The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.132


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All princes were being variolated, and not only the empress, but even the empress dowager was very anxious.

Everyone had worshipped the Smallpox Goddess, and when Sanda entered the specially enclosed area for variolation, seeing the anxiety of the women, he was even more moved.

"This... haven't they tried it with children from outside the palace before?"

Xiao Yunzhou shook his head, "Do not impose on others what you do not desire for yourself. If we are to extend this to all under Heaven, it is only natural that we start from my Jing Country palace." freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

Sanda's chest swelled with emotion, looking at the thin physique of the Jing Country man Xiao Yunzhou, who was no taller than his own eldest son, he suddenly felt a surge of reliability!

Who would have thought?

This sense of security, before only his elder brother had ever given him.

On the grasslands during battles and hunts, his elder brother had always charged ahead of him, taking on the dangers himself.

If one were to say that the brotherly address from earlier in the imperial study room still had an air of courtesy and insincerity, then this short-statured Jing Country emperor Xiao Yunzhou truly reminded him of his elder brother now!

"Previously, a batch of palace maids of suitable age had already attempted the variolation within the palace. Those who underwent the trial were allowed to rest outside the palace for ten days, and received an additional two taels of silver."

Xiao Yunzhou turned to explain to Sanda, "The palace maids who underwent the trial previously were all successful."

Sanda's expression grew complex.

In fact, when he learned of the variolation method, that it involved infecting the child with the disease, he did not want his own children to try it.

He dared not risk it, for if they contracted smallpox, the chances of successful treatment were only sixty percent.

But now, seeing that even the Jing Country princes were being inoculated, he was somewhat moved.

[Woo, my brother is really bold! The eldest prince's face turned pale when he saw the imperial physician come to inoculate him, and his hands were trembling.]

Xiao Chuchu, held by Concubine Liu, seized the opportunity before the imperial physician started to take another look at her brother Cheng Qian.

With a single glance, she saw that among the princes, her own brother was the bravest.

[My brother is so brave!]

Xiao Yunzhou had originally been chatting with Sanda, boasting about how he had inspired the imperial physicians with the idea of variolation.

Hearing his daughter's inner voice, he immediately turned to look at the row of sons.

Sure enough, Xiao Yunzhou immediately noticed that among his sons, only Cheng Qian remained composed, as if variolation was merely a small matter.

In contrast, the eldest prince's face was as white as paper, sweating profusely.

The other sons, the third and fourth princes, were also gritting their teeth, extremely anxious.

There was no mistaking it, when compared, the differences in courage were clear.

The imperial physician had not even begun yet, merely inquiring about the princes' recent diets and health conditions, and still needing to check their pulses before proceeding with the variolation.

It was still early.

Yet the sons were already like this?

Only Cheng Qian had some courage?

Xiao Yunzhou's brows twitched.

"Hm? Old brother Xiao, your youngest son is not to be underestimated in the future!" The grassland king Sanda also noticed Cheng Qian's bravery and did not hesitate to praise him.

Xiao Yunzhou immediately turned his worries into joy, beaming.

Indeed, did they not see who Cheng Qian's elder brother was?

He was the blood brother of a reincarnated celestial being.

"Not bad, not bad. He's just mature for his age and decent at his studies. As for martial arts, he's far behind the boys from the grasslands." Xiao Yunzhou smiled.

Sanda waved his hand, "Aye, that's not how you put it. Physical prowess can be trained, but at such a young age, to have a courageous spirit is rare."

Cheng Qian's face flushed red from the praise.

Behind him, however, Little Jiu stared warily with narrowed eyes at the tall and imposing Sanda.

"Hm? This palace attendant..." Sanda had even noticed Little Jiu's sharp gaze towards him.

"Ahem." Xiao Yunzhou glanced over, immediately breaking into a sweat.

He had forgotten that the assassin was also among his sons.

"Let's go outside and wait."

Sanda was led away by Xiao Yunzhou, his expression changing subtly.

The one standing behind that prince must definitely be a master!

He had always thought that Jing Country was not adept at martial arts, but today's visit made him realize that the Jing Country palace also had its share of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Even a common prince had such a formidable master behind him, capable of posing a threat to Sanda himself.

Jing Country truly excelled in both civil and martial arts!

Sanda felt that this trip had not been in vain, as he had obtained important information.

[Hm? For no apparent reason, Sanda's favorability towards the imperial father increased by 5%.]

Xiao Chuchu, held by Concubine Liu, had just finished reminding Cheng Qian when she suddenly received the system notification about the change in favorability.

[It seems the completion of the smallpox mission is not far off.]

Xiao Chuchu felt relieved.

Xiao Yunzhou secretly rejoiced, but soon became concerned again about whether his sons would safely endure the variolation.

"During the previous variolation of palace maids, two days of observation were also required. This time, for the princes' variolation, I will also observe a vegetarian diet during those two days." Xiao Yunzhou instructed Wei Zheng.

He also reminded Concubine Liu, "Don't let the little princess go over there for now. She's still too young for variolation, we can't risk her contracting it from her brothers."

His worried expression was not feigned, and Sanda could see it clearly.

For the sake of Wu Yun Country, Jing Country was truly willing to put their princes at risk.

For an emperor like Xiao Yunzhou to go to such lengths, Sanda was deeply moved.

"Jing Country's sincerity, Wu Yun Country will never forget." Sanda placed his right hand over his chest and performed a solemn national ceremonial gesture towards Xiao Yunzhou.

"Before the results of your princes' variolation, how about we discuss the matter of the banks first, Old Brother Xiao?"

Xiao Yunzhou was taken aback.

"Would it be possible for my Wu Yun Country people to deposit silver in your Jing Country banks?" Sanda earnestly asked.

Originally, due to insufficient trust, Wu Yun Country had only planned to deposit sheep and horses in the banks.

But now, Sanda felt that there could be no ruler more benevolent than Xiao Yunzhou!

All under Heaven might cheat the grassland people of their money, but Xiao Yunzhou would not.

He was a sincere ruler willing to let his own children take risks first!

"If Jing Country is willing, I would like to deposit the silver meant for purchasing grain next year from Wu Yun Country in advance in your Jing Country."

Sanda spoke.

[Oh my, is this an early form of foreign exchange?]

[Oh my, the imperial father has successfully won over Sanda, and we have received foreign exchange from a neighboring country!]

Xiao Chuchu's inner voice was filled with joy.

[Good, we'll need quite a bit of silver for the military down jackets and instant noodles recently. We can use Wu Yun Country's silver first!]


Xiao Yunzhou almost burst out laughing from the sheer effort it took to contain himself.

Even the previous emperor probably couldn't have imagined this happening?

In his generation, Jing Country's national treasury could actually receive silver from another country!


Xiao Yunzhou nearly choked himself from holding it in, quickly regaining his composure as he grasped Sanda's burly arm.

"Good brother, there's no problem if you want to deposit money in Jing Country."

"Then the interest..." Sanda's face brightened but he quickly became anxious again, "Should be the same as for the citizens of Jing Country, right? I've heard that the interest rate for a deposit of 10 is 2, it can't be lower than for the citizens of Jing Country."

Xiao Yunzhou let out a hiss, but heard Xiao Chuchu's thoughts during his hesitation.

[No problem.]

[For large deposits, the bank's VIP customers can even get a more favorable interest rate.]

Huh? What was that?

But Xiao Yunzhou seemed to understand and smiled, nodding repeatedly at Sanda, "No problem, it will be the same as in our Jing Country!"

"If you deposit a great deal of money in the future, I can give you an even higher interest rate."

Sanda paused, feeling a warm flow washing over his heart.

Brother, the emperor of Jing Country is such a good brother!

"Big brother, when you come to the grasslands, you must stay in your younger brother's imperial tent!"


"How was it? Meeting for the first time, did Sanda lose his temper and walk away without giving Xiao Yunzhou any face?"

The King of Chu looked expectantly when the servant came to report.

But he quickly saw the servant's constipated, stiff expression. "Uh... no."

"Huh?" The King of Chu didn't believe it. "Tell me carefully what happened."

The servant sighed and stuttered, "Before entering the palace of Jing Country, Sanda was shouting in the street that if Xiao Yunzhou really researched a cure for smallpox, he would call Xiao Yunzhou brother."

The King of Chu roared with laughter, "Xiao Yunzhou must have failed, there were still cases of smallpox in Jing Country two months ago!"

"Yes, indeed, my insider information said that on that day, Sanda left the palace of Jing Country before the cure for smallpox was proven."

"Just as I thought!" The King of Chu could barely contain his laughter.

But as soon as he said that, he heard the servant clear his throat lightly.

"However, when Sanda returned to the embassy that day, he kept telling the ministers of Wu Yun Country around him that from then on, the emperor of Jing Country would be his elder brother!"