The Main Characters That Only I Know - C.219:


Chapter 219

This was not an ordinary story.

Thats what Yuoo- Hyun thought.

The text that formed the foundation of the world had no color or personality, so it was white. The stories that were made of such text were naturally white as well.

But not all stories were white.

The power of the devil that Yu-hyun had newly awakened was made of black text.

If there is black, there must be other colors too, but this is the first time I see it. Golden text. How amazing it must be

He had vaguely heard rumors about it.

Among the stories that the spirits possessed, there were some that were more high-dimensional than others.

They had especially great value, and unlike the bland normal text, they were beautiful and radiant.

The truth that was only rumored was now in front of Yu-hyuns eyes.

This is one of the six divine powers that I possess, the power of destiny. It allows you to know your own and others past lives. I would have liked to give you the power of liberation, but this is the limit for now.

The sage said apologetically, but Yu-hyuns ears did not catch his words well.

He knew how amazing the story that the sage had given him was. It was not just an ordinary story, but one of the six divine powers that only a few had mastered in paradise, and the second best one at that.

He felt rather overwhelmed by the generosity.

Uh, um. You dont have to give me this much.

It was not an empty word, but a sincere one. If he had to give him something, he would have preferred the power of divine feet, which allowed him to travel anywhere, or the power of other minds, which allowed him to read minds.

The sage insisted that Yu-hyun accept it, and forced the story on him.

Yu-hyun could not resist his will and accepted the story of destiny.

As he naturally absorbed the story, Yu-hyun could not help but ask.

What is the reason for giving me this much? I dont understand why you would give me such a great story just because of guilt.

Yu-hyun was the type who doubted the pure goodwill of others. He had lived in a world where he was wary of such things.

There could be goodwill without a reason.

But that would only be at a very small level, not to the point of giving up one of the huge stories that made up himself. It was hard to understand logically.

Despite Yu-hyuns doubt, the sage did not get angry.

There will be a day when you need it.

So thats sigh.

He tried to say something, but stopped.

There was no point in arguing when he had already received it, and the sage seemed to believe that there would be a day when he needed it. It seemed futile to break his stubbornness.

Okay. Ill take it. I hope you dont regret it later.

Regret is always there. Its just a matter of how big or small it is.

If you say so, I wont refuse any more.

Yu-hyun thought that the sage was a saint who filled his satisfaction by giving to someone. It was a somewhat insulting thing to say to the Buddha, but Yu-hyun felt uncomfortable if he didnt think that way.

Then, thats all I have to say.

Are you not taking this?


The box on the table. Isnt it Mr. Kang Yu-hyuns?

The sage pointed to a small box that was neatly wrapped.

When did it get there?

Yu-hyun noticed a card on top of the box. There was a scribbled message on the card.

[Congratulations on your promotion. Open it later. -The one who laughs in the darkest place-]

He was not surprised anymore.

He thought it was strange that he left so easily, but he left a bribe behind?

Yu-hyun scratched his temple, but he didnt refuse the gift he had given.

He picked up the gift box, and the sage smiled faintly. Yu-hyun, who felt something was off, asked cautiously.

Do you have anything else to say?

No. I have achieved my goal, so I will leave now.

Okay, sage. It was an honor to meet you.

Same here. I wasnt interested in the art of writing, but I would like to visit Mr. Kang Yu-hyuns library sometime.


It was the same as gaining fame when a famous spirit visited his library. Yu-hyun had no intention of stopping that.

The sage bowed his head to Yu-hyun.

[The conversation with the sage is over.]

Yu-hyun returned home and opened the gift box that Satan had left as a gift. He had given him extraordinary gifts before, so he thought this time would be the same.

His expectation was right.

The thing inside the box was a small fruit.

It was similar to the fruit of life that he had seen before, but it had a different energy.

[Fruit of wisdom]

When he saw it, Yu-hyun could only say that he was crazy.

He could understand the fruit of life, but the fruit of wisdom too? And the more vicious thing was that this was all genuine stuff that Satan had secretly stolen from the garden of Eden.

He gave him a bribe while mocking Eden. He couldnt help but think that he was Satan.

Michael will foam at the mouth when he finds out.

That aside.

There was one more gift inside the box.

A small glass bottle filled with a clear liquid.

Did he give me two gifts?

Yu-hyun checked the information of the glass bottle right away.


Yu-hyun only checked the name and dropped the information.

It was not because it was useless. It was because it was too famous that he didnt need to see anything else.

Yu-hyun remembered the sage smiling at him before they parted.

He felt something was off, but was it because of this?

Sigh. This is really. I didnt expect to be tricked like this.

The fruit of wisdom was obviously given by Satan, but the nectar was not. The nectar was the best elixir that could only be obtained in paradise.

He didnt think Satan had stolen it and given it to him, so by elimination, it was the sage who had secretly put it inside the gift.

In case Yu-hyun refused his gift.

At this point, he could only laugh.

Even a bankrupt store wouldnt give away this much.

But still, he couldnt return the gift he had already received.

Yu-hyun decided to make the best use of this gift, thinking that good things were good.

At the top of the skyscraper that stood tall in the center of the Celestial Corporation.

A teller stood nervously in the dark office where no light could enter properly.

The old turtle teller had traces of his long life on his wrinkled appearance.

He was one of the most powerful tellers in the Celestial Corporation.

Hata, the executive director of the central office.

Hata, who had one of the most power in the Celestial Corporation, waited politely for an answer from one being.

It was only natural for Hata to act like that if the being was the king of this place and the ruler of the Celestial Corporation.

How is it? Chairman.

Hata asked cautiously as he waited.

The sound of flipping papers stopped abruptly.

Nothing special.

A heavy voice echoed in the office. Hata waited for the chairmans next words with an inscrutable expression.

I expected some good ideas from the proposals, but they are all useless. Even though I told them to do it only above the manager level. The directors who were promoted were afraid of tarnishing my reputation, and the ideas that barely came out below them were all worthless.

Then, will you discard them all?

All the proposals here are discarded.

Lotfiout acted as he said. As soon as Lotfiouts right hand in the darkness touched the pile of documents, the documents were decomposed into white powder and disappeared.

Hata did not regret the disappeared documents.

They were ideas that the managers and above had tried their best to come up with, but if they did not please the chairman, they were nothing but useless paper scraps.

Effort that did not bring results had no value.

The Celestial Corporation was such a place.

Executive Director Hata.

Yes, chairman.

Instead of these idiots, show me the real ones that you have selected yourself.

Lotfiout was saying that now.

All the proposals here are fake, and you have to show me the real ones that you are hiding.

Hata acted naturally even though the chairman looked down on his inner thoughts.

Yes. I was prepared anyway. Here it is. Chairman.

Hata handed over the data to Lotfiout as if he had planned it from the beginning.

Compared to the countless piles of documents that he had handed over before, it was a small amount of only a few pages.

However, Lotfiout did not care and took the data and read it slowly.

How many minutes had passed?

Executive Director Hata.

Yes, chairman.

Who is the teller who came up with this idea?

He is Kang Yu-hyun, a manager of the writing department.

Oh. Yeah. Thats right. That guy.

Lotfiout smiled lowly at the name that came to his mind vaguely.

The genius teller who was promoted to manager in the shortest time, not to mention the agent.

How could he not know? He was the one who made him rise to the managers position with his influence.

He was a teller who had been paying attention. And his name came up again in this situation related to the earth.

The idea of expressing the stats and strength in detail and showing the growth rate of the lower world people like a game to stimulate the lower world humans motivation. Amazing. He didnt just try to change it moderately. He has his own intention inside.

Yes. I felt the same way.

But, its amazing. Isnt this similar to the draft we set up for the possible future?

Yu-hyun was not the only one who thought of this. The directors who held the highest positions in the Celestial Corporation had already thought of this idea.

Yes. But, what we made was just a draft. But this is, surprisingly, a more improved product than what we thought. The details are amazing.

Thats why its amazing. Did you check if there was any intervention from the other side?

Do you mean Exodus by the other side?

Those despicable tragedists always tried to bite our necks whenever they saw a gap. Its been like that since before.

There is also a possibility that Kang Yu-hyun is a spy planted by them. He suggested as if he wanted us to see the revised plan that we had thought of beforehand.

Lotfiout nodded his head in the darkness.

There was a possibility that Yu-hyun was a great genius. Considering his actions so far, that possibility was quite thick.

But it was more credible that an external organization had secretly led it than that one tellers talent was great.

Lotfiout had raised his luck in this way because of that.

He was asking Hata now.

Is Kang Yu-hyun innocent?

I checked it myself, even if you didnt.

Hata had already expected Lotfiouts reaction.

He had thought the same thing.

As a result of checking, he was found to have no connection with any other organization. He did not belong to any department, and he rose to the managers position quickly, and he also revised the idea that we had thought of. He did it all by himself.

Is there a possibility that you missed something?

Then, this old man should step down from the executive directors position.

Hata said humbly, but his meaning was clear.

If this data is wrong, I will stake my position.

Hata was sure that he was not wrong. And he also knew that his ability was never rusty.

Lotfiout did not question him further. The one who knew the executive directors ability best was none other than the chairman himself.

I see.

Ah. He recently made friends with the director of the Celestial Ice department. And there is one more person who has a friendship with him.

Who is that?


Oh. That guy?

Lotfiout remembered few names. He didnt care about the directors either.

Lotfiout remembered the names of only the really outstanding tellers.

Galiaz. He was your classmate, right?

Yes. He was a frustrating friend who refused to rise to the executive position even though he had the ability.

I thought he would live quietly in the back room without interest in writing now He is friends with the teller who raises the stock price.

That was tantamount to announcing a huge change in the faction within the Celestial Corporation.


Lotfiout did not hide his interest.

He was rather in trouble without this entertainment. He had become too big to do anything himself for a long time.

Ill adopt this.


Reward, let the executive director take care of it well.

He eventually became a spectator like the spirits. He sat on a high seat and looked down at the world below.

The spectator watches.

The spectator does not interfere.

And, the spectator

He was always thirsty for interesting stories.