The Malevolent Female Villain Turns Out to Be Me - C.174


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Liu Lianlian hurriedly covered Jian Hongmei's mouth, signaling her to lower her voice.

"Madam, why are you shouting so loudly? Are you afraid others won't hear? This isn't like the other place where hardly anyone lives. With your yelling, all the neighbors can hear!"

Jian Hongmei wrenched Liu Lianlian's hand away from her mouth and sneered, "What, you're scared already?"

Liu Lianlian closed his eyes briefly. "Madam, if you talk about this, you won't escape either!"

Jian Hongmei, fearless as a pig in boiling water, scoffed, "Ha, so what? It was you who killed, you who acted. I was merely at the scene and didn't stop you. You even forced me to help you destroy the evidence. Well, you're the lawyer. Surely you know whose crime is greater!"

Seeing Liu Lianlian's expression, as if he'd just eaten something foul, Jian Hongmei inwardly cursed him a fool. Then, with a pleading face, she said, "Liu Lian, I'm telling the truth. As long as you help me get my revenge, we'll part ways and never see each other again."

Liu Lianlian coldly snorted at her words. "Part ways? Jian Hongmei, are you truly stupid or just pretending? Going against Xiao Yongze, do you think we have a chance to escape safely? Use that brain of yours and think properly. Your hair is long but your wisdom is short!"

Saying this, Liu Lianlian shoved Jian Hongmei aside and walked towards the bedroom.

Jian Hongmei, stung by his words, felt a mix of shame and anger. But knowing she couldn't afford to anger him now, she quickly ran over and grabbed Liu Lianlian's arm.

"Liu Lian, Liu Lian, listen to me!"

"I know Xiao Yongze isn't easy to deal with, but my only goal is to kill their child!"

Liu Lianlian stopped in disbelief, turned around to look at her, as if trying to see if she was joking.

"I'm serious. Xiao Yongze went to such lengths to send Wenyao to prison because his infant daughter was killed by Wenyao. But now, Xiao Wenyao's daughter is still alive, while Wenyao can never get out. How can I be content with that!"

"So, Liu Lian, help me. We just need to kidnap either Xiao Jinmeng or Xiao Yuanning, whichever is easier!"

Liu Lianlian couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Madam, do you think this is like stealing cabbages from the market when no one's looking? These are people, not vegetables!"

"Give it up, Madam. Isn't it better to live your own life peacefully? Why insist on provoking those you shouldn't?"

Jian Hongmei persisted, "Liu Lian, trust me. I have a good plan. It's sure to succeed, and it won't implicate you..."

Time passed quickly, and a month went by in the blink of an eye.

During this month, both the Xiao and Ye families returned to their usual peaceful routines.

The students diligently attended classes, the working adults dutifully toiled, and during their free time, the young and old from the Xiao, Ye, Shi, and He families loved to gather together for meals and entertainment, enjoying themselves immensely.

The AI full-length mirror produced by Shi Shuning's tech company also hit the market. Initially, people were skeptical and didn't think much of the product.

Priced at just over 600 yuan, it wasn't expensive. Some trendsetting bloggers, eager for attention, tried buying one.

After a series of trials and reviews, they couldn't find any flaws to criticize and unanimously gave positive feedback.

As a result, the AI full-length mirror exploded in popularity across the internet.

Shi Shuning not only recouped all the capital he'd invested in starting the company but also made considerable profits. His net worth skyrocketed, and numerous internet companies approached him for collaborations, seeking his AI technology. In an instant, NM Internet Technology Co., Ltd. became the brightest star among Hai City's emerging industries. f𝚛e𝐞𝐰𝚎b𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.c𝗼m

"Meng Meng, I can support you now!"

At the front of the mansion, Shi Shuning leaned against the car door, his eyes sparkling as he looked at Xiao Jinmeng. If he had a tail, it would surely be wagging happily.

Xiao Jinmeng ruffled his "doggy" head and praised generously, "I always knew Brother Shuning was the best!"

Shi Shuning pulled Xiao Jinmeng into his arms, kissed her cheek, and smiled, "So, doesn't Meng Meng have a reward for me?"

"A reward? Hmm..." Xiao Jinmeng stroked her chin, seemingly a bit conflicted.

Shi Shuning put on a pitiful expression, "Meng Meng, so you don't really care..."

Xiao Jinmeng burst into laughter. "Brother Shuning, you're terrible at playing the little puppy!"

Shi Shuning nodded thoughtfully, "Indeed. Then how about I try playing the big bad wolf? Hmm?"

Saying this, he scooped up Xiao Jinmeng in one move, sat her on the car hood, and planted a domineering kiss on her soft, jelly-like lips.

Xiao Jinmeng felt a bit shy but also loved this feeling. She wrapped her arms tightly around Shi Shuning's waist, passionately responding.

Just then, Xiao Yuanning, returning from school, witnessed this scene. He didn't know whether to leave or stay, and could only awkwardly cough once.

The sound startled the couple who were lost in their kiss. Xiao Jinmeng quickly buried her face in Shi Shuning's chest.

Shi Shuning stroked her head and turned towards Xiao Yuanning, laughing awkwardly, "Haha, Ning Ning, you're back from school..."

Xiao Yuanning rolled his eyes and glared fiercely at Shi Shuning. "You two, be careful. Mom and Dad will be back soon."

Then he hurriedly ran into the house.

Seeing his little brother-in-law enter the mansion, Shi Shuning began to comfort Xiao Jinmeng.

"It's okay, Meng Meng. Your brother's gone."

Xiao Jinmeng raised her blushing face, whining, "Ahhh, so embarrassing! My little brother saw us. He's so young, it's such a bad influence!"

Shi Shuning comforted her, "It's all my fault. We should've been in the car, not on it..."

Xiao Jinmeng gave him a hard kick, jumped off the hood, and pouted, "Lucky it was my brother who came back first. If Mom and Dad had seen, Dad would definitely chase you down, I'm telling you!"

"Alright, Brother Shuning, are you staying for dinner or going home?"

Shi Shuning quickly waved his hands, "I'd better go home. I won't stay for dinner."

Actually, Shi Shuning wanted to stay, but from the corner of his eye, he saw Xiao Yuanning at the mansion door, holding a gleaming fruit knife and making gestures at him. It seemed that if he said he'd stay, that knife would get intimately acquainted with him.

It wasn't that he was a coward; he just didn't want to make Meng Meng more embarrassed by staying.

After Shi Shuning left, Xiao Jinmeng returned to the mansion and saw her brother staring at her intently, looking like he had something to say but was holding back.

Xiao Jinmeng rubbed her nose, feeling a bit uneasy, and asked, "Little brother, do you have something to tell your sister?"

Xiao Yuanning nodded.

Xiao Jinmeng walked over and sat beside Xiao Yuanning, her voice soft and gentle: "Little brother, if you have anything to say, feel free to tell your sister. I will listen to everything, and leave nothing unsaid."

As long as it's not about what happened earlier...

Xiao Yuanning sighed, a hint of grievance in his tone: "Sister, you promised me that you would personally design my performance outfits for my concert, but my concert is coming up soon..."

Xiao Yuanning extended his hands in a plaintive gesture, palms facing upwards. "Sister, where are the clothes?"