The Main Characters That Only I Know - C.270:


I didn’t fight with a sense of heroism from the start.

I fought because I wanted to live, and I tried to avoid any fight if I could.

But, as I went through many things, I realized an important fact.

There was no fight in the realm that I could avoid.

The fights that I thought I avoided were just the ones that I lost by bowing my head in fear.

So, I joined the final battle.

To not lose anymore.

[Do you want to purchase these skills?]

“All of them.”

I spent all the points I had to strengthen my power. I even bought the skills that I had coveted, but were too expensive to afford.

And then, I threw myself into the fierce battlefield where the Knight of Apocalypse and Choi Do-yoon were fighting.

Choi Do-yoon, who never showed any sign of wavering, slightly widened his eyes.

“Kang Yu-hyun…? How did you get here?”

“Never mind that. I came to help, so just accept it.”

“You’re a hindrance. You should stay away from here.”

“Since when did you care about me?”

I ignored Choi Do-yoon’s words and charged at the Knight of the Apocalypse.

The Knight of Apocalypse was indeed strong.

I thought I had become stronger by pouring out all the points I had collected, but he easily blocked my attacks.

I felt the pain in my bones as I realized how weak I was.

‘I know. That I’m weak. That it was a stretch for me to join this fight of gods.’

But, so what?

Even if I was weak, even if I was nothing but a bug to him.

I could still attack him like a bug, couldn’t I?


My sword scratched the knight’s shoulder for the first time.

It was nothing more than a scratch on his cloak, but the Knight of Apocalypse exploded in anger for the first time.

He swung his spear.

‘Here it comes!’

I held my sword horizontally and blocked the falling spear.

At that moment, the knight’s power activated.


As soon as it touched the spear, my sword corroded and crumbled like dust.

‘My weapon…!’

It was not a mythic or legendary weapon, but at least a heroic one. But it couldn’t last even a second against the Knight of Apocalypse’s power.

The monster that symbolized decay, apocalypse, and death was so strong that he could easily destroy even a heroic weapon.

He withdrew his spear and stabbed at me.

I lost my balance because of losing my weapon.

In the slow-flowing time, only the Knight of Apocalypse moved fast.

‘I can’t dodge it.’

I felt it instinctively.

That this was where I would die.

But still.

‘I bought some time.’

I smiled defiantly at the Knight of Apocalypse. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

A red glow burst out from inside his skull-shaped helmet. A black shadow stretched out like a needle as he pierced my abdomen with his spear.


My organs were damaged in an instant, and soon after, his power activated.

My wound rotted, festered, and decayed.

I felt my organs slowly deteriorate from his curse.

I couldn’t resist the force of his thrust and my body flew back miserably.

Even in the agonizing pain that made me lose my mind, I didn’t close my eyes.

I glared at the Knight of Apocalypse with wide-open eyes and thought,

‘I made an opportunity. Now it’s your turn.’

I saw a man running towards him beyond him.

The momentary gap that I created by sacrificing my life.

The knight was retrieving his spear when Choi Do-yoon swung his sword at his head.

At the same time, my vision turned upside down and

[You have passed the 99th trial.]

With that message, I felt my body hit a ruin far away.


Blood flowed out with my cough.

What happened next was no different from Yu-hyun’s memory.

Choi Do-yoon came to find Yu-hyun, and Yu-hyun sensed his own doom and sent him away.

Everyone headed to the designated place as the next trial was ready to begin.

No one looked back at Yu-hyun.

Yu-hyun looked down at his own death with bitterness.

“This was my end. I died without anyone knowing.”

Kwon Jia muttered incredulously.

“He died… to save people.”

This man could have survived until the end of this apocalyptic trial.

But he refused to do so, and joined an impossible fight, only to meet his demise.

“It wasn’t just to save them. It was my fight. It was my small fight against this world, in my own way, with what I could do.”

There was no regret on Yu-hyun’s face.

“And I won that fight.”

But he still had regrets.

If only he had realized it sooner, or if only he had been stronger.

Why did he learn this important fact only now?

“Let’s go. This is the end of this realm’s story.”

With his death, the memories of this place would cease to exist.

It was a realm that should have ended with Seoha’s death, but it lasted until here with Yu-hyun’s stubbornness and will.

Now that was the limit too, but Yu-hyun decided to be satisfied.

“Huh? Wait, look over there.”

Then Seosumin called out to Yu-hyun.

Everyone’s eyes followed her finger.

“Huh? That kid…”

“The little one who was born in the apocalypse.”

Seojunsu looked around and then quickly ran to Yu-hyun.

He saw Yu-hyun dying and tears welled up in his eyes, then he held Yu-hyun’s hand that was reaching for the sky as his eyes closed.

Yu-hyun silently watched him.

He didn’t know how that kid found him.

But Seojunsu was clearly saying this to him.

“Thank you. Hyung.”

Did he hear that?

Yu-hyun smiled faintly with a blurry face and closed his eyes.

At the same time, the realm turned into letters and disappeared.

Yu-hyun couldn’t take his eyes off that sight with trembling pupils.

‘I see.’

He thought no one knew his efforts.

And he thought he died alone in a place where no one knew him.

‘At the end, there was someone who stayed by my side.’

The moment he realized that fact.

The nightmare finally ended.

“Everyone. Please wait a moment.”

Now that everything was liberated.

Yu-hyun released the power of the fruit that he had absorbed and suppressed.

White letters filled up around him in an instant, and Yu-hyun took out two things from them.

The fruit of wisdom and nectar.

Yu-hyun sat down without hesitation and pushed them into his mouth.

The fruit of wisdom and nectar, and the fruit of the Divine Spirit.

These three combined and pushed each other back and forth until they stabilized.

A perfect balance.

The power that stopped colliding became calm like a lake at dawn.

Then the three powers slowly mixed together.

The different powers that could not be mixed originally fit together like a puzzle and formed a perfect harmony.

That was the pure power itself without any impurities.

That power seeped into Yu-hyun’s flesh.

[You have consumed the fruit of wisdom.]

[You have consumed nectar.]

[You have consumed ???'s fruit.]

[Your body becomes extremely strong.]

[Your muscles take on the optimal shape.]

[Your vessel becomes strong enough to hold all power.]

[The ultimate physical power settles in your body.]

His body had already become stronger with just one fruit of life, but the change didn’t end there.

Beyond Heaven (???).

Beyond the most perfect form, Yu-hyun’s body began to transform into the ultimate form.


The subtle changes in his body accompanied by enlightenment. But those small changes were the last step that no one could reach.

The change was not limited to the physical aspect.

The biggest change was in the mental aspect.

In this horrible nightmare of an illusion, Yu-hyun accepted everything he saw, heard, and felt with his eyes, ears, and body.

He overcame everything he accepted with his own power.

Reality or illusion, it did not matter.

Even if they were fake, they all had important meanings for him.

[The power to cross the boundary between reality and illusion dwells in your body.]


A black mask covered Yu-hyun’s face.

Four hollow holes.

Only two of them shone with the power of Laplace and Maxwell.

The remaining two pupils of the mask began to glow.

[You have acquired the fragment of Descartes’ demon.]

[You have acquired the fragment of Darwin’s demon.]

At the same time, Laplace and Maxwell reacted as if welcoming their comrades.

[New fragment acquired.]

[TYPE: Descartes]

[TYPE: Darwin]

[Synchronization complete.]

Descartes’ demon

Darwin’s demon.

Two new powers were added, and soon the other four powers merged into one.

The four eyes of the mask exploded with light and soon the incomplete mask that did not even have a name transformed into a complete being.

[The mask of Aporia]

At the same time, the white sphere that wrapped around Yu-hyun’s body turned black as if ink had spilled over it and then shattered as if a hammer had struck it.

Black glass-like fragments fluttered in the air.

From inside, Yu-hyun, who was floating in the air, slowly landed on the ground.

The three people were overwhelmed by the sight.

Even Seo Sumin, who saw the mask with four eyes glowing, forgot to breathe for a moment.

“Come out.”

As Yu-hyun in the mask commanded, black text flowed from his body and covered the ground thickly.

Thousands, tens of thousands of black letters piled up and soon formed four shapes.

The first one to reveal its appearance was a man dressed like an 18th-century nobleman, wearing a wide-brimmed hat with feathers and a bizarre mask on his face.

His clothes, mask, and hat were all pitch-black like darkness.

Laplace’s demon, who saw the future, immediately knelt on one knee in front of Yu-hyun.

[Behold. Our great master has appeared.]

The second one to reveal its appearance was a man wearing a refined suit.

He also wore a different mask than the first one and especially wore black gauntlets on both hands that held a cane, which looked like devil’s hands.

Maxwell’s demon, who tuned possibilities, also knelt on one knee in front of Yu-hyun.

[You have pierced through impossible possibilities and descended into reality.]

The third one to reveal its appearance was a being wearing a thick black suit.

He wore a mask on his face that looked like a bird’s beak, and his collar area was full of black feathers.

Another peculiarity was the crow’s wings attached to his back.

Descartes’ demon, who wandered between reality and illusion, bowed his head.

[I greet you as an humble servant of uncertainty.]

The last demon to reveal its appearance was more than three times larger than the other demons.

Its upper body was disproportionately huge compared to its lower body. Its thick and majestic arms were so long that they touched the ground. Unlike the other demons who had human shapes, it looked more like a gorilla.

It wore a black military uniform with a cloak on one side.

Like the other demons, it wore a mask and had a train conductor’s hat on its head.

Darwin’s demon, who possessed ultimate vitality, worshiped Yu-hyun with awkward words.

[Darwin. Serve. Master.]

Laplace who saw the future

Maxwell who tuned possibilities

Descartes who wandered between reality and illusion

Darwin who possessed ultimate vitality

Four demons symbolizing uncertainty and impossibility gathered in one place.

And they all bowed to Yu-hyun at the same time.

As if blessing the birth of a true error of this era.

“Well then. Shall we go out?”

Soon after, the Mental Realm disappeared with a white light.

Unlike usual, the system itself did not crash so there was no point reward for clearing it but

Yu-hyun did not bother to complain.

He had obtained the complete power of Aporia here after all.

‘But I’m not going out even though I cleared the Mental realm.’

Yu-hyun narrowed his eyes inside the mask.

He guessed why it happened like this.

‘Did he clear the first realm of ideas right after trapping us in the second realm of ideas?’

What happens to the second Mental Realm that is not cleared in that case?

The result was right now.

‘I was drifting in the gap between dimensions. That strange place.’

The outside world right now was neither a complete material world nor a complete mixed world, but an ambiguous place.

The reason why I didn’t leave even though the Mental Realm was cleared was because of that.

Mixed WorldMental Realm, Genesis system.

In a realm where everything fits perfectly and rolls, the situation that Yu-hyun was in right now was nothing but an error.

‘It’s interesting.’

It was a kind of bug-like play to be banished to this place where the system couldn’t reach.

But there was something that the other side forgot, and that was that Yu-hyun was now the error of this realm itself.

He could see this bizarre situation as if he was looking at his own front yard.


[Yes, master.]

Darwin knew what command Yu-hyun would give.

His arms moved and he gripped the air firmly.


[I understand. My master.]

Maxwell put away his cane and brought his finger to the air that Darwin had gripped with his hand wearing a black gauntlet.

Then the air cracked with a squeak and split into an oval shape.

“Descartes. Guide me.”

[Yes, master.]


The black wings on Descartes’ back spread wide.

Soon Descartes went inside, and Yu-hyun and his party followed him.

The boundary between matter and story.

It was a space where it seemed like all the things and people in the realm turned into letters and became stories wandering around.

In that place where various colors were mixed, texts made up of sentences, words, or large paragraphs floated irregularly in the air.

The party that had been wandering inside soon arrived at the place where Descartes stopped.

[This is it, master.]

“I see.”

Yu-hyun answered like that and stepped forward.

It was time to test this new power he had finally acquired.

The demons cleared the way for him.

“Let’s start with something light.”

Yu-hyun took out Baekryeon and changed it into a sword shape.

“Let’s find the way first.”

And then, he slashed down the air.