The Main Characters That Only I Know - C.232:


Chapter 232

Naminhyuk realized, belatedly after having a conversation with him, that the person who saved him was not a devil but just a man wearing a mask.

Th-thank you for saving me.

He had never said a word of gratitude to his parents in his life, feeling too embarrassed, but now he said it so naturally.

Well, he did save his life, so it wouldnt be strange even if he knelt down and bowed his head.

More than anything, that man was strong. Very strong.

He knocked down those cult followers with a speed that was invisible to the eye. Seeing his unbelievable physical abilities, he was sure that he was a collector, and a very high-ranked one at that.

Why would someone like him be here?

He had been ignoring them anyway, since they were people from another world that had nothing to do with him, but who would have thought that he would run into him in a place like this.

Moreover, while talking to him, he found out that this collector also came to the cults headquarters for a similar purpose as him.

Its still dangerous, though.

What is?

Inside there. There are people like collectors in there.

Like collectors? What do you mean by that?

Well, you see

Naminhyuk knew that he was bad at explaining things, but he really had no other way to express it.

Theyre not real collectors. That leader, the leader

Park Moonchul, you mean?

Yes? Yes. Thats right. Park Moonchul. He said he brought miracles.

The eyes behind the mask narrowed.

Naminhyuks words matched what he had read in the book of the terrorist suspect.

The miracle that Park Moonchul had brought down. It said that there was something that could turn ordinary people into collectors.

Turning ordinary people into collectors by force? Thats something that never happened even in my previous life.

If he had to question whether it was possible or not, it didnt seem impossible.

Right after the apocalypse, everyone without exception awakened as collectors or something similar.

It wouldnt be strange if such a case happened after this second phantasm shock.

But still, why did such a power fall into the hands of an extremist cult leader? And why does he use it so naturally?

[But does it matter anyway? Whatever he did, it doesnt change what you have to do, right?]

Yeah. Nothing changes.

As Baekryeon advised him.

No matter what truth was revealed, Yu-hyuns task would not change.

He would deal with Park Moonchul, the mastermind behind this incident that hurt Yura.

His intense will did not lose any of its brightness.

A being like Park Moonchul who had obtained an undeserved power was a scourge that devoured this world.

Just by existing and breathing, they caused many people to suffer and agonize.

He caused a terror attack and then clearly drew a line between himself and it. Hes not someone who acts without thinking, but someone who has a brain.

The more evil a person is, the more secretive their crimes become, but the scale becomes larger.

And under the weight of those crimes, there are always the screams of powerless ordinary people.

This young man in front of him, Naminhyuk, would have died without anyone knowing if he hadnt come here today.

Do you know what the leader is doing right now?

That bastard, hes probably done with his speech about miracles or whatever and getting ready to receive sexual favors from his followers.

That was why Naminhyuk tried his best to save his girlfriend.

It wasnt a simple delusion.

Naminhyuk actually felt something when he sneaked into the cult headquarters. And on top of that, those who resisted were locked up in solitary cells.

He tried to check more closely but got caught and ran away.

That was what happened just before.

Naminhyuk remembered that and became anxious.

My girlfriend is inside there. I have to go quickly and stop Park Moonchul, or I dont know what will happen.

Naminhyuk bit his lips hard as if they were trembling from imagining it.

Is it not possible after all? Yeah, of course it is. Why would someone as strong as him help someone as insignificant as me?

Get up.

Yes, yes?

But the thing that Nam Minhyuk feared did not happen.

The demon, instead of killing him, grabbed his hand and helped him stand up.

You dont have to beg me like that. Thats not a request, thats a plea. You just have to say, lets do this together, and Ill help you.

Me, me with you?

Do you not want to?

Its not that I dont want to, but I dont know if I can

What if you can?

The demons faint voice jolted Nam Minhyuks mind.

If you can, would you really do it?

If I can.

Nam Minhyuk repeated those words in his heart several times.

If I can, who wouldnt do it? Who wouldnt do it because they didnt want to?

If possible, if only I could. He felt like kicking his chair and storming into the headquarters of that cult right now.

I want to

Then Im glad.

The demon smiled.

Nam Minhyuk could only describe it that way, even though the other was wearing a mask.

He felt an illusion that the red eyes shining brightly in the darkness curved like a crescent moon hidden by the clouds for a moment.

Yu-hyun, who read Nam Minhyuks will, smiled contentedly.

He did not open his library right now.

He came here alone without telling anyone.

Even the stars in the sky could not hear their conversation or see their faces.

If the spirits saw this scene, they would have mocked Nam Minhyuk.

Weak, pathetic, and a pushover.

He couldnt even save his precious lover properly, and he was begging for help.

But, was that really true? Was Nam Minhyuk really a despicable human being?

Sacrificing ones dignity and kneeling before someone to protect something precious is never easy.

That means one is desperate and earnest.

Only that can give one the motivation to move forward.

To have the conviction to overcome hardships and difficulties in order to achieve something as a powerless person.

To show that iron-like strong will.

How beautiful is that?

Lets go. Lets save the people and punish the crazy cult.


Park Mooncheols life was simple.

He had been living a life of plundering from others since he came of age.

He used his natural intelligence to manipulate and control stupid people. Religion was the most reliable means and tool for him to rule over humans.

Thats how he realized that this tool in his hand became stronger when the world of thought emerged and the existence of God was proven.

People praised him and bowed their heads to him.

The funny thing was that Park Mooncheol had no faith or belief in himself. He only believed in his own power that he held right now.

He was the king here. No, king was not enough to describe him.

Gods representative. He called himself that so often that it stuck to his mouth.

In this sect, Park Mooncheol believed that he was God without doubt.

But, you still havent caught that runaway rat?

Ah, yes. But well catch him soon. He cant escape in the dark forest anyway.

Secretary Kim. Thats not what I want to hear. The important thing is, a heretic has sneaked into my sacred territory.

Park Moon-chul was not in a good mood.

There had been a few times before when reporters or police came to investigate this place, but he had quashed them all with his power.

Anyway, they only investigated superficial things, and he was confident that they wouldnt find anything even if they searched.

But this time, a rat had entered and seen what Park Moon-chul had been hiding like a sore spot.

He didnt know if he really saw it. But Park Moon-chul guessed that he did.

He said so, and from the perspective of the believers, they had no choice but to believe him.

How did the heretic get in here?

Well, it seems that Mr. Kims daughter contacted him.

Oh, that woman?

Park Moon-chul recalled the woman who had boldly come to him a while ago and demanded him to release her father.

How flustered he was when she confronted him face to face, calling him a cultist or something.

But Park Moon-chul treated her well.

There was only one reason: she was pretty.

If he had known that Mr. Kims daughter was so pretty, he would have noticed her sooner.

He thought so and locked her up in a separate room for the time being.

He did that, but he never thought that she would secretly contact the outside from inside.

Park Moon-chul felt annoyed as he thought that the rat came in because of her.

He should have vented his anger on Mr. Kims daughter, who was the source of all this trouble, but Park Moon-chul didnt want to hurt her for some reason and turned his arrow elsewhere.

Call Mr. Kim.

Ive already made him wait. Hey. Bring him in.

The door opened and two burly men dragged in a shabby middle-aged man.

He was a believer whom even other guards called Mr. Kim without knowing his name.

O, oh great representative of God.

Mr. Kim looked like he didnt know what to do with himself as he was dragged here. Park Moon-chul felt worse just by looking at this shabby man.

How dare you look into the eyes of Gods representative!?

Im s-sorry!

It was a sight that would be unbelievable even with open eyes in modern times, but everyone here acted as if they were used to it and showed no reaction.

Do you know what your daughter did? She brought a heretic into our sanctuary. A heretic! Dont you know how big of a sin that is!

O-oh, Im sorry. Ill teach her a lesson.

No. Its too late to regret now. The childs fault is the parents fault.

A cruel smile formed on Park Moon-chuls lips. Mr. Kim was not stupid enough to not know what his words meant.

G-great representative! Please spare me! I-I didnt do anything wrong!

How could he not know? But Mr. Kim had no money left after giving it all to him.

That meant that Mr. Kim was now useless trash to Park Moon-chul.

Drag him out.

Park Moon-chul didnt bother to hide his annoyance as he watched Mr. Kim being dragged out while crying and sniffling. But he soon brightened up his face. After all, that man left behind a pretty child, and what better compensation could there be?

He sent out his secretary and picked up the phone in his room.

Hey, its me. Bring that woman I locked up to my bedroom. If she resists too much, use drugs.

Park Moon-chul ended the call and immediately returned to his personal room next to the office.

He took a shower first, humming and singing a nasal song.

He grinned wickedly, looking forward to the upcoming deal.

That was when it happened.

The light in the bathroom went out and his vision went dark. 𝔣𝔯𝔒𝔒𝔴𝔒𝖇𝖓𝔬𝖛𝔒𝔩.π–ˆπ”¬π–’

What? Damn it. Whats going on?

He hurriedly put on a gown and came out, only to find out that not only the shower room, but also all the other lights were off. Could it be a blackout? What are those guys who manage the generators doing?

Park Moon-chul came out to the office to check what was going on. He tried to contact someone by phone.

If only there was no one sitting there.

Wha-what? Who are you?

He became cautious when he saw a black figure sitting cross-legged on the luxurious leather chair he usually sat on.

The moment he saw his blurry silhouette, illuminated by the faint light coming through the stained glass of various colors, Park Moon-chul could only mutter like an idiot.

Ah, a devil?

Two horns sprouting from both sides of the mask, sharp teeth, and red eyes.

A black suit, black gloves, and black shoes.

It was as if he was looking at a devil.

At that moment, two red glows like burning hellfire turned toward Park Moon-chul.

Sit down.

In the center of the room, there was a chair that he didnt know when he had left.