Reborn with Steve Stand - C.575: Fang Mo vs Cthulhu

Reborn with Steve Stand

C.575: Fang Mo vs Cthulhu

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"Tengai Shinsei!"

As Fang Mo's words fell, the heavy dark clouds were quickly torn apart by a tremendous force.

Accompanied by a shadow growing larger and larger, a meteor hundreds of meters in diameter streaked across the sky, trailing a long tail of flames as it smashed into Cthulhu in the sea.

Cthulhu, too, seemed to sense something and slowly lifted his head.

But Fang Mo did not give him a chance to react; he smiled, raised his hand, and with a sweep downwards, the Void Ring erupted. The gravitational field between the meteor and the earth was infinitely expanded, causing the meteor to accelerate instantly and smash fiercely into Cthulhu's face.

Despite being a deity from ancient days, with a body as massive as mountains, the meteor pulled down by Fang Mo was also not small, its diameter even exceeding the height of the Eiffel Tower.

This meteor, blocking out the sun as it smashed towards the ground, also carried the meaning of an apocalyptic catastrophe. Enveloped in astonishing kinetic energy, it struck directly on Cthulhu's face, the explosion resounding through the entire sky, the shockwave even shattering the clouds above.

In the midst of this thunderous roar, Cthulhu's bloated body uncontrollably reeled backward.

Its gel-like, rotting fat waved layer upon layer, crashing heavily into the sea and causing giant waves to surge.

"Ohhh ahhh!"

On the other side, Saitama had only swum halfway when Cthulhu, sitting down in the sea, raised a wave that flung him out of the water.

Meanwhile, an incredible malice burst forth from the ocean.

This malice was so pure and vast that even the seawater began to boil, with green electric arcs incessantly flashing between the sky and the sea surface.

"It's you!!!"

With a nauseating roar,

Cthulhu's disastrous body surged out from the deep sea.

The meteor had shattered at the moment of impact, and now this bloated lord of the deep roared, shaking off the meteor debris from his face: "You damned blockhead!"

"Monster Cthulhu, your end has come!"

Fang Mo, seeing this, did not engage further but instead righteously shouted: "I won't let you harm any more humans. Be sealed away quietly!"

"How utterly ridiculous, you think..."

"Saitama! Give this octopus head a big electric cannon!"

Before Cthulhu could finish, Fang Mo suddenly roared, and almost at the same time, a tiny figure appeared in front of Cthulhu, punching forward.

"A serious punch."


The entire world seemed to freeze at that moment, and the next second everything abruptly resumed motion, Cthulhu's fearsome head was severely dented, and his towering body was blasted backward into the sea once more.

This attack was even more powerful than the meteor.

The force of the punch sent Cthulhu tumbling down, and the remaining waves flew straight into the sky, splitting the entire sky in two, extending beyond sight.

And if one were to look at Earth from outer space at this moment.

They would see the Earth's atmosphere being forcibly split apart.

Of course, this is not referring to the real world but a mirror space; after all, if such disturbances were to happen in the real world, it would indeed be a disaster.

"Ah, it's settled."

Saitama, in mid-air, also subconsciously said this.

But the next second, a gigantic green hand that blotted out the sun suddenly stretched out from the sea, grabbed Saitama like catching a mosquito, or rather, a speck of dust, and flung him far away.

Saitama's body instantly turned into a streak of light, crashing into a distant city.

A bright light flared up, and the mere physical impact caused the ground of nearly half the city to crack and roll up, everything below was thrown into the air, countless fires erupted, and numerous buildings began to collapse and crumble.


Seeing Saitama being flung out, Fang Mo was somewhat surprised.

Though it's true that the ancient rulers are incredibly powerful, with various indescribable and beyond-logic settings, Saitama also has his cheats, especially in the One Punch Man world which should arguably enhance him, right?

You could understand if he couldn't beat Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, or Shub-Niggurath, these three great Outer Gods.

But this Cthulhu...

At this point, a ridiculous thought suddenly popped into Fang Mo's mind: "Damn it, could this be Murata's One Punch universe?"

Yes, as previously mentioned.

One Punch Man actually has two versions, one is the original, and the other is Yusuke Murata's reset version, and well, if you insist... There's also an animated version.

Among these versions, there are some clear differences.

The most obvious being Yusuke Murata's sudden illness and intentionally feeding readers terrible plot twists, trying to force explanations for Saitama's invincibility, drastically dropping its coolness.

If you are referring to the original version, Saitama, on his own turf and with his invincible cheat-like abilities, can still defeat many formidable opponents across different realms. However, in the reboot version, it's uncertain.

Even a character like the Garou could manage a strike on Saitama. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

Not to mention other beings.


Thinking about this, Fang Mo couldn't help but feel a toothache, and he directly picked up the Clausolas sword in his hand, "Forget it, I'll do it myself."

After saying this, Fang Mo immediately activated the void teleportation, appearing out of nowhere in front of Cthulhu, and with a swift downward swing of his sword, the light power surged rapidly, transforming his weapon into a nearly thousand-meter-long battleship cleaver.

The nearly thousand-meter-long sword of light ferociously slashed down.

Cthulhu's brain sac was directly hit, almost splitting in half, but the deeper the cut, the more Fang Mo felt an eerie resistance.

In the end, the sword stopped just at the surface of Cthulhu's brain sac.

The opponent's head was as soft as an octopus, yet unexpectedly tough. It was not a concept of hardness at a material level, but something that transcended it.

"...What the hell?"

To be honest, even Fang Mo was taken aback by this.

This was the first time he encountered something that his Sword of Light could not cut through.

After some thought, Fang Mo still felt incredulous, so he simply pulled out another sword, the Flame Demon Sword Laevatein, activated the flaming ring, and a towering pillar of flame instantly transformed into a sky-reaching and earth-piercing column of fire, and with that, Fang Mo swung the giant sword horizontally down, smashing heavily on the Sword of Light.

"Cross Slash."

The concise words echoed, and it seemed as if the entire sea surface suddenly sank at that moment.

But Cthulhu not only did not split in half, he even raised a hand and directly grasped the giant Sword of Light stuck in his head.

"Are you using an avatar to fight my true body?"

Cthulhu's tone seemed a bit shaky, whether from anger or something else, as his soft chin tentacles began to flail wildly: "What the hell are you! Why are you so arrogant!"

After saying this.

He forcefully crushed the blade formed by light.

But seeing this, Fang Mo's inner spirit was even more provoked: "Damn it... I really don't believe in this evil today!"

Seeing Fang Mo's mind stirred.

The power of the beacon was activated to its maximum extent.

His crystal matrix armor suddenly lit up with a dazzling white light.

Then various dimensions were also awakened: Pure White Space-Time, Abyssal Wilderness, Dark Realm, Omothol, Land of Fear, even including the Shoggoth Abyss.

If Fang Mo seemed like a mere person before, at this moment he had completely transcended that simple concept, turning into something of a higher order, a terrifying pressure from another realm emanating from him, making his figure absurd... even far surpassing that of Cthulhu.


And Cthulhu, sensing this scene, seemed somewhat surprised.

But Fang Mo didn't give him much of a chance to think.

After his state was fully engaged, he directly modified his own model size, instantly becoming larger than Cthulhu, then you could see him kicking over the opponent, and then driving the giant sword into the opponent's chest like nailing a steel nail.

Merely this action made the surrounding seawater boil into endless steam, covering the entire J city and even a larger area.

As for the sea itself… it dried up into a nearly molten crater.

Water constantly flowed in, only to be instantly evaporated into rolling white fog the moment it approached.

Fang Mo just like this, forcefully pinned Cthulhu's body with his knee, without any power struggles typical between dimensional deities, or any human combat techniques, merely relying on astronomically powerful brute force pounding the opponent.

The light from Fang Mo's hand flickered terrifyingly like a black hole.

Just one punch down.

The fragile continental shelf began to crack and tremble.

Earthquake waves rapidly spread outward from underground, starting from J city, then to nearby cities, the ground as fragile as the sea surface, churning up waves.

And with another fierce punch down.

The earth's crust was penetrated, radioactive hot magma spewed from the seabed as if it cost nothing.

Fang Mo unreasonably raised his hand and grabbed the outer god Shoggoth from the dimension, squeezing it into a pitch-black giant sword, then driving it into Cthulhu's brain with force.

Like a building-sized slimy.

A strange gelatinous substance, glowing with an eerie fluorescence, flowed out from his head.

And at this moment, a long-absent system prompt sounded in Fang Mo's mind.

[System Notification: Research on the 'Brain of Cthulhu' concept completed. You have gained 30% download permission for new modules.]

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