I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2230 - : Who Gave You the Courage?

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2230 - : Who Gave You the Courage?

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“Petty tricks. The Flying Celestial Palm Strike is nothing more than this!” Gu Haoyue didn’t even bother to look at him. He only slapped him.


The terrifying attack spread out in all directions. Everyone saw Gu Haoyue’s palm strike disperse the attack of the middle-aged Flying Celestial disciple.

The slap did not slow down and landed directly on the disciple.

The disciple let out a blood-curdling scream and was instantly sent flying. He was heavily injured in an instant, and countless bones in his body were broken.

In an instant, the victor was decided.

“Hiss, how is he so terrifying?” Some people took in a breath of cold air. They felt their hair stand on end and their backs turn cold as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Although they knew that Gu Haoyue’s strength should be quite astonishing.

However, no one had expected him to be so terrifying. With just a casual blow, he had beaten an expert who had entered the Divine Treasure Stage into a state of death.

“What is his cultivation level? Could it be that he has already surpassed the Divine Treasure Stage?” someone asked.

“Not yet. He should have just stepped into the Divine Treasure Stage, and he’s not much better than the person he severely injured before. However, although their level is similar, the difference in strength is like heaven and earth. The difference between an ordinary prodigy and a top-notch prodigy is like the difference between heaven and earth!”

“Normal prodigies might not even have emperor physiques, but top prodigies are the cream of the crop. The difference between them is obvious!”

At this moment, the Divine Treasures hidden in the crowd couldn’t help but speak up. Gu Haoyue’s strength was terrifying to them.

They never imagined that it would be so terrifying.

At this moment, everyone was in an uproar. The Flying Celestials were even more furious. There were naturally people among them who could defeat Gu

Haoyue, but they couldn’t make a move. Otherwise, it would be too obvious if they were bullying the weak. This would break the agreement between the two sides and be equivalent to admitting defeat.

“Gu Haoyue, don’t be so arrogant! You’ve only just cultivated to the Divine

Treasure Stage. How dare you act so presumptuously in the Flying Celestials!”

At that moment, a saber light swept across the sky and headed straight for Gu Haoyue.

This slash was fast!

In the blink of an eye, it had already swept toward Gu Haoyue. This saber slashed at Gu Haoyue’s shoulder and then cut off one of his arms right then and there.

Blood was dripping.

Gu Haoyue hurriedly retreated. His eyes flickered with disbelief. He had not expected that he would be taught a lesson so soon after he had suppressed the entire Flying Celestials with his awe-inspiring might.

Everyone was shocked. Everything happened too quickly. In the next moment, they saw a figure flying out of the Flying Celestials and arriving before Gu Haoyue in an instant.

It was a figure with an imposing appearance. When everyone focused their eyes, they saw that it was the deputy alliance leader of the Flying Celestial Alliance, Sima Longyun.

It was he who had injured Gu Haoyue severely with just one move and knocked him off the pedestal.

“Sima Longyun!” Gu Haoyue was so angry that his lungs were about to explode when he saw who had attacked. He shouted, “You dare to hurt me?!”

“So what if I hurt you? I’m going to kill you today!” Sima Longyun looked coldly at Gu Haoyue. He was no stranger to Gu Haoyue. He had seen him before on the battlefield of the prodigies.

“Ahhhh, I’m going to kill you!” Gu Haoyue shouted.

His entire body seemed to have turned into a ball of flames as he threw a punch at Gu Haoyue.

“Did you just say that the Flying Celestial Palm Strike is only so-so?” Sima Longyun threw out a huge seal. It was the Flying Celestial Palm Strike.

However, compared to the middle-aged Flying Celestial disciple from before, Sima Longyun’s Flying Celestial Palm Strike was much more terrifying.

After Sima Longyun cast the Flying Celestial Palm Strike, he slapped Gu Haoyue into the ground of the ring.

Gu Haoyue screamed in pain. He was about to go mad from anger. When had he ever suffered such humiliation? In his era, he was invincible. There was no one in the younger generation who could match him.

Even on the battlefield, he was a Major Arcane being, one of the few top beings in the world.

But now, he was slapped to the ground by Sima Longyun’s Flying Celestial Palm Strike. One could imagine the rage in his heart.

“Sima Longyun, you’ve only cultivated a few more years than me. If my cultivation years were similar to yours, I definitely wouldn’t lose to you!’

Gu Haoyue struggled to get up, but he was smashed to the ground by Sima Longyun!s Flying Celestial Palm Strike.

Gu Haoyue had lost count of how many bones in his body had exploded. The power of Sima Longyun’s every attack was like a divine mountain smashing into him. It was truly terrifying to the extreme.

“So what? Haven’t you bullied anyone with your cultivation years and aptitude? The strong prey on the weak. This is a matter of course. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous that you’re talking to me about your cultivation year?” Sima Longyun swept him a glance, then casually threw out another Flying Celestial Palm Strike and smashed him onto the ring floor.

However, even after enduring such an attack, the ring did not tremble. One could imagine how high the quality was.

At this moment, everyone could see that Sima Longyun’s strength was far above Gu Haoyue’s. Right now, he was only humiliating Gu Haoyue to take revenge for the humiliation Gu Haoyue had brought to the Flying Celestials.

No one felt anything strange about it, because Gu Haoyue’s arrogance and despotism had been witnessed by everyone. Humiliating a sect was as serious as killing one’s parents, so Sima Longyun’s reaction was very normal.

“Sima Longyun, you bullied me. Someone will definitely come and take care of you!” Gu Haoyue roared.

“Then let them come!” Sima Longyun stomped Gu Haoyue’s head onto the ring floor with a loud bang.

“Do you think you’re qualified to be arrogant here? You’ve only condensed one law. Who gave you the courage?” Sima Longyun said with a cold smile, “Although you’re nothing much, I can use your head to tell those scoundrels that this is the Flying Celestials, not a place where you scumbags can be impudent! ”

In the blink of an eye, Sima Longyun seemed to have grown tired of it, and a shocking blade light flashed. This arrogant and lawless Gu Haoyue was beheaded.

Fresh blood splattered out and splattered all across the ring.

Everyone held their breaths and were almost scared to death. Sima Longyun was truly too powerful.

Even the current disciples were impressed..

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