Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth - C.905 - : How to Deal With It


Chapter 905: How to Deal With It

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Wei Chuan, who had sensed that something was wrong and left early, was sitting in the principal’s office of Capital University.

He looked at the night sky outside. It was already midnight, but there was still no movement from Yue Chi. He thought for a moment and still got someone to inform Yue Han anonymously about Yue Chi’s situation.

Then, he informed the Li Family that Li Mu was also trapped this time. The Mu Family would probably have considerations if the Li Family appears.

No matter what, Wei Chuan did not want this matter to blow up. It would be best if they could resolve it in private and not implicate him.

Wei Chuan tidied up and checked the important documents. He locked the safe before leaving the office.

However, just as he left, the office door was opened again.

The moment they entered the office, they went straight to the safe that Wei Chuan had just locked. With a few moves, they took the documents from Wei Chuan.

After the few of them left, the office returned to silence. After a while, someone sneaked out from a corner of the office and reset the infrared alarm system for Wei Chuan’s safe before leaving.

At dawn, Lin Yin woke up. When she saw Lu Ming staring at her with wide eyes, Lin Yin was shocked.

However, before she could move, Lu Ming quickly covered Lin Yin’s mouth and hushed her softly. He looked to the side.

Lin Yin followed Lu Ming’s gaze and saw Mu Cheng and Ye Wen leaning against one side, resting with their eyes closed.

Looking at Mu Cheng and Ye Wen’s frowns even when they were sleeping, Lin Yin felt a little guilty.

Because she was not confident about this matter, she only wanted to probe first. When she had evidence, she would plan well.

This was also why she had sent Dongyi and Long Huang away. She did not want anyone to know what she was going to do because she believed that if her family knew that she was investigating Yue Chi, they would definitely be able to guess what she was going to do.

In the end, she did not expect that what happened was not under her control at all. Now, her family was still worried.

“Does your body still hurt?” Lu Ming asked softly.

Thinking of Lin Yin’s injuries, Lu Ming really felt indescribably helpless.

Why was it that other people’s girls were safe and sound, while his was always injured.

Thinking about how many times he had known Lin Yin in the past year, such a thing could even happen when he sent someone to guard Lin Yin.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Lin Yin shook her head and looked at Lu Ming’s melancholic and helpless expression in amusement.

Seeing that Lin Yin still had the cheek to smile, Lu Ming was furious. “You’re still smiling? Do you know what dangerous thing you did today?”

Lin Yin subconsciously stopped smiling. Then, she thought about it. Why was she listening to Lu Ming?

Lin Yin looked away from Lu Ming and said in a low voice, “What does it have to do with you whether I smile or not? Uncle, aren’t you being too nosy?”

Looking at Lin Yin’s infuriating expression and hearing her infuriating words, Lu Ming was conflicted.

“Yinyin, if you say something so infuriating again, I’ll regret it,” Lu Ming said inexplicably.

Lin Yin looked at Lu Ming in confusion. “Regret? Regret what?”

Lu Ming’s breath fell heavily again.

What did he regret? He regretted choosing to leave Lin Yin’s side and not pester her anymore because he was afraid that Lin Yin would be hurt.

If Lin Yin always lived in such danger, why couldn’t he be the one protecting her?

Even if he would bring some danger to Lin Yin, he could also resolve some potential danger for her in advance.

For example, if he was with Lin Yin this time, he would definitely be able to find out about Lin Yin’s movements the fastest and deal with Yue Chi before Lin Yin did. This way, Lin Yin wouldn’t be in danger personally, right?

Lu Ming fell into a battle of self-awareness.

Seeing that Lu Ming did not speak, Lin Yin snorted coldly and pulled up the blanket to continue lying down. In the end, because she used too much strength, she hissed in pain and caught Lu Ming’s attention.

Lu Ming frowned and sighed. “Can’t you be gentler?”

Lin Yin was not in a good mood. She ignored Lu Ming’s words and only asked, “You said that you’ll settle the matter with Dexin High School. How do you plan to deal with it?”