Hibi Chouchou

Hibi Chouchou


Daichi Shinagawa was only a Yankee (Japanese phrase for delinquent) who desired nothing regarding his high-school lifestyle. The class representative that is devoted, Hana Adachi, troubles him to be involved with school life and always yet wouldn't permit it. Shinagawa is on why she keeps pestering him perplexed till he finds her secret. While she might appear to be an average course representative stereotype, Adachi lacks good sense and is really not so bright, and Shinagawa ultimately learns that Adachi is a former delinquent. Repenting being a yankee throughout her middle-school years, Adachi determines to change her ways to realize her vision of becoming the top class representative. S O he is not going to continue to make exactly the same blunder that she did, she determines to aid Shinagawa. So begins their school mates at Mon Shiro High School as well as the experiences of those two unlikely pals.Daichi ShinagawaThe man protagonist of the story. Also referred to as "Yankee kun," Shinagawa is a short tempered delinquent who will not want to be disturbed and has no plans for his high-school lifestyle. That's until he satisfies a former delinquent who convinces him to alter his route else he might repent it like she did, Adachi. From little things such as not smoking and avoiding course to even becoming the pupil council's co-vice-president he's just pestered by Adachi in to getting more active in college, but slowly changes through the chain: in the beginning. He despises to study but is not quite bad in mathematics. He's likewise an honest individual that will try everything to shield others, getting an essential member in his new-found band of buddies.While his dad, whose style is comparable to his, is a well-known physician, his mom is a lawyer. After in the string, it's shown that he was among the very best pupils in a private middle-school that was reliable. After battling with the delinquents who have been disturbing his number one competitor in studies, Shizuku Hachioji he was kicked from the institution. His scores had already started to fall, ultimately losing curiosity in studies completely and later being a pupil with poor scores although he made a promise with Shizuku to fulfill again in college. This occasion marks his getting a delinquent and his transformed appearance (he formerly had black-hair and wore spectacles).He initially has a Love Hate connection with Hana Adachi, enjoying her due to her character to help others regardless of what, but driving him, and getting irritated with her due to her idiocy, dearth of gumption to assist with jokes and her eccentric plans. In a bonus chapter, it's revealed that Shinagawa chose to to wait Mon Shiro just after seeing an attractive girl, who had been really Adachi without eyeglasses and with free hair (some thing he did not understand until much later), at his entrance examination. Although he constantly bicker with Adachi, he'd do such a thing therefore that her will not injure or disturb. Adachi stays ignorant to the emotions in Shinagawa, although he even gets jealous when her former middle-school classmate tells his goals to ask her out to Shinagawa and later confesses to enjoying her.He gets accepted into a prestigious college and four years after their high-school graduation, he's proven to be instructing at Mon Shiro

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