Heaven (Tengoku)

Heaven (Tengoku)


wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Those seven deadly sins are the sins that the lord have to erase them.Ayumi, Sai, Natsu, the three close friends go to the same school. Ayumi Utadaki famous for her devil voice, while Sai Nadeshiko famous for the devil eyes, the eyes could read through a person soul, last but not least Natsu Nadeshiko famous for her devil ear, she could hear any scary sound that normal human can't hear. The different is that this school is not normal, this school is a haunted school, almost all the student there are sinner, what kind of sin? 7 deadly sins. those students in this school suspect those 3 new students, so they do no matter what to kill them because if they dont kill this 3 student Lucifer will kill them and burn them in hell.They do this for they own existent, among those 3 who is the real Lucifer, who contain all 4 devils traits, devil voice, ear, eyes, and heart?

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