The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.5


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Chapter 5 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

At that moment, in the Civil Affairs Bureau, Lawyer Xi’s cell phone received a text message from Xia Yanyan.

Suddenly, Lawyer Xi started to laugh.

“Miss Ye, I heard your father has uremia and needs dialysis every month. Miss Xia said her family has connections in hospitals throughout the country. If Miss Xia makes a call, no hospital would dare to perform dialysis for your father. Are you sure you still want to take Miss Xia’s fiancé?”

“If you dare, just try!” Ye Xingguang retorted forcefully.

At the same time, a similar voice fell outside the quiet reception room, cold and stern: “You dare!”

Then, a booming sound rang out.

A tall and handsome man slammed open the glass door of the reception room. His powerful aura, fitting of a superior, instantly deterred Lawyer Xi who was attempting to threaten Ye Xingguang further.

Who’s copying my words?

Ye Xingguang turned to look at the source of the voice.

The man stepped forward against the light. His perfect body proportion was outstanding. Although the light was too bright for her to see his features clearly, his proud demeanor and the arrogance and pride with every step he took made it hard for her to look away.

Ye Xingguang was stunned, who was he?

Once Lawyer Xi recognized the man, he immediately stood up respectfully. Looking at Ye Xingguang again, he felt a surge of sympathy inside.

What an overconfident girl, daring to compete with Miss Xia for a man. Now, Mr. Junqing himself has come to deal with you!

Sure enough, upon entering, Ye Junqing grabbed Ye Xingguang’s chin, forcing her to lift her head.

The strength in his grip was so strong it felt like he was going to crush her bones!

Ye Junqing stared at the face that often invaded his dreams at his weak moments. Although her features looked uglier than he remembered, as if disguised intentionally to hide her exquisite beauty, he recognized her immediately. Damn, dare she target him?

At that moment, a murderous intent gathered in Ye Junqing’s eyes!

Her chin was forcefully clasped, and Ye Xingguang was in such pain that she couldn’t breathe. She struggled, “Who are you? Let go of me!”

“Ye Junqing!”


“I’m Ye Junqing!” The man’s voice was as cold as ice.

“Ye Junqing?”

Ye Xingguang chewed over these three words in her mind and then, her eyes widened in shock. Wasn’t he the man she had matched with, the notorious commitment-phobe?

Why was he staring at her as if she had wronged him? She didn’t recall ever wronging him.

Definitely not, she hadn’t even met him before!

Ye Xingguang pushed away the man’s hand that was gripping her chin and took two steps back to save herself. But the moment she got rid of his hand, he grabbed her wrist and looked at her even colder than before.

“Ye Xingguang, you’ve got nerve, daring to target me!”

“Actually, it wasn’t me who targeted you, it was the system that automatically selected you. If you’re angry, blame the system. What kind of man are you, bullying a girl?”

Unfortunately, no matter how she explained, the murderous aura on the man’s handsome face did not fade, but rather intensified.

His gaze on her was like a blazing inferno, yet also like icy, bone-piercing chills. It was too complex, a mix of love and hate, giving her a feeling of being between fire and ice.

Ye Xingguang was stunned. Why did his gaze give her the illusion that she had wronged him? How could she possibly have the guts to jilt a super tycoon on the Forbes rich list?