The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.18


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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chapter 18 Prevent Her from Falling in Love with Me 1

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Ye Xingguang pleaded innocently, “I had no choice, or else I wouldn’t have any other evidence, and nobody helped me when I gave you guys a signal. And now, you have the audacity to blame me.”

“You shouldn’t have told them, no!” The man grit his teeth.

Ye Xingguang was surprised, “Can I say there’s nothing?”

Fu Zhuo standing nearby said, “Miss Ye, you can say there’s nothing. Although according to the rules, both of you should have made an effort to increase the population during your cohabitation period of half a month. But if there’s really nothing, the civil affairs bureau staff can’t punish you. At most, they could educate you verbally. Didn’t you read the ‘Living Conduct During Official Match’ given by the civil affairs bureau?”

“…” She really hadn’t read it.

She wouldn’t have told a lie if she had known this.

Ye Xingguang cautiously asked, “What happened? I’ve already said it. Once said, it’s like water spilled… I’m sorry for damaging your image, but I really didn’t mean to. But how did you know about the old scar three inches left of my tailbone?”

A complex, dark gleam flashed in Ye Junqings eyes, but he did not answer her. He wore an expression of disdain, as if he didn’t want to talk to her, and continued the meal.

Ye Xingguang was terribly curious…

But she didn’t know, and she didn’t dare to ask.

To cover up her embarrassment, she took out her phone and quietly ate breakfast while browsing campus recruitment.

Even though she had messaged a media mogul last night asking for a recommendation letter, she still had no news…

Ji Qishu leaned his head over, “Are you job hunting, Little Starlight?”


“What kind of job are you looking for? Do you want Big Brother to help you out?”

Without hesitation, Ye Xingguang said, “One with high pay and good treatment.”

“Wow, want to shoot for the moon straight after graduation?”

Ye Xingguang retorted, “At least I graduated from a prestigious broadcast and film university. What’s wrong with wanting a high-paying job? I wanted to go to a TV station, but despite having excellent written and oral test grades, I was pushed aside due to a lack of connections!”

“Which TV station was so blind to reject the official wife of my brother

Junqing? Tell me, brother will take care of them for you.”

“KOCO Television.’

Ji Qishu was taken aback. Wasn’t KOCO within his jurisdiction?

Ye Junqing gave Ji Qishu a look

Ji Qishu suddenly shivered.

Why did he have to blabber so much? But Junqing had no feelings for Little Starlight, so he probably wouldn’t stick up for her, right?

Ji Qishu was unsure about this.

The rest of their breakfast ended in silence. 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

As soon as they were done, Ye Junqing went out.

“Check which position she applied for at KOCO Television and arrange her in.” When he got in the car, Ye Junqing dropped a command.

Fu Zhuo nodded and made a phone call. Things were handled quickly. “Miss Ye applied as a TV reporter. She didn’t have any problem in the written and oral tests. But the position only had one vacancy, and the other girl, although she scored lower, had stronger connections, so she was the preferred candidate. Shall I have HR send her an offer letter?”

Ye Junqing casually responded, not sure what to think, but then added, “Make sure she doesn’t find out it was arranged by me.”

“Why?” Doing a good deed without leaving a name?

Ye Junqings chilly aura icily dropped the words, “So she doesn’t fall in love with me.’

‘ His Lordship’s concern is very necessary!

However, Fu Zhuo thought carefully about Junqings tone, and found an inflection of self-mockery, as if implying “how could she possibly fall in love with me?”

Could it be his misconception?