Static: Up All Night (2023)

Static: Up All Night (2023)


When Virgil Hawkins revealed his secret identity as Static to his girlfriend, Daisy, he thought that was going to make their relationship a lot easier. But Daisy is tired of all the super-heroics interrupting their date nights on a regular basis. Now, just as Virgil is about to invite her to the big Dakota music festival for her birthday, she’s calling it quits and breaking up with him. Determined to distract his best friend, Virgil’s buddy Richie Foley (also known as the superhero Gear) convinces him that they should use the tickets themselves. When they run into Raquel Ervin and Isadora Wellington—who each have secret identities of their own—what follows is a night that nobody was ready for: a blackout, some super-villains, and a rapper in disguise are just the start. And even worse, there’s Daisy with a new guy… Virgil is about to learn not even superpowers can conquer a broken heart.

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