Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan - C.806 When All Hope is Lost II

Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

C.806 When All Hope is Lost II

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Hyuga District, Konohagakure

The Hyuga Clansmen who were on a mission to observe Hizashi returned back to the village in panic and reported everything they witnessed to the Patriarch.

As Hiashi learned the proceedings of the meeting, he became speechless.

Elder Fukiage frowned, “What exactly did Hizashi say to them?”

“We couldn’t hear their conversation.” Replied one of the Hyuga shinobi, and added, “But what’s important is that they didn’t talk more than a minute. Hizashi-sama also ran in the opposite direction of Konoha.”

“Hizashi probably intended to divert their attention so that your team could return back to the village, and report whatever you people witnessed.” Muttered Elder Sada, and added, “It’s clear that this was a trap for us.”

Knowing this, the elders were quite glad that they selected Hizashi. If Hiashi personally went to meet them, things would have become very bad for them.

Hiashi asked, “What about Hizashi… we have to…”

“The chances are very low…”

Although they observed from a distance, knowing that person’s strength, the possibility of Hizashi still being alive is very small.

Hizashi waited for Toneri’s attack to hit him, however, nothing happened, making him confused. He opened his eyes and saw the direction of Toneri’s hand, it wasn’t directed towards him, but towards the person on the beach.

That person, under the effect of Toneri’s Banshō Ten’in, was suddenly lifted into the air and was pulled towards him. While pulling the person, Toneri continued to keep a close eye on Hizashi, he didn’t care who that person was, all he cared about at this point was Hizashi. The only reason Toneri even bothered to attack that person was to eliminate him so that no information would leak about him.

After all, there is still someone in the Shinobi World who not only stole Gedo Mazo from the Moon but also stopped the meteorite. Toneri isn’t sure whether he is ready to face that man, therefore, he has to be very cautious about the things he does in the shinobi world. He has to at least make sure that no information is leaked about him.

What Toneri didn’t expect was that as that person got closer and closer, the expression on Hizashi’s face changed. The look of despair and hopelessness changed into shock.

As he got closer to the two, he observed both Hizashi and Toneri and muttered lightly, “Well this is unexpected, I didn’t expect that I would encounter something of this sort at such a corner of the mainland.”

Hizashi apologized to the person, “Please forgive my insolence… I seem to have caused unnecessary trouble for you.”

Surprised at Hizashi’s sudden change, Toneri stared at the person deeply.

Considering Hizashi’s respectful attitude towards this person, Toneri realized that this person might not be an unlucky bystander who happened to witness something he shouldn’t.

The person chuckled lightly, “No problem, I was itching for a fight anyway, let me test how strong the most talented Otsutsuki is at this age.”


With a ‘click’ sound, an opening suddenly appeared under Toneri’s feet. From that opening, a centipede made out of white clay came out and entangled around the body of the young Otsutsuki. f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

With the first attack successful, the person warned Toneri, “Don’t die on this one, it would be a disappointment.” And jumped away along with the injured Hizashi.

And then there was a violent explosion.


As the smoke cleared, Toneri walked out unscathed. His expression was still indifferent. He didn’t really care about the sneak attack. But he would be lying if he said that he isn’t curious about who the other person is. Upon a closer look, this person is wearing a black cloak with a golden pattern and a strange mask. Considering his aura, it’s quite obvious that he isn’t an ordinary shinobi.

What’s more surprising is that this person seems to know something about him and the Otsutsuki Clan. Toneri wants all the information that this person may have. Perhaps he might learn something about the person who stole Gedo Mazo from the moon and find a way to retrieve it.

On Hizashi’s side

Seeing that Toneri was unscathed by the explosion, Hizashi couldn’t help but sigh, and immediately said to his saviour, “Dojin-sama, he is very strong. As far as I have discovered, normal NInjutsus seem to be ineffective against him. Moreover, he is also capable of using similar powers as your leader and Uzumaki Nagato.”

Dojin nodded, “I know.” As he looked at the figure of Toneri coming towards him.

This encounter with Hizashi and Toneri was internally a coincidence for Dojin. She was here for her regular training and never thought that she would end up encountering such a situation.

Initially, she was dumbfounded, however, she soon figured out the ins and outs of the entire matter.

Just like Hyuga Kuroto, Toneri must have felt the presence of another Tenseigan in the Shinobi World when Aoki activated the sleeping Tenseigan of the Hyuga Clan. Further story is easy to figure out, he must have searched the Shinobi World for a while, and upon finding nothing, he should have contacted the Hyuga Clan.

This also explains the presence of Hizashi. In Dojin’s personal opinion, Toneri must have requested a meeting with the Patriarch of the Hyuga Clan, however, they didn’t know Toneri’s intentions, so the main family dared not let the Patriarch come in person and sent Hizashi to figure out what the distant relatives want from them.

With this understood, Dojin looked at Toneri, and clicked his tongue in disappointment, "Tch, just a puppet, huh?”

It’s not difficult for Dojin to see through the other party. Being someone who constantly uses puppets and clone bodies, Dojin was able to instantly see through Toneri’s disguise and realized that this is just a puppet.

And as she figured out that the opposite Toneri is just a puppet, she lost interest in the fight, because there won’t be any benefits from this fight. If it was the real Toneri, she would have used everything at her disposal to either kill him, or subdue him because that would allow her to find a way to go to the moon and take control of the Giant Tenseigan there, but since the other party is just a puppet, it can be discarded any time so there is simply no point in fighting it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t protect Hizashi from Toneri.

With such intention, she put her hands inside her cloak, ready to start the next wave of attacks.



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