the Flying Celestials to rise.

“It’s fine. You’ve done very well. They’re just bullying you with numbers!” Huangfu Longhao waved.

Following that, Huangfu Longhao!s gaze swept toward the ten terrifying top-notch prodigies. Any one of them could sweep away an ordinary prodigy. In their bodies, they had condensed at least 200 laws, and their strength had reached a peak.

However, Huangfu Longhao’s expression did not look serious at all. On the contrary, he was a little relaxed. He said, “Why is it just the few of you? Do you think that the few of you can topple the Flying Celestials?” It’s better to find some more people. Just the few of you isn’t enough for me to kill!”

“Huangfu Longhao, aren’t you a little too arrogant? Who do you think you are? The gods in the sky? Even if it’s the gods in the sky, I’ll kill them for you to see!” The square-faced young man was infuriated by Huangfu Longhao’s frivolous attitude, Huangfu Longhao’s words clearly showed that he looked down on them. He thought that even if the ten of them joined forces, it would be useless.

“In front of me, your numbers are useless!” Huangfu Longhao’s gaze was deep as he looked into the distance. “Still not ????????? to come out? Then I’ll kill these people until you appear!’

Although Huangfu Longhao was in front of them, he did not take these top prodigies seriously. Immediately, these top prodigies were furious.

“Huangfu Longhao, I want to see how powerful the famous Flying Celestial

Alliance is! ”

The square-faced young man shouted. All the divine power in his body was mobilized, and the laws of the five elements turned into a terrifying wheel around him.

“Five Elements Wheel!”

With a loud shout, he punched out, and the five elements law wheel smashed down fiercely toward Huangfu Longhao.


The entire sky shook violently as if it was about to collapse in an instant. Then, everyone saw the five-element laws on Huangfu Longhao’s body.

“Senior Huangfu!”

Countless disciples of the Flying Celestials exclaimed.

Although many people were not interested in the ancient prodigies, Huangfu Longhao’s boldness and magnanimity allowed him to gain a lot of fans in the Flying Celestials in a short time.

Now that they saw Huangfu Longhao allowing his opponent’s attack to land on his body, they immediately turned pale with fright. There was no doubt about how terrifying the square-faced youth’s attack was. With just one palm, he had almost killed Sima Longyun.

However, before they could finish their words, Huangfu Longhao roared in the next moment. The Five Elements Wheel that enveloped him shattered inch by inch in front of everyone.

The terrifying scene left everyone dumbstruck, especially the square-faced young man.

He was scared out of his wits because he knew very well that he did not hold back in that attack just now. Who would have thought that Huangfu Longhao would break his attack with just a shout?

Then, he saw Huangfu Longhao conjure a seal. Countless spirit energy crazily condensed above his head, turning into a huge seal that spun. It was the Flying Celestial Palm Strike.

In the next moment, the Flying Celestial Palm Strike slammed down. The square-faced young man didn’t even have time to react before he was hit.


His head exploded like a watermelon, and endless blood and brain matter burst out.

In an instant, the peerless prodigy of Elements had died at Huangfu Longhao’s hands.

“Can’t even withstand a single blow!” Huangfu Longhao sneered and looked at the other nine people.

The remaining nine people instantly felt a chill run down their backs as if they had seen a ghost.

“This is a Supreme Youth?”

These nine people only felt despair. Of course, they knew the power of a

Supreme Youth. In the Flying Celestial, the hierarchy was strict and clear.

However, they had thought that after entering the Divine Treasure Stage, they had cultivated 200 laws in one go and should have already caught up to or even surpassed those Supreme Youths.

Who would have thought that the gap between the two sides did not shrink, but instead widened?

Huangfu Longhao was able to easily kill a top prodigy of the Elements who was at the same cultivation level as him.

And he had done it in just one move!

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