Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth - C.907 - : I’m Going Too


Chapter 907: I’m Going Too

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Lin Yin only nodded silently with red eyes. After a while, Ye Wen pulled away from Lin Yin and gently touched the wound on Lin Yin’s face with her fingers. Her heart ached as she said, “It’s so serious. You’ve gotten a bruise. Don’t be so impulsive and take risks in the future, understand?”

Lin Yin nodded obediently and replied, “I understand.”

Lu Ming looked at the obedient Lin Yin and his worry for her eased a little.

What Ye Wen and Lin Yin had said was what he really wanted to tell Lin Yin. Fortunately, Lin Yin seemed to have listened to Ye Wen.

The slight vibration of the cell phone made Lu Ming retract his gaze from Lin Yin. After answering Shen Yu’s call, Lu Ming’s gaze landed on Lin Yin again. Then, he said coldly, “No matter who comes, we can’t let anyone here go.”

Lu Ming’s words attracted the attention of the three people beside him. After Lu Ming hung up, Mu Cheng asked, “Did someone pressure the school to take them away?”

Mu Cheng only thought about it for a moment and could roughly guess. Among these people, only the Li and Yue families had the power to bring them away.

Lu Ming nodded and said, “Yes, the main reason is that the people from the Yue and Li families have already arrived. They said that they want our people to bring everyone to the police station to settle this matter. Mu Heng rejected them and they will probably fight later.” f𝚛e𝐞𝐰𝚎b𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.c𝗼m

Mu Cheng snorted coldly and said sarcastically, “Police station? Which police station? Could it be the police station where a member of the Li Family is the chief? I think if these people went, they’re going to say that this sex and power transaction are just escorts seducing them.”

Lin Yin’s eyes darkened slightly. Previously, she was worried that such a thing would happen, so she instructed Sun Biao not to let anyone call the police.

Hearing Mu Cheng’s words, Lin Yin was glad that she had been careful.

In her previous life, after she escaped from Yue Chi, she tried to call the police. In her opinion, the only place in the world where she could seek justice was probably the police station.

In the end, she did not expect that the righteous person whom she had placed her hopes on almost sent her back to the Yue Family. If she wasn’t smart and had not escaped, she probably wouldn’t have died under Su Lin’s shot in her previous life, but under Yue Chi’s abuse.

Lu Ming got up and said, “I’ll go over and deal with it now. This matter can’t be left unsettled.”

Once the matter was reversed by the Yue and Li families, not only would Lin Yin’s injuries today be in vain, but even the girls who were victims and even all the girls who were violated might be labeled as escorts that sold their bodies to study.

Yue Han was capable of doing such a thing, and the Li Family was even more capable.

Especially the Li Family. The Li Family was mostly involved in politics. Once someone had something on Li Mu, the political enemies who wanted to use Li Mu to attack the Li Family would definitely not waste this opportunity.

Therefore, it was impossible for the Li Family to let Li Mu bear such a crime, especially since Li Mu had been gaining momentum recently and had the momentum to climb up again.

Lin Yin hurriedly said, “I’ll go too!”

Mu Cheng and his wife wanted to persuade Lin Yin to stay in the hospital, but they couldn’t persuade her, so they could only let her be.

After all, this was a situation that Lin Yin had worked hard to control. They could understand how worried Lin Yin was.

Lu Ming was worried about Lin Yin and got someone to send the family doctor straight from the Lu Family’s old residence to Dexin High School to wait.

When the four of them arrived at the school, the event location was already in a tense atmosphere. Lin Yin believed that as long as they were a step later, they would have broken into a fight.

Seeing Lu Ming and Mu Cheng arrive, Yue Han’s cold eyes narrowed slightly. Then, he questioned bluntly, “Uncle Mu, Lu Ming, what do you mean? Lin Yin beat my brother unconscious, but you still got someone to stop me from bringing my brother to the hospital for treatment. I suspect that you want my brother to die!”

Mu Ran retorted bluntly, “Yue Han, what are you arguing about? Isn’t Yue Chi still alive? If your Yue Family doesn’t settle this matter today, no one can leave. You’re using naive and innocent female students to curry favor with power and gain benefits, your Yue Family is really a beast!”

Yue Han’s voice suddenly rose a few decibels as he said, “Mu Ran, I advise you to be careful with your words and actions. What happened today hasn’t been decided yet. How is it our Yue Corporation’s doing?”

“It’s true that this reception banquet was organized by our Yue Family, but once this banquet ends, our Yue Corporation has no right to interfere with what these female students are doing. This is the students’ free time. If you slander our Yue Corporation again, I’ll complain to the relevant departments about your slander.”