The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.20


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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Are You The Carp Girl?_l

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This sounded like a bit of dark humor invoking the search for the girl with the glass slipper.

Ye Xingguang quickly withdrew her foot under the table.

A simple act of concealment caught the attention of Rebecca Perry, who sat next to her. She frowned, wondering why Ye Xingguang was nervous.

Ye Junqing had his spouse selected through a lottery draw by a female college student at the Civil Affairs Bureau in the northern district on July 1st.

And Ye Xingguang… was she also organized by her school to participate in the lottery draw at the Northern District Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a spouse on July 1st?

An insane thought popped into Rebecca Perry’s mind, could it be Ye Xingguang who drew Ye Junqings lottery?

How could that be possible?

It was known that the distribution of spouses at the Civil Affairs Bureau was carried out through big data analysis, and it was usually a match of equal conditions.

Ye Junqing and Xingguang were worlds apart, as different as heaven and earth. If Ye Junqing was the sun in the sky, then Xingguang was merely dust on the ground.

Even if Ye Xingguang exhausted eight lifetimes of good luck, she wouldn’t be able to draw Ye Junqings lottery!

Otherwise, if accepting Yun Chen brought good luck to Ye Xingguang, allowing her to draw Ye Junqing at the Civil Affairs Bureau, wouldn’t she vomit from disgust? f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

But still, Rebecca Perry couldn’t rest assured and suddenly raised her voice, “Xingguang, how did you hurt your heel? You were also at the Northern District Civil Affairs Bureau drawing lots on July 1st, weren’t you? The girl with the carp who drew Ye Junqings lottery… it can’t be you, right?”

Upon her remark, every senior colleague in the Department turned their attention toward Ye Xingguang.

Chang Qinghua walked over and asked, “Xingguang, were you also at the

Northern District Civil Affairs Bureau drawing lots for a spouse on July 1st?”

“Uh … hehe … Yeah, but I’m not that lucky to draw Ye Junqing,” she responded.

Chang Qinghua, with a keen sense of news, hesitated for a moment and said,

“Rebecca said your foot is injured? Lift it up and let me see.”

Ye Xingguang didn’t want to lift her foot but the senior colleagues all gathered around her, waiting for her to do so.

Left with no choice, Ye Xingguang reluctantly lifted her foot.

“Hey, why does this photo remind me of the injury on Xingguang’s heel? It’s quite similar.”

“Xingguang, are you sure she in the photo isn’t you? Who did you draw as your designated spouse?”

Ye Xingguang felt extremely nervous and chuckled awkwardly. “Haha…Why would you guys think that? The wound on my foot is due to new shoes. How could a girl from a remote island like me possibly draw someone like Ye Junqing?”

Rebecca Perry was relieved and laughed, “That’s true. Civil Affairs Bureau’s lottery data always emphasizes that match should be equal in status and conditions. The carp girl who drew Ye Junqing must be a wealthy young lady who matches Ye Junqing in family background, appearance, personality, and values… But Xingguang, your conditions are ordinary, worlds apart from Ye


Worlds apart, huh?

Ye Xingguang didn’t appreciate the comment!

If Xia Yanyan could be the bright moon in the hearts of A country’s men, then she, who was even more beautiful than Xia Yanyan, naturally wouldn’t be inferior!

Especially since she was…

Ye Xingguang bit her lip and stopped her thoughts. She never wanted to accept her noble identity in her life.

However, if even big data determined that she was a match for Ye Junqing, maybe big data really was discerning!

As she pondered, Fu Zhuo’s call came through.

She hurriedly left the office and took the call in the corridor.

Fu Zhuo: “Miss Ye, have you seen the news on the hot search?”

Ye Xingguang: “Hmm.”

Fu Zhuo: “If we let this matter continue, it will inevitably severely affect Master Qings image, which in turn will affect Master Tings popularity among the public. Therefore, we hope to get your cooperation to eliminate the impact..”