Himitsu No Shitsuji-Kun

Himitsu No Shitsuji-Kun


From Divine Sanctuary:"If you don't want your 'secret' to be exposed, would you listen to my "wish"...?" Satsuki is both beautiful and smart, and she's popular in the whole academy, but actually, she has a "secret" that she can't tell anyone. One day, she witnessed her classmate, Okuno-kun, working part-time at a butler tea house. As a "bargaining point" to get Satsuki to keep quiet about this, he agreed to listen to her "wish", but then...?!Also contains three other short stories:• Kimi no Suki na Hito (The Person That She Likes)• Omou, Clavier (Think Of You, Clavier)• Bijo wo Hirotte Sodatemasen ka? (Would You Like To Adopt And Raise A Beauty?)

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