The Malevolent Female Villain Turns Out to Be Me - C.168


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"Hey, does our Ning need to ride on someone else's popularity? Don't joke around, Ning is a walking traffic king himself!"

"Ah, yes yes yes, it's you Ning who is the hottest and most badass. So badass that you can't just stay in your own country and develop there, but had to come to Hua Country to make money. People are just easily fooled by you brainless foot-washing maids. You come here to earn money, but you only care about licking boots, ugh!"

"Hey, watch your language up there. He's just a fifteen-year-old kid. He hasn't done anything outrageous or harmful. He's been diligently bringing great works, and we fans like him - is there anything wrong with that? If you don't like him, don't watch him. If you don't like him but still have to watch him, you're either sick or shameless!"

When Ye Jinmeng finished her morning exams and returned to the dormitory to rest at noon, she took out her phone and opened Weibo, only to see the hot search about her younger brother.

Excited, she clicked in to see that most of the comments were words of encouragement and support from fans, with only a few hateful and slanderous remarks from trolls mixed in.

This made Ye Jinmeng furious.

Just as she was about to start cursing back, a video call came in from her "Future Caretaker."

As soon as the call connected, Shi Shuning saw the fuming Ye Jinmeng and nervously asked, "Meng, what's wrong? Did someone upset you?"

Ye Jinmeng snorted angrily, "My brother got insulted! Of course I'm angry!"

"There are actually people cursing at my brother on Weibo! If you hadn't called me, I would be bombarding them on Weibo right now!"

Shi Shuning naturally knew about the online incident, and comforted her, "Don't get angry, Meng. Leave this to me, I have a way to deal with it. You can't get angry, okay?"

Ye Jinmeng tilted her head, "Big Brother Shuning, what's your plan?"

Shi Shuning let out a sly laugh, "You'll know in a moment."

"After we hang up, you check Weibo again, I guarantee you'll be satisfied!"

"Really? You're not lying to me, are you?"

"Of course I'm not lying to you. After all, it concerns my future little brother-in-law. Babe, don't get upset with the online trolls. You have an exam this afternoon, so rest well at noon."

Only then did Ye Jinmeng let it go, "Okay, I trust Big Brother Shuning!"

"So Meng, when can you take me to visit Uncle Xiao and the others?" Shi Shuning had the expression of a big bad wolf.

"About that, hmm, let me ask them for a suitable time first. As long as you all have time, I'll take you there!"

"Alright, let me know in advance so I can prepare gifts!"

"Got it, Big Brother Shuning, mwah mwah mwah!"

Receiving Ye Jinmeng's big smooches, Shi Shuning beamed with joy. "Okay Meng, you go rest now. Set an alarm so you don't oversleep and miss your afternoon exam."

"Okay, good afternoon, Big Brother Shuning!"

After hanging up, Ye Jinmeng immediately went to Weibo and browsed through a few pages of comments. She then understood what Shi Shuning meant.

Those trolls who insulted Xiao Yuanning now had their insults turned back on themselves!

For example, "At such a young age, always hanging around in the entertainment circle instead of doing real work, seducing little girls, I wonder how his parents raised him!"

Became: "At my age, I was always seducing little girls. My parents had no idea how to educate me, so I just went astray!"

Or, "Heh, a boy who's like a little weak chick, a sissy. What's the use of being good-looking? Can he win a war?"

Became: "Heh, compared to him, I'm a little weak chick, a sissy. And on top of that, I'm not even good-looking. I'd just get stared down on the battlefield!"

And so on.

Importantly, even if the trolls tried to say the opposite, it would still be detected.

Ye Jinmeng was rolling on the bed laughing. She immediately opened WeChat and sent Shi Shuning a "You're awesome" sticker.

Shi Shuning replied with a shy sticker.

This was a little program, or rather, a virus that he developed immediately after realizing that Xiao Yuanning had a high chance of becoming his future brother-in-law, and it was virtually indestructible.

After all, he knew that Xiao Yuanning's career would inevitably attract some negative comments, so to please his future brother-in-law, he had worked really hard on this.

On the other side, Ye Junli and Xiao Yongze had already set the date for the family reunion banquet - next Saturday.

Xiao Yongze also told Policeman Shi about the fact that Ye Jinmeng was his biological daughter.

Ye Junli also informed Old Master Ye and Old Madam about this. The two elders were initially shocked, but quickly accepted the facts.

No matter what, as long as Meng still acknowledged them as her grandparents, they were still one family.

As for how the children of the Xiao and Ye families got switched at birth back then, it was too late to investigate. But it didn't matter anymore, as long as the children were safe and sound. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

The day of the family reunion banquet arrived quickly.

The two families booked the entire Yuxiang Pavilion and invited many guests, including reporters from several entertainment and economic news outlets.

Ye Jinmeng wore a blue formal dress, looking cute and gentle. Xu Wanwan wore a matching red formal dress, appearing passionate and domineering.

The moment the two appeared hand-in-hand, the entire venue exclaimed in awe.

"No wonder they're from the Xiao and Ye families, their demeanor is completely different!"

"If my daughter had even half of their poise, I'd be grinning from ear to ear in my dreams!"

"I wonder if the two young ladies have anyone they like. Should I have my son try his luck?"

Of course, there were also those whispering idle gossip.

"Back then, I thought Ye Jinmeng would be kicked out of the Ye family and become a village girl. I never expected her to become the little princess of X International! That's way grander than the Ye family!"

"Am I the only one who feels sorry for Xu Wanwan? She had a hard life since childhood, while Ye Jinmeng has always lived the life of a wealthy heiress. And now she's become even more privileged. It's so unfair."

"Hey, watch what you say, it won't be good if someone hears you!"

Those gossiping immediately shut their mouths.

Xiao Yongze took to the stage and spoke into the microphone, "Thank you all for taking the time to attend the Xiao and Ye family reunion banquet despite your busy schedules. I'm delighted that our daughters are able to return to our sides. We missed out on witnessing their growth, but from now on, we will bear witness to all their happiness..."

The family reunion banquet was combined with a birthday celebration, and some media outlets even live-streamed the event, attracting countless online viewers.

Netizens exclaimed, "So this is the happiness of the wealthy?" "So many celebrities!" "The two young ladies are so beautiful!" "Kill me and let me reincarnate to serve these two rich young mistresses!"

When Xiao Yuanning appeared as the Young Master Xiao, his fans went crazy with comments popping up.

"I knew my brother was the Xiao heir!" "Prophetess, stab me now!"

At the same time, because Xiao Wenyao had used his villa as collateral for a loan before, the villa was now sealed due to the criminal case, so Liu Lawyer took Jian Hongmei to live in his vacant one-bedroom apartment.

Besides providing normal three meals a day and living necessities, and meeting some requests from Jian Hongmei, Liu Lawyer did not interfere much with her life.

Now Jian Hongmei was also viewing the live stream of the two families' reunion banquet on her phone, and her expression flickered with a momentary daze.

"Their daughter didn't die? It was actually Ye Jinmeng? What's going on?" Jian Hongmei was perplexed.

Looking at the live broadcast showing the happy family of four laughing, an intense hatred welled up from the bottom of her heart.

"My husband is in jail, I'm homeless, and I have to live in this shabby place, yet you're laughing so happily - how dare you!"

Her nails dug deep into her palms, but she seemed to feel no pain.

"Xiao Yongze, Song Jiaxi, I won't let you be happy!"