Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students - C.112


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Everyone was eating and drinking merrily.

They started praising the kindergarten, complimenting Shen Wei to the point of embarrassment.

Shen Wei got up and left that area. She worried that as the boss, if she stayed there too long, her employees would have to keep up their "business-like" demeanor.

She went to stroll around the side,

The vegetable garden nearby was taking shape, and in another week of construction, they could start laying the soil.

They bought all their soil from the mountain.

It could be fertilized to nourish the land.

Shen Wei stood lost in thought in a quiet corner of the kindergarten.

Before, the system would just assign her tasks.

But in the process, she truly fell in love with this kindergarten. Every staff member here was personally invited by her. Now, having such a large scale, she felt a great sense of achievement.

Suddenly, she heard a clear voice from behind: "Why aren't you eating?"

Shen Wei turned around and saw it was Gu Qingyan.

Shen Wei said, "I'm full."

The others were still eating. Ever since Chef Chen and Liu Chef arrived, the barbecue had become delicious. After slicing and mixing, the flavors were even more savory.

Even those who weren't hungry could eat a lot.

The group of adults, ravenous like children, made Shen Wei want to laugh.

Gu Qingyan said, "I'm full too!"

His words were pure deception. Men generally have bigger appetites, especially with the taste improved by the two chefs. The aroma was tantalizing.

Seeing him there, Shen Wei walked with him, having an idle chat: "How do you feel being here?"

Gu Qingyan said, "I really love the kindergarten."

After a pause, he added, "Oh, right, I have a gift I want to give you!" As he spoke, his face started to redden.

Shen Wei: "Ah?"

Gu Qingyan said shyly, "Wait a moment, I'll be right back." 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

They didn't notice at all that their entire conversation was witnessed by Doctor Lu.

Doctor Lu used to have a cool, scholarly vibe.

But after spending so much time with children at the kindergarten, his inner passion for gossip and surfing had been ignited.

Now, hearing such juicy news, he covered his mouth, eyes brimming with excitement.

He immediately returned to the barbecue group and said, "Hey, hey, big news. Gu Qingyan might confess to Shen Wei."

"Really?" Liu Chef said.

"Could it be fake!"

Everyone present had the expression of eager gossip-seekers.

They all understood why someone of Gu Qingyan's status came to their kindergarten.

Moreover, his eagerness to please Shen Wei's parents was too obvious.

Every time Gu Qingyan faced Shen Wei, he was both shy and excited.

Everyone was betting on when he would finally confess.

Hearing such big news during their break, everyone's gossip blood started boiling.

Then, following Doctor Lu, they quietly went to a first-floor classroom.

They could see the couple's meeting spot through one window.

Plus, the wall here was thin.

Both windows were open.

They could clearly see what each one was saying.

Sure enough, when they returned, Gu Qingyan gave her a small box.

Everyone was guessing what was inside.

Gu Qingyan was nervous the whole time, completely unaware that just a wall away, many of his kindergarten colleagues were secretly ambushed.

Pairs of eyes were fixed intently, and those near the windows were straining their ears.

Liu Chef teased them for being too gossipy but also joined in.

Soon, they heard Gu Qingyan tell Shen Wei: "These are our childhood photos. It's not the first time I've met you; I knew you when we were little."

The photo showed two children. The boy looked refined, the girl adorable, huddled together like two well-behaved dolls.

He had searched a long time to find this photo. His confidence surged.

The others behind the wall were speechless. Of all things to give, he chose a photo. What kind of straight-guy aesthetics was this?

Teacher Tang, also eavesdropping, made a shushing gesture, and the faint murmurs quieted down.

As a young master from a wealthy family, Gu Qingyan had prepared other gifts too.

He chose a diamond brand.

The brand's slogan was about loving only one person for a lifetime.

He wanted to buy a ring, but that was too direct.

Fearing Shen Wei's rejection would put him on the back foot,

He bought a diamond bracelet instead.

Seven diamonds sparkled brilliantly.

Each was a top-tier three carats, like candies, with yellow and pink diamonds.

Each could be a centerpiece on its own.

He meticulously selected these, strung into a bracelet. The diamonds were dazzling, like strung-up stars.

He most hoped that Shen Wei would notice the brand of this diamond bracelet.

Shen Wei, not quite understanding these things, said, "This bracelet is beautiful, it must be expensive. I can't accept it."

Gu Qingyan said, "But I saw it and thought it would suit you perfectly."

"In the past, when I saw beautiful things, I'd buy them for others too. Please don't overthink it."

Just a wall away, the others wanted to punch the wall for Gu Qingyan. My goodness, did he even listen to what he was saying?

Such a perfect opportunity, and he's telling her not to overthink.

Luckily, Shen Wei truly had a personality that didn't overthink things.

Otherwise, even if the matchmaker god tied their red strings, he'd cut them with his own hands.

Unable to refuse such kindness, Shen Wei accepted, and it indeed looked stunning on her wrist.

Shen Wei also loved shiny things and said, "Thank you, I love it!"

He scratched his head and said, "I'm glad you like it. I'll buy you more next time!"

Shen Wei changed the topic, saying she was getting a bit hungry after so long, and it'd be good to go back for some barbecue.

They started walking back.

The group rushed back through the small path to do the barbecue.

Li Yi, a former investigator, calculated that given Shen Wei and Gu Qingyan's longer route, they had about 5 minutes.

Everyone was exasperated, still absorbed in the juicy gossip they'd just consumed.

"Seriously, Gu Qingyan seems quite smart, but this is unbelievable!"

"Maybe he's never chased a girl before."

"If he manages to get a wife, it'd be a miracle!"

"Actually, I think he's a bit unworthy of Shen Wei!" Liu Chef said on the side.

Although Gu Qingyan's family background and status were excellent,

Liu Chef's filter for Shen Wei made him feel no man in the world was good enough for her.

Soon, the couple returned.

The group started chattering, back in "business mode."

But their gazes were noticeably odd when looking at him.

Shen Wei quickly called the system to see why everyone was acting so strange.

It was only then that she realized everyone had been eavesdropping in unison. Shen Wei's face turned crimson in an instant.

The others were still immersed in their awkward performance. Only Gu Qingyan noticed her reaction.

His heart suddenly leapt with joy.