Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students - C.113


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For this team-building event, Shen Wei gave the kindergarten staff two days off. On the first day, everyone had a barbecue.

On the second day, just as Shen Wei woke up, she found her WeChat had exploded.

For a moment, she thought Shen Qingqing or the Noble Kindergarten had pulled some stunt again.

But when she opened it, she discovered that Teacher Tang and Doorman Li Yi had officially announced their marriage registration.

The group chat was all about confirming this news, mainly because it had been kept so secret before.

Shen Wei and Gu Qingyan had vaguely guessed earlier, but the others hadn't heard a whisper.

Everyone was discussing when these two got together.

How they just got married.

Teacher Tang said, "After spending some time together, I felt he was quite a reliable person."

Li Yi was busy sending red packets in the group chat. He was too happy for words!

On Shen Wei's phone, there were messages from Liu Chef, education experts, and Doctor Lu.

Teacher Tang's news was even more explosive than Gu Qingyan pursuing Shen Wei.

The key was, even though Gu Qingyan's pursuit of Shen Wei was a bit slow, at least you could see it coming.

But with Teacher Tang, there really wasn't the slightest hint.

However, everyone was extremely happy.

This was the biggest joy for the kindergarten this year.

Shen Wei dialed Doctor Lu's number.

Doctor Lu answered instantly: "Heavens! You finally replied. I've been grilling them for ages!"

Doctor Lu was particularly shaken by this news. He's naturally a gossip lover, and Li Yi lives right next door to him. Not noticing anything for so long felt like a belief crumbling.

Doctor Lu rambled on, all dissatisfaction towards the couple.

Such big news, and they kept it from him. It's too much!

While they were chatting, Liu Chef also sent a WeChat message to Shen Wei.

Shen Wei said she'd briefly talk to Doctor Lu and then pick up Liu Chef's call.

Liu Chef said, "This is fantastic news! I think there's no need for an outside banquet. My senior and I will handle the wedding feast!"

They also discussed some details, like wanting to send them some wedding gifts.

Liu Chef didn't know what to give, as older people usually prefer more practical things. He decided on a gold necklace and a men's pixiu bracelet, as congratulatory gifts.

Shen Wei paid in full for a car worth over 300,000 yuan at the 4S store.

Teacher Tang can drive.

She always had a car worth tens of thousands for commuting, but it was a bit old. This new model has many brand-new features.

When Shen Wei arrived at the kindergarten, the old colleagues had come to interrogate them.

The newlyweds had bought a lot of wedding candy, distributing it to everyone.

Teacher Tang smiled with eyes full of tenderness.

The usually cold and icy doorman now also had a hint of a smile. Faced with everyone's questioning, he glanced at Teacher Tang.

They were completely in a lovey-dovey state.

Everyone could see that both were very satisfied with this relationship.

Teacher Tang explained, "It's not that I hid it from you. I just didn't know if we could make it to the end."

As an excellent teacher at Starry Sky Kindergarten, who could have imagined that in this relationship, she was the one who took the initiative.

Li Yi is nearly 10 years older than her and has a disability.

You could say Teacher Tang choosing him is marrying down. Because of this, Li Yi initially refused.

But with Teacher Tang being so proactive, there's a natural attraction between men and women.

Who could resist such temptation?

So they really got together.

After being together, Teacher Tang increasingly felt that Li Yi was clear-headed and upright, much better than her ex-boyfriend.

Those so-called gaps didn't matter anymore.

She knew what kind of life she wanted.

Everyone gradually presented their wedding gifts.

Some gave things, some gave red packets.

Working here, they're all quite well-off. When it comes to gift-giving, they're not stingy at all.

Moreover, Teacher Tang has a gentle personality, and many people like her.

Shen Wei directly handed over a set of car keys to Teacher Tang, saying, "I'll accompany you to transfer the ownership later. This is a new car, consider it your wedding gift."

Teacher Tang is the pillar of the kindergarten.

You could say that since Teacher Tang came, she set the tone for the entire Starry Sky Kindergarten.

Teacher Tang is truly a teacher who loves children, with an excellent reputation among parents.

And for the first time they were able to attract students, Teacher Tang also established great merits.

Shen Wei is very grateful to Teacher Tang.

Everyone thought Shen Wei was generous, but Teacher Tang's eyes reddened.

"I won't accept it. It's too expensive!"

They already knew Shen Wei was very kind before.

Whether it's towards her subordinate staff or salary benefits, it far exceeds other places by a large margin.

Getting married was their own choice. They couldn't let Shen Wei subsidize so much.

They resolutely refused. Shen Wei said, "Just accept it since I'm giving it to you." She persuaded her repeatedly.

Finally, Teacher Tang accepted the car.

Teacher Tang had completely cut ties with her parents, much like Li Yi in this aspect.

Previously, because of her ex-boyfriend, she had a falling out with her family.

She didn't understand why her parents sided with her scumbag ex-boyfriend.

After the falling out, her parents repeatedly mocked her to outsiders for not getting married, saying her brain was broken.

For her wedding, Teacher Tang invited all the staff from Starry Sky Kindergarten.

She truly considered Starry Sky Kindergarten her home. 𝓯𝑟𝓮ℯ𝘸ℯ𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷ℯ𝓵.𝘤𝑜𝑚

The two didn't have a wedding ceremony and didn't plan to hold one.

They just wanted to drink and chat with everyone here.

It made her feel incredibly comfortable.

When Teacher Tang raised her wine glass, she said emotionally, "My greatest fortune is joining this place."

Everyone applauded excitedly.

Doctor Lu said, "You better not bully her! If you bully her, I'll definitely deal with you!"

After saying that, he glanced at Li Yi's build and said, "Even if I can't beat you, I have to make my stance clear."

Don't underestimate the doorman because of his disability. Before retiring, he was an elite soldier.

Dealing with a few people like Doctor Lu would be too easy for him.

Li Yi said, "Don't worry, I'll definitely treat her well."

He never thought he'd get married in this life. It's a blessing from heaven.