The Main Characters That Only I Know - C.262:


“Senior? Senior!”

Celine, who was helping with the relay of the library, trembled her lips in panic as the communication with Yu-hyun suddenly cut off completely.

‘What on earth?’

Celine believed that the Genesis system was flawless.

How could there be any flaw in the only order of the genesis system that even the great beings of the stars could not defy?

But right now, in front of her eyes, the shell of that perfection was peeled off.

Something solid that she had believed in until now collapsed like a sandcastle soaked in water.

[The Divine Spirits are asking what the hell is going on.]

[Some Divine Spirits are angry and demand to be connected to the story quickly.]

As soon as Yu-hyun and his party disappeared, the Divine Spirits who were looking forward to the upcoming battle went into a frenzy.

Even Celine, who was competent, could not stop the flow when more than 10,000 Divine Spirits gave themselves to anger.

But fortunately, there were many rational Divine Spirits in that library.

[The one who laughs in the darkest place donated 100TP!]


With one word from Satan, most of the Divine Spirits who were about to spam messages shut their mouths.

He only said one word, but the library that was about to explode like a volcano froze as if it had met a cold ice age.

There were not many who could refuse the dignity of a first-generation Divine Spirit.

Of course, there were also those who did not hide their emotions.

And they were one of those who had the same authority and power as Satan, a first-generation Divine Spirit.

[“The struggle that was not worshiped screams loudly” that he can’t stand this.]

The struggle that was not worshiped.

Ares, one of the twelve Olympian gods, was a Divine Spirit who had pride that pierced the sky and confidence in his own power from the beginning.

He had recently shown interest in Yu-hyun’s library at the recommendation of his younger brother Hermes, but he was furious as he couldn’t see the story he expected, let alone a system error occurred.

And that insignificant black snake even ordered him to be quiet as if he was the best, which hurt Ares’ pride as a matter of course.


[The one who resembles the brightest light donated 100TP!]

[Maintain your dignity that suits your position.]

Michael, who usually lived like an enemy with Satan, pointed out Ares and stepped forward.

No matter how Ares was, he could not be stubborn about his pride any more in Eden’s war.

What surprised him more was that Eden had the same idea as Pandemonium.

Wasn’t Eden the place where even if Pandemonium said white was white, he would grit his teeth and say no?

Especially Michael’s hostility towards Satan was so indescribable that he heard it, but when he actually saw it, it wasn’t at all.

Eden and Pandemonium, and Yu-hyun’s library.

Ares realized that there was something there and quickly shut his mouth.

He was stupid and dull who only knew how to fight, but he learned something called learning by being beaten by his wise younger sister.

“Phew. That’s a relief.”

Celine sighed with relief at the sight.

The atmosphere of the library had already left her hands and it couldn’t have gotten any worse, but thanks to the help of two first-generation Divine Spirits, she barely regained stability.

After putting out the urgent fire, Celine became more worried.

What on earth happened to Yu-hyun and his party right now?

Celine closed her eyes and prayed earnestly for them to come back safely.


“What do you mean by Yu-hyun’s nightmare?”

Kang Hye-rim couldn’t understand what Yu-hyun meant by that.

What is a nightmare, and what is this horrible realm?

Surely, this terrible sight was something she had never seen before, but she felt some familiarity somewhere.

‘As if it’s like old Seoul…’

It was almost completely destroyed and only traces of it remained barely, but Kang Hye-rim’s excellent eye instinctively recognized where this place was.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t accept it right away because her reason refused to accept this reality as it is.

Seo Sumin also had a bad expression on her face.

“A nightmare. I need an explanation.”

“…I guess so.”

As soon as Yu-hyun said that, a loud siren sounded from afar.


The noisy sound that rang in their ears made them wonder what on earth was going on and each prepared to fight.

It was a great attitude, but Yu-hyun stopped them by raising his hand.

“First of all, let’s move. This place is too open.”

He said so and moved without hesitation as if he knew this geography.

The three people followed Yu-hyun with curiosity.

[Hey, Yu-hyun. This place is…]

Baekryeon recognized what this place was right away.

How could he not know? It was the same scenery that he had seen countless times, when he first received the engraving from Yu-hyun and awakened his sealed self, when he glimpsed his memories that flowed like a panorama.

“That’s right. This place is a mental realm made from my worst memories.”

Yu-hyun said it casually, but he was secretly amazed.

Who would have thought that he would be dragged into this nightmare realm by force?

There was a clue.

The day he headed to the association with Yoo Young-min, Yu-hyun had confirmed the nightmare realm of a homeless man.

“This realm is based on the most terrible memories I have.”

[…Are you okay?]

“So far, yes. But the most embarrassing thing for me right now is…”

Yu-hyun looked back and checked if his companions were following him well.

“That I dragged them into this place too.”

And, why did his golden fragment lead him to this place?

[What are you going to do? Are you going to tell them?]

“I can’t avoid it now that I’m here.”

He would have been fine if he was alone, but they were already caught up in the nightmare together.

He had no choice but to tell them the truth that he had hidden until now.

“Here we are. This place should be safe.”

The place they arrived at was an underground parking lot under a ruined building that was not touched by the red wind.

It was in a precarious state that could collapse at any time, but it was much safer than staying outside.

Yu-hyun sat down on the debris piled up on the floor.

The three people who were watching him also found their seats.

Only four people were in the dark underground parking lot.

The ceiling crumbled slightly.

The wind blowing from outside sounded like a beast howling from afar. Mixed with it was a pitiful sound like the screams of dead people.

Yu-hyun felt nostalgia in this scenery that should have been unfamiliar to him.

Ah, I have returned to hell again. He felt such an emotion and opened his mouth.

“You must have a lot of questions.”

Yu-hyun spoke first, but no one answered, only looking at him.

Even that brazen Kwon Jia, even that self-esteem lump Seo Sumin.

No one in this place did not know that the words he was about to say were heavy and dark enough for them to accept.

“Actually, I wanted to hide this truth for the rest of my life. It’s not something I can casually tell anyone, and in this era, saying something like this would definitely have an impact, big or small.”


“But not saying anything here would be like ignoring you who trusted me.”

He felt a sense of responsibility that they should know what they should know.

Yu-hyun calmly put his truth in his mouth.

“I was a human in my previous life.”



The reactions of Kang Hye-rim and Seo Sumin, except for Know Jia who knew the truth, were truly dramatic.

Even Seo Sumin, who would not be surprised by anything, widened her eyes.

“And the world I lived in was this Earth.”

Yu-hyun told them one by one the stories of his past.

How the boy who had dreams became an adult, how the world changed.

And what choices he had to make to survive in that changed hell.

His words were short and his voice had no intonation.

They could not convey the emptiness of a being that was contained within him.

But Yu-hyun calmly told the truth, as if this was the best he could do.

“And, this place is a possible future realm that we might face someday. It’s a nightmare from my past, but it might be your future.”


Just then, the siren sounded again.

Yu-hyun’s eyes sank as he knew what it meant.

“The trial will begin soon. The siren means that the trial is now over 90 times.”

And, if this place was really the one he remembered as the most horrific.

Then this trial would surely be that time…

“Hey! Over here! I saw them go in!”

“Are you sure you saw them right?”

“Yeah. They were definitely from another group!”

The sound of conversation came from not far away, and then intruders broke into the underground parking lot where the party was staying.

They looked miserable, as if they hadn’t eaten or washed properly, but their eyes were more vicious than anyone else’s.

They didn’t seem to have come with good intentions, no matter how they looked at them.

There were hardly any people with good intentions in this realm anyway.

They spotted Yu-hyun’s party and grinned, showing their yellow teeth.

“Wow. This is a jackpot. I never thought I’d meet stragglers in a place like this.”

“I told you! And there are some eye-catching beauties too!”

“I’ll take the one with white hair! I’ve decided on her!”

They spat out blatant hostility and chatted excitedly among themselves, while the other three people, except Yu-hyun, frowned.

“Do you see? This is how people who survived in this realm talk. They don’t hesitate to trample and kill others for their own survival and desires.”

“What? What is that kid saying?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s asking us to kill him first?”

The intruders laughed and approached with their weapons in hand. Yu-hyun’s party also took out their weapons, not willing to take it lying down.


Lightning swirled around Kang Hye-rim’s body, turning her hair white.

She took the lead and swung her sword at the head of the man who had blatantly ogled her, intending to cut it off.

A strike of swift speed that was invisible to the eye.

But surprisingly, the man in front reacted and blocked her attack.


The weapons collided and sparks flew. The two looked at each other with astonishment.

Kang Hye-rim was surprised that he blocked her attack, and he was surprised that she was stronger than he thought.

“Hye-rim. Don’t let your guard down. They may look like vagrants, but they are people who have somehow survived the trials of the apocalypse.”

Even if there was a big gap in power among the survivors, those who survived more than 90 trials had at least the strength of a mid-level collector. 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

And if they were the kind of people who preyed on others like that, they were almost on par with high-level collectors.

And the apocalypse was a place where even high-level collectors died like flies because of how dangerous it was.

In other words,

This realm was a place where you could become incredibly strong if you just survived, no matter how horrible it was.

The party became more tense at his words, but Yu-hyun stood up and stepped forward.

“Isn’t it enough now? Anyway, while we’re doing this to each other, other guys are running around trying to get the fruits.”

“That, that’s…”

“Or do you want to fight to the death here? That would be great. If we fight each other, then hyenas who are waiting for that will swarm in. Can you handle that?”


Most people who survived in this realm had their own guidelines for survival.

And among them, there was one thing that most people commonly thought of.

Don’t fight if you can’t win for sure.

If you fight at an uncertain level, you will inevitably cause damage to your allies, and that will lead to a loss of strength.

The weak can’t survive in the apocalypse. They will only end up being eaten by others.

The wanderers knew that, so they bit their lips and withdrew their weapons.

“Hey, let’s stop. This place doesn’t seem right. Let’s get out of here.”

They all seemed to be waiting for that word, as they put away their weapons and slowly backed away from the parking lot. They still glared at us with fierce eyes, as if they couldn’t shake off their regret, but that was all.

When the wanderers completely disappeared from our sight, our tense group also relaxed their shoulders.

“Wow, you looked weak, but you were more skilled than I thought. I was surprised.”

“I think Hye-rim would have won if we fought. But it would have taken a lot of time. You know what? In the apocalypse, everyone becomes strong like that. They have no choice but to become strong.”

“More importantly, you mentioned something about a fruit when you chased them away. What is that?”

For Kwon Jia, this was the first time she had faced more than 90 trials.

She had either died before the apocalypse started, or failed to survive past the early stages.

The longest she had lasted in her previous lives was less than 90 trials.

More than 90 trials were almost like a vague illusion to her.

“The fruit is related to the current trial. It’s not really a fruit, but everyone just calls it that.”

“What is it that…”

“It’s the 98th trial of the apocalypse. ‘Harvesting the fruit’.”

And this 98th trial was the one that changed everything for Yu-hyun in his previous life.