The Main Characters That Only I Know - C.228:


Chapter 228

I remained silent under the malicious attention.

To be precise, I deliberately ignored it and pretended not to see it.

The other party was a monster that corrupted even the origin of existence.

From the fact that he named himself Mischief, I could tell how much playfulness was behind his actions.

So, I didnt give him any attention. I consistently ignored him.

That was all I could do.

Id rather focus on something else. It would be more comfortable for my mind.

Besides Mischief, who was at the edge of greed, I also paid attention to other famous visitors.

[The Golden Bird of Heaven glares at you with fierce eyes.]

As a second-generation spirit belonging to the Rigveda League, his original name was Garuda.

He was the swift scout and the excellent warrior of Rigveda, who carried the sun on his back and swallowed snakes.

Although he was a second-generation spirit, he was known to be as powerful as the first-generation ones, and he was called the best among the eight gods.

Rigveda also sent a big shot. They sent Garuda, who is the personal mount of Vishnu, the guardian of all things.

From the perspective of the League, it would be embarrassing if they sent a spirit with low fame and recognition for their first visit.

They might say that its not a big deal to visit Shiwas Library, but when they reached the level of the League, they cared about such seemingly trivial things.

Olympus also seemed to have that in mind when they sent one.

[The winged marker of the messenger looks at you with interest.]

He belonged to Olympus League and was one of the twelve Pantheon members who were first-generation spirits.

He wore a wide-brimmed hat with wings and winged shoes, and held a staff with two snakes coiled around it.

He was a mischievous shepherd boy.

Everyone knew him as Hermes.

He was also a very fast spirit, and I had a silly thought that they sent him for that reason.

As I looked at the other spirits calmly,

I felt sorry for those who didnt catch my eye, but there were already 12,000 spirits gathered here.

Naturally, there were ranks among them.

And the ones who caught my eye were only the peculiar and outstanding ones from the Leagues.

They were people who even those who didnt know about myths had heard of at least once.

They naturally exuded their presence.

The third-generation spirits and below were gradually crushed by their atmosphere.

The mood was fine when there was only one first-generation spirit to control it, but now that there are many first-generation spirits, the mood is completely dead.

As I stroked my chin and wondered how to break this mood, one spirit sent a message directly.

[The Thundering God donated 1,000TP!]

[Whats up with this room? Why is it like this? Did someone try to eat something? Just relax and have fun.]

The message window shook once with the appearance of the new spirit.

It was the same for me.

The Thundering God, who had such an arrogant name, was a spirit I had explained to Baekryeon before.

The Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Sun Wukong.

He was the founder and de facto leader of the Demon King Alliance, which consisted of a very small number of members.

He had both a bad reputation and a great reputation that matched his self-made arrogant name, and he was also qualified enough to do so.

I didnt expect that even the Demon King Alliance would show up here.

The spirits started to look around more nervously.

[Hey, relax, okay? There are so many numbers here, it looks fun. Why is everyone so down?]

[The One Who Laughs in the Darkest Place donated 1,000TP!]

[We are all equal viewers in this room anyway. Theres no need to be careful or anything like that. Just enjoy yourselves purely as he said. If anyone tries to give you trouble or something like that here, Ill step in personally. Dont worry.]

[The Thundering God donated 1,000TP!]

[Ill add one too.]

It was Satan and Sun Wukong who told them to enjoy themselves freely.

They even added that they would protect them in case of any disadvantage.

Only then did the third-generation spirits who had been watching start to send messages one by one.

The mood that had been heavy due to the appearance of the named ones gradually loosened up and regained its previous vitality.

The viewers themselves showed self-regulation, so I felt no need to intervene and felt proud.

Yeah. Even if they say to do it, they wont cause trouble in a place where there are so many spirits.

I felt relieved, but I couldnt completely scratch out the lingering anxiety.

Mischief didnt seem to have any intention of acting conspicuously from the beginning.

He just quietly watched this side.

His gaze that touched my skin was heavy and calm.

I couldnt read the meaning behind his calmness, which was like a tangled thread.


The runaway of the world of thoughts that occurred in various places around the world.

No one didnt know what it meant. It didnt matter if there were people who didnt know.

Soon, all kinds of media, including TV, would talk about this incident, and people would naturally know even if they didnt want to.

On this day, which caused countless deaths and property damage, the world named it the Second Phantasm Shock. A

s if fate was mocking them, they received a message.

[Phase 1.5 patch is complete.]

[The status window changes.]

[Stats are more refined.] fre𝚎w𝐞bn𝗼v𝗲𝐥.𝚌𝗼𝚖

[The tooltips of titles, stories, and skills are revamped.]

[The information of the world of thoughts is updated.]

[Some of the restricted stories are unlocked.]

Many people were stunned by the absurd notification that seemed like watching a game.

What was that mysterious system that treated human deaths like a game? Was human life such a trivial matter?

Many people were angry at Genesiss message, but more people focused on the details of the message that said things would change.

Kang Hye-rim, who returned home, sat on the sofa and looked through the new messages that popped up.

Yu-hyun, look at this. Its like a game, isnt it? The description of skills, the breakdown of stats. And the status window has changed a lot too. Oh, theres also a level added.

Name: Kang Hye-rim

Traits: [Goryeo Era Sword Master] [Divine Sword Fusion] [Sky Piercing Sword]

Titles: [Holy Roman Empire Knight without Honor] [Sword Master]

Owned Stories: [The Maid of Orleans] [Apostle of God] [Labyrinth Survivor] [Cobalt Slayer] [Weed Killer] (More)

Skills: [Three Element Sword Technique] [Alzor Mercenary Swordsmanship] [Sense Amplification] [Bright Eyes] [Sword Technique against Many Enemies] [Strength Enhancement](More)


Strength: Intermediate

Agility: Intermediate

Stamina: Intermediate

Intelligence: Intermediate

Magic (Qi): Intermediate

If Kang Hye-rims previous stat window was like this, the new stat window became more detailed.

Name: Kang Hye-rim

Estimated Level: 76

Traits: Goryeo Era Sword Master (Protagonist) Divine Sword Fusion (Protagonist) Sky Piercing Sword (Protagonist)

Titles: Holy Roman Empire Knight without Honor (A) Sword Master (S) Successor of Thunder Sword (S+)

Owned Stories: The Maid of Orleans (Legendary) Apostle of God (Legendary) Labyrinth Survivor (Heroic) Cobalt Slayer (Rare) Weed Killer (Normal) Shape of Water Current (Heroic)

Main Skills: Heavenly Thunder Sword (S+) Sword Technique against Many Enemies (A+) Sense of Battle (A)

Sub Skills: [Three Element Sword Technique] [Alzor Mercenary Swordsmanship] [Sense Amplification] [Bright Eyes] [Sword Technique against Many Enemies] [Strength Enhancement](More)

Strength: A (31%)

Agility: A+ (67%)

Stamina: B+ (46%)

Intelligence: C- (21%)

Power of Stories: A (88%)

The much more refined stat window was like changing all the flesh while keeping only the skeleton compared to the previous one.

Each trait had a grade, and so did the titles and stories.

One could see how strong they were and how much they had grown in detail and at a glance based on their traits, titles, stories, and stats.

And also the level.

The level ranged from 1 to 100 at most.

And that was calculated by the system from an absolute perspective.

Probably, there would be a lot of changes in the collectors ranks due to this level in the next few days.

And, I also lumped together the usual magic or qi, chakra that collectors use into power of stories. It would be better to do that considering the future.

Uh, what are these percentage gauges next to the stats?

You can think of each stat as a proficiency level for the next stage. For example, if you fill up 100% at A rank, you become A+. I divided it into 21 levels from S+ to F-, and further subdivided them, so anyone can easily tell how strong they are.

Ah, I see. But what about this intelligence

Kang Hye-rim was about to ask about intelligence, but she closed her mouth.

Her other stats were very superior, but only intelligence was C-.

This isnt a sign of stupidity, is it?

Kang Hye-rim felt uneasy and held her tongue.

She tried to comfort herself that it wouldnt be the case, but the more she looked at it, the more intelligence seemed like IQ.

As Kang Hye-rim was sweating nervously, Yu-hyun guessed her thoughts and smiled mischievously.

Oh, that? I heard that people with low comprehension skills get low scores on that.

What do you mean by that?

By any chance, Hye-rim, you dont have low intelligence, do you?

Well, thats

Come on, dont tell me. Youre a collector I chose. You must have at least B, right? Right?


As Yu-hyun threw a word at her, she flinched and reacted strongly.

He thought she might cry if he teased her a few more times.

Its a joke. Intelligence is actually one of the stats related to combat. To be precise, its for those who deal with magic, such as mages, sorcerers, shamans, cursers, etc. It tells you how much power you can output and control, and how fast you can implement it. Its natural for someone like you who specializes in close combat to have low intelligence.

What are you talking about! You scared me!

[Youre really mean sometimes.]

Baekryeon also clicked his tongue at Yu-hyun.

He had done this kind of thing more than once or twice, so he ignored him.

Yu-hyun looked at the overall structure of the new stat window and his eyes sparkled.

Its exactly the same as the format I submitted.

The format that changed this time was exactly the same as the one he used at the end of the apocalypse, about 14 years from now.

Of course, the accuracy of the numbers was incomparable to before.

He just added a little bit of his own changes.

But it was necessary.

He didnt intend to brag about it being his work. But whether to use it or not was another matter.

This changed stat window format would provide a stepping stone for collectors to grow more diligently in the future.

More than anything, what he wanted most was the reward for having his idea adopted.

It was a massive overhaul using the system.

He was sure that the reward would not be small.

Celestial Corporation was a place that didnt care about those without talent, but gave sure rewards to those who proved their qualifications.