Hime-Sama Tanuki No Koizanyou

Hime-Sama Tanuki No Koizanyou
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    Don't Count on Your Tanukis ; Hime-sama Tanuki no Koisanyou ; Himesamadanuki no Koizanyou ; 姫さま狸の恋算用 ; 狸公主的恋爱计算 ; 狸公主的恋爱小九九 ; The Tanuki Princess' Love Calculus ; Miłość, jenoty i inne kłopoty ; Don't Count Your Tanukis ; Die Tanuki-Prinzessin ; Himesama Tanuki no Koi Sanyou
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Riku planned to move to Kyoto, together with his childhood friend Momoka. Instead, his parents have him betrothed to the cuddly Tanuki princess Miyo! She can turn into a woman, but being a human is quite difficult: Miyo cooks scrambled eggs with their shells, washes herself in the washing machine and sometimes nibbles on a grasshopper. But thanks to Momoka, she quickly learns what jealousy is.

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