I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2229 - : A Prodigy Arrives at the Doorstep

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2229 - : A Prodigy Arrives at the Doorstep

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However, there were still many smart people in the world. Soon, many people figured out the reason behind this. Whether it was the Human King, the Elder Princess, or the many masters of the current era, they did not have an overwhelming advantage when facing these ancient masters who had returned.

To not destroy the world, they had no choice but to choose this method.

Many sects in the Central Plains had received the letter of challenge, and for a time, the world was in an uproar.

Countless people were watching from afar outside the gates of the sects that had received the challenge. Today’s battle would determine whether the various sects could protect their own sects.

Especially outside the top ten forces, there was a sea of people. They were hiding in the dark and did not show themselves.

Everyone knew that with the strength and foundation of the ten great forces, the vast majority of the top prodigies in the world came from these ten great forces.

Since it was decided by the younger generation, then the ten great forces were still the best among them.

World- shaking battles were bound to happen here.

At the same time, it would also force out the foundations of the various large factions. They would only be rumors and had never seen the top prodigies before. They would even be legendary Supreme Youths.

Each of them was enough to shake the entire world.

Many people had never seen a prodigy in their lives, let alone a Supreme

Youth. In many people’s eyes, this was an opportunity to see those Supreme Youths up close.

Outside the mountain gate of the Flying Celestials, a loud bang suddenly sounded. The barrier above the mountain gate of the Flying Celestials began to shake crazily, and an incomparably huge stage descended from the sky to the north of the Flying Celestials.

“What should have come has come!”

An ancient voice from the Flying Celestials sighed.

At this moment, tens of thousands of figures rose up from the Flying Celestials and headed north. Although not everyone was qualified to participate in this battle, everyone knew that this was the key to whether the Flying Celestials could protect this ancestral foundation.

Behind this figure, a figure shrouded in golden light strode over. A terrifying

pressure raged out. Wherever it passed, the experts hidden in the void could not help but want to kneel down. Some even knelt down involuntarily.

“Who’s that? How is he so terrifying?” a Major Arcane exclaimed.

An expert like him was the top combat strength of a first-rate sect. However, when facing this figure, he was completely not a match.

It was almost impossible for him to have any thoughts of resistance just by relying on his aura.

“The Divine Treasure Stage! It must be a Divine Treasure! There’s no way a Major Arcane would have such power!” someone exclaimed, “Has someone in the younger generation cultivated to the Divine Treasure Stage? How many years had they cultivated? As expected of a peerless expert selected from the river of time over countless years!”

“Even an ordinary Divine Treasure wouldn’t be so terrifying. At the very least, he must be a Divine Treasure cultivated by a top prodigy!’

An old monster of the Divine Treasure Stage in the crowd looked at the figure wrapped in golden light before him, and he almost couldn’t breathe.

They were both in the Divine Treasure Stage, but he could feel how terrifying the figure in front of him was.

“He’s here. Clearly, he’s a prodigy from ancient times. He’s here to challenge


Someone revealed the purpose of this figure.

At this moment, this figure arrived on the stage. His face was handsome and resolute, and his figure was tall and straight. He was like a spear that soared into the sky. His figure was majestic, and his entire body was wrapped in golden light. He looked very terrifying.

“Where are the representatives of the Flying Celestials? Come out and fight. If you don’t, I’ll take it that you’ve conceded!”

This figure was extremely cold and powerful. Just the aura he emitted made people feel as if the sky was collapsing.

His gaze swept into the interior of the Flying Celestials. Although it was isolated by the barrier of the Flying Celestials, he still had a domineering aura.

However, there were many Flying Celestial disciples present, but none of them dared to go out to fight. No one dared to go out to fight. If they weren’t in the Divine Treasure Stage, they would be courting death.

The Divine Treasure Stage was the top of the world. Even in the Flying Celestials, only some old monsters in the grand elder group had reached this stage.

However, this was a battle between the younger disciples. They could not interfere. Once they did, it would be equivalent to wasting all their previous efforts.

“No one will come to fight? How laughable! The Flying Celestials has such a great reputation, but it seems that you’ve been a monkey claiming to be king when there’s no tiger in the mountain. In this modern era, how could a weak sect like you occupy this territory? It’s simply wishful thinking!’

The person burst into laughter. He felt that it was ridiculous and laughed at the Flying Celestials without any restraint.

Everyone in the Flying Celestials was burning with rage, but no one dared to go out. Just by hiding in the barrier of the Flying Celestials, they could feel the terror of such an expert. If they stood out, the consequences were obvious.

Everyone’s expressions turned extremely ugly.

“Our sect’s experts will be here soon. You don’t have to be so arrogant and despotic. How dare you humiliate our sect. Be careful that you won’t be able to walk out of here today!’

At this moment, an elder from the Flying Celestials said.

“Hahahaha, it’s good that you don’t dare to accept the challenge!’ This expert obviously didn’t put the Flying Celestials in his eyes.

“Let’s end this quickly. Today, l, Gu Haoyue, want the Flying Celestials’ foundation!”

His voice was like a blade, piercing into the hearts of the Flying Celestial disciples. Many of them were shocked. This expert named Gu Haoyue was clearly here to cause trouble. He had no intention of letting things rest.

He continuously provoked the Flying Celestials to attack!

After waiting for a while, there was still no one from the Flying Celestials. Gu Haoyue only sneered and said, “How boring. There isn’t even a single person with guts.”

“How arrogant! ”

At this moment, someone from the Flying Celestials, who was burning with rage, finally couldn’t hold it in any longer and flew out. It was a middle-aged man wearing a moon-white robe.

“It’s him! I’ve seen him before. He’s a famous prodigy from the Flying Celestials three hundred years ago. I’ve never heard of him recently. I didn’t expect to see him here!”

Everyone reacted one after another. The person who attacked was a young prodigy of the Flying Celestials. Now, as time passed, he became even more terrifying.

“Flying Celestial Palm Strike!”

In an instant, the middle-aged Flying Celestial disciple produced a gigantic palm. This palm descended from the sky and enveloped Gu Haoyue.

A majestic aura spread out in all directions..

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