The Academy’s Time Stop Player - C.175


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Anna's doubts began with Hajoon's arrival.

The moment Hajoon appeared, the realization that she had to rely on him again sparked the beginning of her enlightenment.

As her doubts began, Anna's mind started to accelerate rapidly.

She pondered deeply.

She was a mage.

When in doubt, she would think and not stop until she found the answer.

In this negative situation, she would find the true solution to break through.

During her deep contemplation.

Finally, Anna came to a conclusion.

To entrust.

To entrust.

But it wasn't about entrusting it to Hajoon.

She wanted to bring down Karthon herself.

She wanted to end that vile being with her own hands and signify the end of her revenge.

However, Anna knew better than anyone that it was impossible with her current power.

That's why she would entrust it.

To something she created.

The 'Tome of Knowledge' Anna was holding began to float in the air.

It was her first attempt, and she wasn't sure if it was possible.

But Anna didnt feel like she would fail.


The moment the Tome of Knowledge reached the giant.

Clatter! The Tome opened, and the white energy flowing out of it began to envelop and absorb into the giant's body.

Soon, Anna realized.

The giant she had manifested was transforming into an entity beyond her control.


The giant's form began to transform.

Its arms, legs, and entire body, once made of barriers, now had blue muscles sprouting and supporting them, turning the barriers into a skeletal frame.

The giant was morphing its body on its own.

Literally evolving into a biological entity, independent of Anna's will.

Finally, when blue eyes identical to Anna's appeared in its empty sockets.


The giant's legs took a step towards Karthon.

That single step caused a tremendous phenomenon.

A creature made entirely of the sage's magical power.

The moment it took a step, the surrounding magical forces, without any magic circle, began to cause a phenomenon.

Crackle- Spark!

For the first time, storm clouds gathered in the sky, and countless raindrops soaked the ground.

Boom Boom Boom!!

The earth started to vibrate as if an earthquake had occurred.

The giant, a being that seemed to cause a massive catastrophe.


The giant let out a massive roar.

Although it had transformed into a being beyond comprehension, its roar was like that of a monster without ego.

But Anna's will was still conveyed to the gigantic giant.

Even though it was beyond Anna's control now, the magical power that formed it was originally hers.


Karthon, initially shocked by the sight of the giant, soon began to grin as if his mouth was tearing apart.

With a mad smile, he began to look up at the giant.

He was excited.

By the giant before him.

He felt a fierce awe for the being created by the girl.

It was as if he instinctively acknowledged it as an entity he could clash with all his might.


Simultaneously with his command, giant spears formed in the arms of the giant.

Anna, with her eyes faintly unfocused, whispered softly.

"First, the right arm."

She reminisced about the past.

The last sight of her brother who had given his back to protect her.

Karthon's first thrown spear had pierced her brother's right arm.

Whoosh! Thunk!!

Along with her words, an incredible energy gathered in the giant's arm.

Simultaneously, the giant's thrown spear.

Ripping through the air and making a tearing sound, it flew towards Karthon at an invisible speed.

Karthon, who had been confidently bulging his muscles, was taken aback.

Thud! Thunk!!

The spear, soaring through the air, pierced Karthon's right arm and crashed to the ground.


"Next, the left arm."

The second spear thrown by Karthon pierced her brother's left arm.

Thunk! Thunk!

The third and fourth spears, thrown at the same time, pierced her brother's legs.

Drip- Drip-

Suddenly, glistening teardrops trickled down Anna's cheeks, drip-drip, falling to the ground.

Whoosh! Thunk!


For the first time, a painful scream burst from Karthon's mouth.

As Anna spoke, two giant spears formed in the giant's arms and simultaneously pierced Karthon's legs.

Karthon's face began to stiffen in panic.

It was a hardness incomparable to just a moment ago.

He struggled to pull out or break the spears that had pierced his arms and legs and couldn't move them at all.

Anna slowly reached out her hand towards Karthon.

Her brother had died like that.

Karthon had thrown all his spears, and her brother had blocked them with his body, thus protecting her.


In place of her brother, who had protected her.

And on behalf of all those sacrificed by him.


As if representing her heart, the giant bellowed.

Countless spears formed in the grip of the giant.

"This is the end."

With those final words, countless spears began to surge towards Karthon.

Thunk!! Thunk!! Thunk!!


Raei Translations



The spears pouring down towards Karthon caused dust to rise in all directions.

This made it difficult to see his current state.

However, Anna, undeterred by the situation, approached Karthon.

She couldn't see the situation due to the rising dust, but she was already certain.

When she reached the spot where Karthon should be.

She saw Karthon, his body impaled by spears, crashed to the ground.

Anna looked at his end with emotionless eyes.


Then, Karthon spoke.

His voice faint and subdued.

He conveyed his next words to Anna as if it was his last.

"You are my life's biggest blunder, Anna Elizabeth Hartel..."

It was a phrase she had heard many times before.

A few words he had said thinking of her as an annoying being.

But now, its meaning was conveyed to Anna differently.

It was Karthon's last words.

As his body slackened as if losing all its strength with those words.

When she realized that everything had ended with his death.


Anna also collapsed to the ground, thud.

She couldnt muster any strength in her body, and it was too overwhelming to even maintain consciousness.

And Hajoon approached her in that state.

Anna, facing the approaching Hajoon, spoke with a calm expression.

"That time, Hajoon, you said I could defeat Karthon."


"It was true."

With those words, a sorrowful expression crossed Anna's face.

She felt terribly sorry towards Hajoon.


The bellowing giant.

Now beyond her control, she couldnt predict what the giant might do next.

The giant, having absorbed the 'Tome of Knowledge,' was still growing.

Evolving into a being unpredictable to Anna, or anyone else.

Now, a being she herself couldn't handle had become Hajoon's responsibility, making Anna feel remorseful.

"I'm sorry. Because of me..."

At those words, Hajoon let out a slight laugh.

Then he drew out Maharazu.

Releasing the power of destruction, Hajoon turned away from Anna and swung Maharazu horizontally.

That moment.

Whoosh! Thunk!!

In an instant, Maharazu, several times larger than the giant, swept through and over the giant.


Simultaneously, the giant let out a cry.

A scream different from before, filled with pain.

Maharazu, having cleaved through the giant's torso and pulverizing its entire body, had obliterated it.

It all happened in just a few seconds, in that brief moment.

Anna's eyes and mouth opened wide in astonishment.

It seemed utterly absurd to her.


"You wanted me to handle that?"

In a way, it was a simple task for Hajoon.

There was no need for time stop.

Since the giant was made of magical power, it was a simple matter to obliterate it with the power of destruction. But for Anna, who didn't know the reason, it was just bewildering.

Staring blankly at the pulverized and vanished giant, Anna.


She smiled involuntarily.


With those words, her head lowered with a bitter smile.

"Things would have been easier if I had entrusted it to Hajoon from the beginning."

With those words, Anna slowly closed her eyes.

Hajoon lifted her up in his arms and said,

"So, how do you feel?"


No answer came to his question.

Hajoon turned his head to look at Anna, who had closed her eyes and lost strength in her body, apparently having fainted.

However, seeing her content smile in sleep, he realized there was no need for an answer.


Raei Translations


The next morning.

Inside the hospital room where Anna was admitted, Hajoon, Riella, and Association President Kim Jeongyong were gathered.

Looking at Anna, who hadnt woken up yet, Riella gently stroked her forehead and opened her mouth with a subdued expression.

"She really did it."

With a faint smile and sorrowful eyes, Riella turned to look at Hajoon and Kim Jeongyong and spoke.

"It doesnt seem like theres any major problem with her body."

"That's a relief."

Kim Jeongyong replied with a sigh of relief.

Riella continued,

"Yes, it is fortunate. She used the 'Tome of Knowledge' and returned as a healthy human being. It seems she has mastered the way of using the knowledge of sages like Lord Rokia."

Riella smiled wryly at her own words.

"Another great hero is born in England."

As she said, the news of Anna, currently a princess in England, defeating Karthon, England's worst villain, was spreading worldwide. England was preparing for a grand celebration.

The new great hero of England.

This news was being reported nationwide in Korean newspapers, articles, and news.

"At the age of 17, doing unimaginable things, pushing themselves, and returning alive like this... it's truly the end of times..."

"Indeed." f

At Hajoon's response, Riella looked at him incredulously.

"Do you even realize what you're saying, standing there and talking about others?"

"I've never pushed myself too hard."

At that moment, Riella's face turned incredulous, her eyes chillingly cold as she looked at Hajoon.

Such an absurd guy... where did such a cheeky person fall from the sky...

Not giving in even to the elderly.

"You know, if you get hurt, there won't be anything left of you."

"So, when will she wake up?"

"Hmm... well, there doesnt seem to be anything seriously wrong with her, so she should wake up soon."

At those words, Hajoon nodded and turned away.

"Huh? Are you leaving?"

"Yes, I need some rest."

"Alright, youve worked hard, so rest well. I'll stay here and watch over this girl. Ill contact you when she wakes up."

Hajoon smiled wryly and nodded at those words.

Thus, Hajoon was planning to go home and rest after a long time, but it seemed that Association President Kim Jeongyong still had some business with him.

"Student Hajoon."


"I will escort you home. I have something to discuss with you."



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