Return of the Mount Hua Sect - C.681


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Hyun Jong just stared at Jang Ilso blankly.

What did this man just say?

Brothers? The Ten Thousand People Clan and the Heavenly Friends Alliance?

No, the Ten Thousand People Clan and Mount Hua?

Hyun Jong had a very confused look in his eyes.

He had lived a long time. He had met so many people over the years: some sly, some with great causes, and some too mysterious to understand.

But none of them were as difficult to handle as Jang Ilso, who was now in front of him.

It felt like even the most nonsensical word coming from his mouth was stabbing him, and Hyun Jong, who bit his lip, opened his mouth with a much more relaxed voice.

“I am not sure what you are talking about, Hegemony Lord.”

After hearing the answer, Jang Il-So smiled.

“It isn’t that difficult to understand, so what is there not to know? It is, as I said. The Ten Thousand People Clan wants to join the Heavenly Friends Alliance.”


Hyun Jong’s eyes held despair in them.

“If the Ten Thousand People Clan were together with the Heavenly Friends Alliance, there would be nothing more fearful in the world. Is the Alliance Leader willing to hold the hand of the Ten Thousand People Clan?”

The faces of the Central Plains guests went pale at this.

The Ten Thousand People Clan?

And those two joining hands?

That made no sense…


‘If it can be done, it will be a truly shocking event.’

Even the current Heavenly Friends Alliance was enough to shake the world. And if the Ten Thousand People Clan joined, it would be a shocking event where all the powerful places on the maps would have to be redrawn.

What was more shocking was that the person who made the suggestion wasn’t the Alliance leader but Jang Ilso.

Anyone who knew Jang Ilso knows that he wasn’t the kind to bow to another. And isn’t he the one bowing his head to be joined in the Heavenly Friends Alliance?

‘What is he thinking?’

The people who couldn’t keep up with the mind of Jang Ilso watched, dumbfounded, unable to do anything.

To push down others with his presence and suppress people’s opinions. It felt like this giant came climbing onto Mount Hua.

The Central Plains guests were silent at this. But Hyun Jong wasn’t. He was the leader of the Heavenly Friends Alliance. No matter how great the opponent was, he could not be swayed by them.

Hyun Jong calmly said,

“I understand what the Hegemony Lord wants.”

Jang Il-So glanced at him.

“But that will not be possible.”

“Why? Because the ties between Mount Hua and the Ten Thousand People clan aren’t nice?”

Hyun Jong looked at Jang Ilso and said,

“Although I am the sect leader of Mount Hua, I am here as the Alliance leader. And it isn’t a personal matter.”


“Because the Ten Thousand People and the Heavenly Friends Alliance cannot coexist.”

Jang Ilso stared at Hyun Jong in silence as if asking him to continue.

“The Alliance and the Ten Thousand People clan have different paths to take. There is no reason to tie together what doesn’t fit, right?”


Jang Ilso’s words resounded around.

“You don’t want to accept the Ten Thousand People clan since we are an Evil Sect?”

“… Hegemony Lord.”

“That is such an odd thing.”

Jang Ilso turned to Meng So and Seol So-Baek behind Hyun Jong.

“If you look at the North Sea Ice Palace and Nanman Beast Palace, they aren’t justice factions either, but didn’t you accept them? Then what difference do they hold from us?”

Hyun Jong shut his lips.

The distinction between them wasn’t clear. It wouldn’t be tough to differentiate based on what they chose, but if a sect hadn’t clearly decided on its path, there was no clear standard to divide the two.

And as Jang Ilso pointed out, from the perspective of the Central Plains, the palaces weren’t any closer to the justice faction.

“It is odd. You cannot accept a sect of the Central Plains because you have different paths? But you take those from the outside?”


Hyun Jong tried to speak, but Jang Ilso burst into laughter. It seemed like he wasn’t expecting an answer back at all.

“If not that!”


Then suddenly, his foot stomped the floor, and the entire ground shook.

“Is being friends with the Heavenly Friends Alliance determined by the places that the Alliance Leader likes?”

Jang Ilso clicked his tongue and then shook his head as if it was upsetting.

“Such a childish move.”

And he immediately looked down on the alliance and overstepped his bounds. Those long sleeves fluttered, making everyone look at him.

But Jang Ilso, who seemed to be trying to make a scene, went silent. The gathered gaze held heat as if giving time for those to gulp.

“Hegemony Lord.”

Came the voice of Hyun Jong, calmly.

“The people who are with the alliance aren’t determined as such.”


Jang Ilso looked at Hyun Jong with a strange look.

“The important thing is trust. We want people who can have one another’s back. But the Heavenly Friends Alliance doesn’t have the trust to entrust our back to the Ten Thousand People Clan.”


“If the day comes when the Heavenly Friends Alliance can have trust in the clan, then we would not refuse the offer.”

Jang Ilso’s lips curled up.

“Trust… trust you say…”

And he nodded very slowly.

“Right. Trust. Trust is quite important. I agree with what the alliance leader said.”


“Then the problem now is how to gain the trust of the alliance…”

Jang Ilso’s gaze glanced at the elders of the Nine Great Sects and Five Great Families who stood behind Hyun Jong.

“What do you all think? Will you trust us if we take down one of those Nine Great Sects or Five Great Families?”


“W-what insanity!”

The elders were all shocked.

Hegemony Lord Jang Ilso.

Who didn’t know of this man’s reputation? Who didn’t know the strength of the clan he led?

But, no matter how renowned he might be, one would not dare speak ill of the Nine Great Sects and Five Great Families. This held true even if it wasn’t Jang Ilso but someone stronger than him.

“Hegemony Lord!”

Lee Byeok, unable to contain himself, shouted.

“Your words are going too far! Can you really handle us?”

Jang Ilso turned his head toward Lee Byeok. The moment their eyes met, Lee Byeok unconsciously took a step back.


Was this how an animal feels when being hunted?

The moment he looked into Jang Ilso’s eyes, it felt like his entire body was being sliced apart.

‘H-How is…’

Lee Byeok was shocked. He knew Jang Ilso was strong, but he never imagined it to this extent.


Jang Ilso suddenly burst into laughter.

“Handle it? Can I handle it?”

The loud laughter was overwhelming. Those with weaker strength turned pale and covered their ears. The laughter of this man shook their insides, and their eardrums felt like they would burst.

But as soon as the blood began to flow back, the laughter stopped as if he had never laughed, and then silence fell.

“Truly funny.”

The voice of Jang Ilso, no longer laughing, was directed at the Nine Great Sects and Five Great Families.

“People who smile at enemies who bare their teeth cannot tolerate such words.”

And as if he spoke to someone unworthy, he clicked his tongue.

“How about you handle the knife which will come to your neck before you get angry at me? You are all well-known people, so you know how this works.”


None of those gathered could even speak back to those words. Jang Ilso, watching them as if asking for an answer, laughed.

“You people are no fun.”

And then he turned his head and looked at Hyun Jong. He put his hands together and then bowed.

“Congratulations once again on the start of the Heavenly Friends Alliance. I hope that one day we can look past personal grudges to create a better alliance.”

Hyun Jong looked at Jang Ilso and nodded.

“Please have a nice trip.”


Jang Il-So slightly bowed and then smiled.

“Alliance leader.”


“My offer was no lie or joke.”


“If that gets difficult…”

Jang Ilso’s gaze shifted to the side.

The face of the person who made eye contact with him instantly turned as stiff as stone.

“I can show support to the Heavenly Friends Alliance without revealing it, like the Green Forest King there.”


Green Forest King?

At that unexpected name, the eyes of the people followed Jang Ilso’s gaze to the flashy-looking nobleman.

‘Green Forest King? That man?’

‘Why is the Green Forest King even here?’

It was Im So-Byeong who bit his lip at the doubtful glances.


Despite Im So-Byeong’s glare, Jang Ilso laughed. Then, he turned around as if he had no more reason to stay.

“I am heading back.”

The Central Plains people couldn’t take their eyes off the man. They had many questions. They couldn’t understand why the man came all the way here just to do something like this.

But no one questioned him either. They couldn’t even call his name, let alone ask something.

Except one.



Jang Ilso slowly turned his gaze.

Chung Myung stared at him with cold eyes and gestured to the chests.

“Take them and get lost. We don’t need that here.”

“Tsk tsk tsk.”

Jang Ilso clicked his tongue and smiled brightly at Chung Myung.

“Even if you don’t like the guest, you don’t have to refuse the presents.”

“That depends on the guest, too.”


Chung Myung frowned. At the same time, his eyes looked stern.

“This is the last time you leave alive. The next time I see you, that will be your last day.”


Jang Ilso smiled and nodded as if he liked this.

“Good. I look forward to that day.”

Chung Myung crossed his arms, and his fingers tapped his forearm. He was holding back his anger so much that his fingers were turning white.

“Get lost. I can only hold back so much.”

“Hahaha! Thank you! I will have to run before my head gets cut off!”

Jang Ilso laughed like a kid playing tag and then turned as he shouted.

“Let’s go!”


Behind Jang Ilso, who walked with pride, his clan people walked in white and red robes.

Although he said he would run, his steps were far from that; it was as if each step was taken with confidence.

And those who felt taken in by his nature could only breathe after he had walked too far. Among them, there were even people who slumped down.

Baek Cheon bit his lip so hard that blood came out, and he made sure to remember how Jang Ilso left. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

“That bastard…”

At this swearing, Chung Myung said.

“Remember that well, sasuk.”


“That one is a monster.”

Baek Cheon turned to Chung Myung, as it was rare for him to rate someone this highly. It was safe to say there was none he would put as high.

“And he is the one we should stab our sword into.”


“Don’t forget.”

Baek Cheon nodded.

It was obvious, and he wouldn’t forget this.