Hiiragi-San Chi No Kyuuketsu Jijou

Hiiragi-San Chi No Kyuuketsu Jijou


Everyday in a Vampire Family, , Hiiragi-san Chi no Kyuuketsu Jijou Every family has its own "secrets" Shota Minamoto, a junior high school student, lives in an orphanage. One day, he is taken in by a family who lives in a gorgeous Japanese style mansion. Shota is welcomed with open arms, but the family has a secret that must not be revealed to the world. Yoshikawa Miki, the author of "Kakkou no Iinazuke" (A Couple of Cuckoos), depicts another form of "family". A romcom about "blood ties" at home!Read more: https://my site/manga/everyday-in-a-vampire-family/

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