Here Comes The Silver Spoon!

Here Comes The Silver Spoon!
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    아 하세요, 금수저 들어갑니다 ; Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering ; Here Comes the Golden Spoon! ; Ah Yes, the Golden Spoon Has Arrived! ; Oh Yes, a Golden Spoon! ; Katakan Ah, Sendok Emas Akan Masuk ; 人生勝ち組令嬢が通ります ; 请张嘴,金汤勺来了 ; Ah Go Ahead, Here Comes the Golden Spoon! ; 財閥千金保位戰 ; Katakan ah~, Sendok Emas Akan Masuk
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"I want to be able to fight for large properties, not just those small side dishes! Let me increase the tension between parents and their children! Brother, I'm asking for a promotion!"And so, my miserable life as Korea's number one 'dirt spoon' ended. Round two, and I'm back as the daughter of a chaebol! Moreover, I'm also the heir to the Sergio family, who's gained complete control of the South! Although there are some downsides being the sister of a villain, in the end, does it even matter? After all, I'm still fated to inherit the family at the end of the day! But things take a turn for worse, and my life goal to reach the top is jeopardized by my back-stabbing little sister. There's two weeks until my father returns. During that time, I must somehow bring back the best groom of the empire. And that's how the bridegroom expedition started. If you're young, capable, and handsome, even better! Although it'll take a little while... whatever. It's a contract marriage anyway, so there's no way to really confirm all those attributes.---Adelaide looks at him resentfully, not licking her lips. It may have be embarrassing in front of the statue-like Commander of Knights, but she's already learned from the depths of her bones that this man is also a beast."Ah... that's it," Killian approaches her with a charming smile and locks her in his arms.A voice whispers against her shoulder and into her ear, "You never said you had a problem with this."---**Official Translations**- ( (

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