The Young Master’s Bride - C.1245 - : A loving heart-Chu baiqing, you’re really rebelling now(i)

The Young Master’s Bride

C.1245 - : A loving heart-Chu baiqing, you’re really rebelling now(i)

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Chapter 1245: A loving heart-Chu baiqing, you’re really rebelling now(i)

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Chu baiqing had never felt that Gu Jue was so sexy when he said the word

“Yan.” It was probably because the atmosphere was too hot.

The heat was like a half-erupted volcano. It was extremely fierce.

The hot magma was about to melt people …

“In such a hurry? Let me?”

Why was it said that some people would be particularly excited after drinking?

He would do things that he normally wouldn’t do, and he would also say things that he wouldn’t.

At that moment, Chu baiqing looked like he was drunk. Even though he didn’t drink, Gu Jue still made him drunk.

“Chu Bai Qing, you’re really rebelling!”

Chu baiqing’s words were like a fatal blow to Gu Jue.

He turned around and trapped Chu Bai Qing under his body.

His eyes were hot and wild, with a great momentum that could sweep away everything.

A trace of dissatisfaction appeared on Chu baiqing’s face. How could he be so easily trapped under Gu Jue’s body?

She tried to push Gu Jue away, but the man on top of her did not move an inch, baby, physical work really doesn’t suit you. I’m not afraid of pain, but I’m afraid you’ll be tired!

Gu Jue buried his face in Chu baiqing’s neck and bit down on it.

It went all the way to his ear …

“Didn’t you say… Let me?” Chu Bai Qing’s voice changed a few tones.

Gu Jue knew the most vulnerable part of his body and also knew how to make him unable to take it.

He could easily take back the initiative …

“I’ll let you go, don’t be in a hurry!”

Gu Jue gently bit Chu baiqing’s earlobe. It was a very light action. Then, he smiled evilly and bit it hard. fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

Chu baiqing straightened his body,” hiss …

She cried out in pain, but her voice was particularly seductive.

It wasn’t that Gu Jue couldn’t do it, but tonight, he must not let Chu baiqing have his way.

Because Chu Bai Qing was too f * eking attractive, how could she let him go …

In the end, it really was Chu baiqing on top …

It was just…

“Don’t you want to be on top? do it yourself!”

He was on top, but he was still the one …

“Gu Jue, you bastard!”

Chu Bai Qing would at most call someone a bastard.

I’m a f * eking bastard. You’ve said that since you were young. If you fall in love with a bastard, you’re an idiot!

Gu Jue laughed as he looked at Chu baiqing’s blushing face. The thin layer of sweat on his forehead made him look exceptionally sexy.

His clumsy movements made Gu Jue unable to stop himself. He would never get enough of this man in his lifetime, not even one less look…

Chu baiqing was really exhausted by Gu Jue. He only stopped when he begged for mercy.

Gu Jue looked at Chu baiqing, who was sound asleep, and kissed him on the cheek.

He looked at the time. It was two in the morning …

Gu Jue turned over and got out of bed …

She changed her clothes, took her car keys, and went out…

He called Qin shaoyou on the way.

“How is he?” He yawned. After all, it was physical work, and he would be tired and exhausted.

nothing happened. 1 think young master Ji did it on purpose.

Qin shaoyou’s voice sounded sleepy.

Ren had told him that he had hit Ji Chenzhou. After he told Chu baiqing about it, Gu Jue could tell that Ren was worried about Ji Chenzhou even though Chu baiqing did not say anything.

Perhaps he was afraid that he would get jealous, so he did not ask too much.

While Gu Jue was preparing milk for little seven, he asked Qin shaoyou to go to the hospital to check on his condition.

why do 1 feel like young master Ji has taken a fancy to that Ren? ”

After hearing Qin shaoyou’s words, Gu Jue suddenly understood..