The Academy’s Time Stop Player - C.179


Lain looked at Hajoon with a somewhat dumbfounded expression.

In response to Lain's expression, Hajoon, on the contrary, was incredulous.

"Did you really think you could stay as a freeloader?"


At those words, Lain, seemingly having a conscience, clamped her mouth shut.

Then, seeming embarrassed, she scratched her head and spoke.

"I don't know how to do the dishes."


At that, Hajoon was at a loss for words.

He asked again about something else.

"What about other things? Do you not know how to do laundry or clean either?"

"I don't."

Lain's confident reply made Hajoon's eyes narrow sharply.

This girl... really knows nothing but fighting. She's totally useless?

Seeing Hajoon's expression, Lain continued with a calm demeanor.

"But there's a way."

"What way?"

As he asked, Lain extended her hand.

"Lend me your phone."

Hajoon passed his phone to Lain with a reluctant expression.

Soon, Lain was calling someone.

Still with a calm expression, Lain spoke.

"Millie, I need a favor."

Just a minute after they had parted, Millie and Hakuse arrived at the house.

Both listened to Lain's request for a moment and then looked at her with incredulous expressions, which quickly turned sour.

"Wow... Boss, you really called us back for something like this?"

"Boss, are you just too lazy to do housework?"

At that, Lain shook her head.

She spoke to them with a bold, and in some ways, shameless face.

"I don't know how. That's why I called you guys."

Lain sincerely stated she didn't know, with an innocent face.

Though the two knew this, they couldn't help but look sour.

Eventually, they sighed and spoke.

"Fine, I'll do the dishes."

"Ha... then I'll do the laundry. Boss, come and help."


Lain made a face as if it was a hassle, but eventually nodded.

As Hakuse went to do the dishes, Millie and Lain headed to the house's garden to do the laundry. At that time, Elaine and Irian cautiously came down from the second floor.

Elaine looked around and asked Hajoon with a puzzled face.

"Huh? Did you hire a cleaning service, brother?"

Hajoon couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

He nodded and replied.

"Yeah. They'll be taking care of it for a while."

Elaine exclaimed in amazement, but Irian, standing next to her, was sweating profusely.

Irian, with trembling eyes, asked Hajoon.

"Why, why are they here?!"

Is it because they're former villains?

It seems she recognized Lain, who was awkwardly hanging laundry outside.

Hajoon then said to Irian.

"They'll be doing the housework for a while."

"What, what?! What nonsense is that!"

"Annoying chores are their responsibility now. Anyway, I'm off."

"Huh? Where are you going, brother?"

At Elaine's question, Hajoon nodded.

Hajoon had stopped by the house for a brief rest, but he couldn't just leave Han Siyoung alone.

"No, wait. Just a moment!"

Ignoring Irian's scream-like pleading from behind, Hajoon stepped outside.

Before heading to the mountains, he paused time and thought.

'Should I buy some camping gear before going?'

He wasn't sure about that guy who was accustomed to sleeping outdoors, but Hajoon, preferring a plush blanket to sleep under, headed to a camping store.

Han Siyoung looked at Hajoon, who had just arrived, with a somewhat baffled face.

It was understandable, as Hajoon had immediately set up a tent and prepared to sleep right in front of him.

"Then wake me up if anything happens."


It was 6 PM, and the sun was setting, casting an evening glow, but it wasn’t quite time to sleep yet.

Han Siyoung watched as Hajoon slipped into the tent.

He had always known, but that guy was truly a unique species.

Perhaps, in a different sense, a real irregular?

Of course, Han Siyoung, without much concern, went back to poking the campfire.

After all, he was grateful that Hajoon had returned after listening to his request.

Of course, the purpose of being here had diverged a bit, or rather, a lot from the original... Nevertheless, Han Siyoung couldn't leave Hajoon alone because he was slowly becoming unsure of his own judgment.

'Really, would Master...'

Come here?

It had only been a day, but Han Siyoung’s confidence in his conviction was waning.

Initially, he had come here thinking his disappeared master might be in this place.

But as the master remained missing, Han Siyoung’s certainty that this place would be the destination began to fade.

'Just for today...'

So, Han Siyoung decided.

To stay here only for today and then return.

His gaze shifted to the tent where Hajoon was sleeping.

It seemed that as long as he was here, that guy intended to stay too.

As time passed and night fell.

Han Siyoung slowly got up.

He was off to hunt for beasts to eat for dinner.

The moment he stepped into the forest.


Han Siyoung’s eyes widened in shock.

He felt a surge of magical energy nearby.

Clearly, it wasn’t the energy of a beast.

"Could it be...?"

Immediately, Han Siyoung dashed towards the source of the energy.

It felt like the aura of a human, refined over many years, reaching a certain state.

And Han Siyoung knew the owner of this energy.


As he leaped to the place where the energy was felt.

His eyes widened in amazement.

It was a wide clearing, surrounded by forest.

In the center of the clearing, bathed in moonlight.

There, Han Siyoung met the person he had longed to see.


The Sword King, Han Junho.

He looked at Han Siyoung with calm, settled eyes.

"It's been a long time."

Trying to calm his excitement, Han Siyoung approached him with the same tranquility in his expression.

He bowed respectfully towards him.

"It's been a long time, Master."

"It was indeed you, the presence I felt at that place..."

He smiled faintly as he looked at Han Siyoung. However, his smile slowly faded as his gaze fell on the sword at Han Siyoung's waist.

The Sword King spoke to Han Siyoung.

"You still carry a sword, I see."


"Have you not put it down yet?"

The Sword King looked at Han Siyoung with a bittersweet expression.

Han Siyoung simply looked back at the Sword King and spoke.

"It's the sword I received from you, Master."

"I only taught you enough to protect yourself. I never wanted you to walk this path."

"Even so, it's the path I have chosen."

"You could die, Siyoung."

The Sword King, who had survived the great chaos of the past and numerous battles, advised Han Siyoung.

"Did you really have to be a hero?"

The Sword King understood the meaning of 'hero' better than anyone.

"A hero is one who protects and has to make sacrifices."

He had survived the tumultuous times of the past.

He had witnessed the will of those called heroes in countless battles, as well as their numerous deaths.

Their deaths were not meaningless; they were honorable.

However, the Sword King placed significance on 'death'.

"I don't wish for you to die honorably. I don't even want you to be gravely injured. I will allow you to attend the academy. There are children there whom you hold dear. But..."

He looked at Han Siyoung with chillingly cold eyes.

"I cannot permit you to become a 'hero'."


Han Siyoung listened to him in silent tranquility.

His expression, with his head bowed, was calm.

Without any thoughts of changing his already made decision, he raised his head with a calm yet firm gaze and looked at the Sword King.

Han Siyoung spoke.

"Before leaving, you told me, Master."


"That I have no talent. But..."

Looking straight into the Sword King's eyes, Han Siyoung continued.

"I have no intention of giving up."



In an instant, the Sword King clenched his fist tightly.

Frowning, he glared at Han Siyoung and said.

"Then let's test it."


With those words, the Sword King drew the sword from his waist.

That was the beginning.

The Sword King drew his sword at his waist and instantly reached right in front of Han Siyoung.

But the moment the Sword King drew his sword, Han Siyoung had already reacted and unsheathed his own.


Han Siyoung blocked the Sword King's swing with his own sword.

The Sword King shouted at Han Siyoung.

"If you beat me, I will permit you to become a hero. But if you lose, throw away the sword you're holding!"

At these words, Han Siyoung's face hardened seriously as he nodded and politely responded.


Whoosh! Boom!!

With one swing, trees in the surrounding forest were sliced off in chunks.


Each time the Sword King swung his sword, a massive wind pressure was created.

The legendary Sword King's swordplay, known to have once cut through mountains.

The surrounding trees were sliced away, and leaves were scattered in all directions by the wind pressure.

It was a phenomenon caused by pure physical power.

Despite causing such an event, the Sword King's magical power remained calm.

It wasn't a phenomenon created simply by ability or magic.

It was a feat that only a superhuman who had surpassed physical limits and reached a certain realm could achieve.

The Sword King was not holding back in his duel with Han Siyoung.

Whoosh! Thud-

However, Han Siyoung was avoiding the Sword King's sword strikes.

He leaped high, using a falling tree as a stepping stone to jump even higher, then spun his body and swung his sword towards the Sword King as he fell.



But the Sword King effortlessly raised his hand holding the sword to block his attack.

With a light flick of his hand, he deflected his strike.

To Han Siyoung, his seemingly effortless movements appeared to exceed the speed of sound.

Whoosh!! Boom!!

In that brief moment, Han Siyoung swiftly pulled his sword back and bent his waist backwards. A slice of his hair was cut by the Sword King's strike, and behind Han Siyoung, numerous trees fell with loud crashes.

The Sword King adjusted his grip on his sword and spoke.

"The world is vast, Siyoung."


"What will you do when you meet someone of my level?"

As he said this, the Sword King leaped towards Han Siyoung.

He did not swing his sword immediately but kept it forward, pushing Han Siyoung back.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

"Has being my disciple made you arrogant?"

Many trees collided, delivering shocks to Han Siyoung.

He clenched his teeth and endured, and at some point, the Sword King pressed forward, swinging his sword broadly.

The impact sent Han Siyoung flying far away.

In that situation, Han Siyoung somersaulted in mid-air.

He kicked off a tree to soften the impact and, using the tree as a springboard, landed back on the ground. Immediately, he dashed towards the Sword King.


With that momentum, Han Siyoung swung his sword powerfully.

But the Sword King, still at ease, blocked his sword and then swung his broadly, pushing him back. Han Siyoung relaxed his grip on his sword and leaped back to avoid the Sword King’s strike.

In that moment of quiet standoff, the Sword King looked at Han Siyoung and said,

"Siyoung, you are still weak."

Despite hearing these words, Han Siyoung’s expression did not change.

His eyes were still firmly fixed on the Sword King.

There was no fluctuation in emotion, no slightest stir in his heart.

Because he was so steadfast and resolute.

The Sword King knew Han Siyoung better than anyone else.

Therefore, unlike before, he slowly approached Han Siyoung.

Even when he was close enough to strike with his sword, Han Siyoung did not swing his.

Han Siyoung faced him, and the Sword King faced Han Siyoung.

When they were at a considerably close distance, the Sword King spoke to Han Siyoung.

"Get ready, Siyoung."


At her words, Han Siyoung prepared himself.

He lowered his stance and tensed his hands gripping the sword.

Ready to swing the sword.

He, too, assumed a respectful stance, ready to swing his sword in return.

Han Siyoung felt this was his consideration, the final moment of their duel.

It was the last moment for the master to assess his swordsmanship.

"Swing with all your strength."

With those words, Han Siyoung's magical power quietly rippled.

The magic emanating from his body covered his sword.

Observing this, the Sword King hardened his expression and took a ready stance.

Looking at the prepared Han Siyoung, the Sword King said,


Simultaneously, they both leaped.


In an instant, their figures vanished.

But when their forms reappeared.

For the first time, Han Siyoung’s eyes, which had not wavered until now, were shaking greatly.


The sword he was holding.

The blade of the sword given to him by his master.


Had been sliced in half and fell to the ground, hollowly.

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