He Loves You (Yanai Wakana)

He Loves You (Yanai Wakana)


From Summer Rain:Fumi is a first year high school student who likes shoujo manga. Ever since meeting Haruma at the school's entrance ceremony, she's been harboring her yearning for him. However, there's competition in the class' group of good-looking guys, whom she wants to be able to talk to as well. By chance, she saved Haruma's childhood friend, Shino from a pinch. The two have been eating lunch together since then, and Fumi naturally started to talk with others in the group as well, including Haruma. Due to some trauma from middle school, Fumi had been keeping her distance from him. She wanted to be rid of the self-conscious Fumi who realized her feelings for Haruma. On a day when the three arranged to go out, Fumi waited at the meeting place and heard Shinosaying pestering words in order to kiss Haruma. And so Fumi, in shock...

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